I have a great romantic movie rec to watch over a lazy fall weekend. “Something New” from 2006. On Netflix. An interracial romance starring Simon Baker and Sanaa Lathan. He is very Quinn-like. Dimples. Great hair! Blue eyes. An attitude that says “I don’t give a fuck what people think”. She’s a corporate accountant. He’s a landscape architect. Bonus: written & directed by females. I’ve seen it many times. Flawed, but I always return to it. 👍🏽

Rupert’s Wikipedia Pic Poll

Rupert’s Wikipedia Pic Poll:


Which picture would you like to see on Rupert’s Wikipedia page? 

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Rupert is so good at this!

It’s all in his eyes! He’s brilliant!

If one can go into a Wiki site so easily and m…

If one can go into a Wiki site so easily and make changes, I say someone should go in and change that photo. I'm talking about the one of Rupes in a denim shirt and suspenders. Do you all have some suggestions? The list is long. Maybe you could put a classy selection together and we all can vote on it?

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I love Rupes … and I will love him forever a…

I love Rupes … and I will love him forever and ever. But thank you Ladies for discovered me Chris Messina. But has he Twitter or Instagram? I can't find anything.

I don’t think Chris is active on social media, but if you search Tumblr, you can find tons of CM pics and gifs— even a few of mine! 

So, I used to be one of those people who, when someone…

So, I used to be one of those people who, when someone recommended a British TV show (e.g., Downton Abbey, Sherlock, The Crown, etc.), would almost apologetically respond, “Ya, so I’m just not that into British stuff.” 

It was my get-out-of-jail-free card when I really just had no desire to watch John Lithgow play Winston Churchill.

Enter The Great British Baking Show. Or, as actual British people know it, The Great British Bake-Off. 

The GBBS is Britain’s VERY famous annual baking competition to find the best amateur baker in all of Britain. I started watching this a few weeks ago after the Texas season of Top Chef left the most disgusting taste in my mouth and it was like LIGHT CLOUDS OF SOFT MERINGUE. 

If you’re accustomed to American competition reality shows (whether of the food variety or not), the GBBS is a most refreshing change of pace. It’s light! It’s fun! It’s cheery! All the contestants are SO honored and pleased to be there and grow to be great friends and also just happen to be AMAZING bakers and there is no actual prize money, just the title and the experience a glass cake stand???? 

Each week is themed (e.g., “cake week,” “biscuits week,” “bread week” [<< universally feared], “patisserie week,” etc.) and has a signature challenge (shorter bake where you can put your spin on a classic), technical challenge (complete surprise where they have no idea what they’re baking and a very basic recipe), and SHOWSTOPPER CHALLENGE (what it sounds like; they do crazy shit here). The challenges get harder and harder both as the season progresses and also as the series does. Like one week they tell the bakers to just “make a shortbread cookie” and a few weeks later they’re like “make a mirror cake with at least 3 tiers and 2 different flavors and 4 different types of sugar work in FOUR HOURS.” WTF??? 

The stuff these AMATEUR bakers come up with is incredible. The first time they told them to make baklava and I saw them all start to make phyllo pastry FROM SCRATCH I thought I was having a moment. But then they made them do it like three other times in separate seasons!! These people ARE. NOT. JOKING.

The hosts for much of the series were Mel and Sue, a wonderful comedy duo who make ALL the baking puns. They are delightful and when the going gets rough (as it sometimes does; not everything is sunshine–literally, it rains constantly in the UK in the summertime–out in Welford Park or Harptree Court or Scone Palace and OMG don’t you just love the names of British places??), they always calmly remind the baker, “Hey, it’s just [insert baking term here; e.g., cake, bread, pavlova, sugar sculpture, babka, rough puff, etc.].” 

The judges are Mary Berry (yes, her real name!) and Paul Hollywood (yes, also his real name!). Paul is like…. enh, whatever, he’s kind of a jerk and every time he pokes someone’s bread I just want to punch him. Mary Berry is a flawless queen. 

ANYWAY I love them all (even Paul, begrudgingly) and was quite disappointed to learn that when the show moved from BBC to Channel Four a few years ago, Mary and Mel and Sue left. But you know what? I ENDED UP LOVING THEIR REPLACEMENTS. That’s how amazing this show is. Prue, who replaced Mary, is ALSO A QUEEN. 

(I honestly can’t remember the names of the replacement hosts…. I think Sandy and Noel? Anyway they are cool and make baking puns so it’s all good.) 

Ok ok I need to wrap this up but please?? Watch this? It is honestly so lovely and beautiful and to see these people bake these incredible cakes and cookies and breads and all manner of things just because… they love it, because they love the challenge and the reward and the doing it? It’s honestly inspiring and it warms my heart. 

P.S. I’m thinking of watching The Crown because maybe I’m not “not that into British stuff.” 

P.P.S. DEETS ON WATCHING: FIVE of the most recent series are on Netflix in the US. I think you can buy earlier seasons on Amazon. 



We love Mel and Sue. 


Paul really is evil.


Queen Mary




Prue can really WORK a pair of glasses and always rocks a statement necklace. We love her, too! 


Loved Candice from the second she said she wanted Mary to be her nan. Also respect a woman who wears heels, a dress, and a strong lip color to bake.


