I like the Gilmore Girls conversations here. I like anyone who likes Gilmore Girls. This show is my comfort food. It’s my mac ‘n cheese. My chicken soup. Are there any other shows that fit this description? Please, I need some suggestions! (How many Gilmore Girls fans also love Homeland? I’d like to think Laurelai and Rory watch HL. Can’t believe I’m even writing such nonsense. It’s raining. I’m bored. Sorry.)

Hi. I just wrote in about Gilmore Girls being my comfort food. I’m watching S2E8 right now (‘cause I’m in bed with a cold), and Sookie just said, in response to Laurelai talking about the title search for the Rachel property, “Please tell me it’s not that bastard Donald Trump.” This must have been around 2002? Even then, the smart people of this country knew about this slimy person. If only this show was watched by the masses! Just sayin’.

Gilmore Girls is definitely comfort food TV. Other shows that fit that description for me: Friends, The Office, 30 Rock. These are shows I just return to over and over again when I’m feeling shitty.



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hellyeahomeland:HOMELAND, REVISITED | “Marine One” ↳ “My brain’s…


“My brain’s already fucked.”



Peter Quinn Screencaps ︱ “The Tradition of Hospitality”

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel  ︱ “ We’re Goi…

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel  ︱ “ We’re Going to the Catskills!”

Sara, getting back to Gilmore Girls for just a second, I take it you’re not team Dean. So are you team Jess or team Logan? Personally, I’m still undecided! Finally, I too love the familial dynamics to the show. When I re-watch the shows, I usually just fast forward to all the scenes with Emily & Richard. I adore Kelly Bishop. She must still dance because she has a great figure. Think I’ll sign up for dancing class, since I hate the gym. Yes, my new year’s resolution!

I’m proudly Team Nobody. If ever there was a female character who needed to Kelly Taylor herself, it’s Rory Gilmore. The fact that any of those dudes were ever remotely seen as good boyfriends just goes to show that a lot changes in the public consciousness in 15 years. They were all terrible people. But Rory is a terrible person. She probably deserved Logan the most out of any of them but I never ever rooted for her to be with any of them. Ever. 

ANYWAY, you should watch Bunheads. Kelly Bishop is a delightful hippie-ish version of Emily Gilmore (I know, it’s kind of an oxymoron, but you get my drift) and Sutton Foster is so great.

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HAPPY FRIDAY, FRIENDS!   The Death of Stalin
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snqa303: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel ︱ “All Alo…


The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel ︱ “All Alone”
Shall We Dance?

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel ︱ “All Alone”↳ Shall…

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel ︱ “All Alone”
Shall We Dance?

OMG, I’m binge watching Gilmore Girls (none of your business how many times I’ve watched it), and noticed that LLG has directed a few episodes. I think I knew it, but just forgot. She directed one of my favorite episodes: “Rory’s Dance” from S1. Lorelai talks Rory into going. Rory asks Dean to go with. Dean & Tristan get into a fight. Emily & Lorelai start to bond. Emily & Lorelai get into a fight. Rory & Dean get closer. Laurelai & Rory get into a fight. A classic!

LLG directed the pilot too!

“Rory’s Dance” is really a fantastic episode (even though, ew, Dean) and I also love “It Should Have Been Lorelai.” I am a total sucker for that messy familial Gilmore drama and all the weird fucked up resentment between Emily and Richard and Lorelai and Christopher. It’s like… at least 75% of the reason that I think season seven, which is UNFAIRLY MALIGNED, is actually perfectly fine. They nailed the familial drama and resentment–which to me was the most compelling aspect of the series by far. Just how they could never get out of each other’s way, that these decades-old wounds were still gaping and hurting so many years later. 

It helped that Lauren Graham (and Kelly Bishop) always nailed the shit out of those stories. When Lorelai cried to Christopher in season seven, “I need you to know, you’re the man I want to want,” I felt that pain, deeply (and cried, too). 

Two more semi-related asides:

  • What is it with Amy Sherman-Palladino pairing her heroines with these loser males? Joel on Marevelous Mrs. Maisel is totally Midge’s Christopher. (And, yes, Logan is Rory’s Christopher in theory… they kinda fucked it up with the reboot though… it doesn’t work if she’s 32.)
  • LLG has directed episodes in a ton of my favorite series, including the amazing season 2 episodes of The OC, “The Family Ties.” Also known as the episode where Marissa Cooper shows up to fancy Newport Beach party and calls her mother a slut!!!!!! (but it’s ok because she goes to the Cohen’s later for bagels + schmear) Can’t wait to see what fabulous acting Mischa pulls out on The Hills.