We do not like Ruby but she had good facial expressions and her overwhelmed-ness was very relatable.


Nadiya forever.






I wonder if our boy is still shopping for tubs?? (x)




One more!

The Lunchbox Fund Gala

Hot damn! 😍

Who created those overlays? Beautiful!

Thank you! I’ve been playing round a bit… 😉

I finally don’t feel any grief or hate for this show – I know, it took a while, but hear me out. It seems that the perfect ending for HL would have been that moment in S4, when they sit together talking about Carrie’s father and the letters he wrote to Saul demanding she would be brought back from oversees. I love that scene. There is no unfinished buisiness (kiss never happens), they are sad he’s gone but they all are home.

Well, they
do say that time heals all wounds. They also say that hindsight is 20/20. 

I hope you don’t mind if I use your ask as a jumping-off point to articulate my thoughts re: fandom upset. 

back, it’s kind of easy to see how it all went off the rails. 

First of
all, Quinn should have died in the season five finale. Like, Quinn got exposed
to sarin gas in 5×09, and it was all downhill for him from there. He was in a
coma, they woke him up, he suffered a brain hemorrhage, and from there he
basically had no chance of recovery. They read the letter. Carrie seemed to be
letting him go, and even like she was prepared to help him along with it. I
remember, after 5.12 aired, I was pretty shocked and miserable and generally
disbelieving. And I had nobody to talk to, because I didn’t know you guys yet.

My friend
messaged me on Christmas night to talk about the finale, which he had just caught
up with. 

Friend: Merry Christmas. I saw the finale.
Though I think I need to see it again to reassess what happened. I like how
Quinn’s story ended (assuming it ended). Not so much Allison’s, though I
wouldn’t mind seeing Ivan again.
Ashley: I’m 99% sure that we will see
Quinn again. I liked Allison’s ending. It was very reminiscent of The
Ashley: Quinn’s ending made no sense
to me, but it does make sense that we’d be on opposite sides of this.
Friend: I kinda hope he’s not back. I
feel like they’ve gone as far as they can go with regard to abusing him.
The finale just pissed me off. It was a stupid cliffhanger, because it’s not
sustainable. Like, if Quinn is dead, then what’s the point?
I guess I saw it as them plainly stating that he is dead. She took off the oxygen
monitor because what’s the point anymore, and just wanted a moment alone with
I’ll be annoyed if that’s not what they’re doing.
She took off the oxygen monitor so that she could put him out of his misery
without arousing suspicion, but he wasn’t even on life support.
Yeah, that’s why I don’t think it was that. I don’t think she was speeding
things along so much as just silencing the room. 

had a million billion thoughts about the 5.12 finale, my favorite theory being
one that Dar Adal was just fucking with Carrie, but my friend’s comments really
exemplify why people used to pay him to watch, review, and analyze shit. He was
completely right. That ending for Quinn would have been much more respectful
than what we ultimately ended up with. I think it would have been a fine
contrast with Brody’s death, and I think it would have made for a tremendously
interesting character arc for Carrie in season six. 

the aftermath of 5.12, though, I remember how upset people were. I lurked
around the fandom until obviously I stopped lurking, but the impression I got (particularly in the carrie-quinn livejournal community) was irrepressible and universal sadness over his death. I was upset about it,
but not really that upset, because —
as you can see in the conversation above — I didn’t really get it. I also felt
like there were a lot of parallels to Jack Bauer in 24, and Jack had come back from
death a couple of times with few ill effects. Of course, this show is not 24.
But when Howard Gordon announced that Quinn would be returning, I felt very

the more involved I got with the Homeland fandom, the more it felt like everybody felt the same way as I did.
People wondered why we had ever believed
that Quinn had died, and I was just, like… mass hysteria? And I think that’s
true, but I don’t think the fandom ever recovered from that. It just became an
echo chamber. Quinn was our Tinkerbell and if we clapped hard enough, we could
save him. 

our indignant cries after 5.12 really were a factor in Quinn’s return. But I
don’t think so. I don’t think we ever had the influence we thought we did. 

I don’t know. I really don’t. I can’t understand the point of bringing him back
just to torment him for eleven-and-a-half more episodes and then kill him.

the part that’s upsetting, I think. I know a lot of people who quit watching
Homeland after season six, but who probably would have carried on with the show
if Quinn had died at the end of season five. His death at the end of season six
was a betrayal in a way that his death at the end of season five wouldn’t have
been. They gave fans room to exhale and an entire year to speculate on Quinn’s
future and what it might mean for Carrie and the show. By the time they put him
out of his misery for real, it was too late.

it’s been eighteen entire months since 6.12, and that’s the other thing. Time.

the great thing about television is that you really can pretend the show ends
before it gets to a point that makes you unhappy. For me, Buffy ends at the end
of season five (Once More With Feeling is Willow’s fever dream). Angel ends at
the end of season three. (I know that those are both BAD PLACES to end either
series, but what can I say, I love a miserable ending… I’m sure that Homeland
8.12 will be everything my masochistic soul desires.) 

keep on keeping on with your happy(-ish) ending. The show is what it is, and
will be what it will be. But thankfully the show is ending soon and, anyway,
none of us (except for Sara) MUST watch.