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Happy happy Birthday!

Well, it’s been a minute since we talked about anything around…

Well, it’s been a minute since we talked about anything around here, let alone something non-Homeland-related. 

As always, I got your back with a cutting-edge, of-this-moment recommendation for the next thing you should watch. 

That’s right, we are going BACK IN TIME to when Showtime still put that horrible watermark on all their shows and we are going to talk about United States of Tara, a show I recently entrely devoured in the span of a week. 

That gif above is about 50% of the reason to watch the show which is to say: ALL THE AWESOME LADIES. Since the concept of United States of Tara is a suburban middle-class family struggling with the dissociative identity disorder (fka multiple personality disorder) of its matriarch, played by Toni Collette with total and utter abandon, we actually get four, five, six, sometimes seven awesome ladies for the price of one! 

The central plot of the show is very late 2000s Showtime, in that “oh Carrie is just difficult? Can we give her some sort of pathology or….” way. But in the hands of Toni Collette, all is well. 

The show was created by Diablo Cody and the characters and story bleed through with her signature “fucked-up suburbia” vibe (while I’m at, please go watch Young Adult and Tully. You’re welcome in advance). 

Toni Collette stars as Tara Gregson, a sometimes-artist who spends most of her life trying to wrangle in her multiple personalities and give her two kids and husband a semblance of a normal life (the real thesis of this show is something along the lines of “normal is lame”). When the show starts, she’s got three “alters”: Alice, a 1950s-era Stepford wife; Buck, a Vietnam veteran/lethario; and T, a 16-year-old high school dropout. 

(T is my favorite alter: This is T: 


As the series goes on, Tara attempts multiple avenues to try to figure out why she’s like this and how to fix it (one of the really interesting subplots the show explores is the concept that so many people believe that DID is just… not a thing). 

She’s surrounded by a truly incredible all-star cast. John Corbett plays Max, her ever-loving husband, a Mr. Fix It type who takes all the craziness in stride. He is a true Cool Dad and their love is the anchor of the show. Rosemarie DeWitt plays Tara’s sister Charmaine, a real hot mess of a person who is one of those people who denies Tara has an actual mental illness. She likes to get her hot mess on with Patton Oswalt, who plays Max’s employee Neil. BABY BRIE LARSON plays Tara’s older daughter Kate. I have no words for how much I love Kate ok she is perfect please act shocked at this information. Kier Gilchrist is pitch perfect as the younger son Marshall, the “adult” of the family who’s also trying to figure out his identity. This is just the main gist. The show features guest stars like Viola Davis, Zosia Mamet, Joey Lauren Adams, and Ezzie Izzard. 

But you really come for the main cast and the Gregson family, who with each season grow messier and more fucked up and more absolutely and completely lovable. And love them I do. 

(all three seasons are on Hulu, get into it!) 

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Strange Angel ︱ Season 2 Trailer 2

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Rupert has just celebrated fifteen years as a professional actor. To mark the moment, I’ve been exploring where he learned his craft.

The Webber-Douglas Academy was in a posh part of town, South Kensington (where Princess Diana liked to shop and socialise). The main building was in a quaint little back street.

An official inspection of the school in 2002 noted some key teaching techniques:

‘Students benefit from the variety of perspectives adopted by movement teachers. In one class, the use of historical photographs and paintings of people gave an imaginative starting point for them to inhabit a particular moment in time and gradually bring these people to life. In another class, the teacher used a combination of semi-hypnotic trance and gentle manipulation of the head and shoulders to help students achieve perfect posture’.

It’s interesting to reflect on how this helped shape Rupert’s dramatic practice, although, in a 2015 Guardian interview, Rupert typically played things down:

‘There’s some technique involved,’ he says of acting. ‘But I think there’s been an overcomplication of it, in a sense. If you say to a kid: “We’re going to play cowboys and Indians, that’s the fort, you guard it” – the kid doesn’t have to sit and think about the role for 20 minutes in silence with their acting coach. They just do it.’ That’s how he tries to act, says Friend, through a process of infantalising.

The school’s Chanticleer Theatre was described by The Stage as having ‘almost the feel of an old, small music hall about it [with] the added edge that its small space offers little refuge for graduating students whose performances are not right on the button. If they are though, they can really impress.’


It may not have been a very glamourous space but it was the fulcrum for our boy’s talent, and impress he certainly did.

On April 15th, 2004, The Stage reported perceptively on the end-of-year graduate showcase:

There were two powerful double-acts. The first of the latter came in the form of a dark comic interplay between Rupert Friend and David Hayler as Harold Pinter’s inept hitmen from The Dumb Waiter. Friend, with flowing locks and fine cheekbones, later gave us a splendidly aristocratic libertine.’

How uncanny are those final words – just as he was about to be talent spotted and cast in the film with Johnny Depp!

Finally, one of Rupert’s fellow-graduates in 2004 was Natalie Dormer (of The Tudors). I’d really like to see them reunited some time – a period drama, perhaps? Mmm…

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↳ “I’m not here to sing lullabies to somebody I haven’t even seen yet.”

hellyeahomeland:Happy Mother’s Day…to all the mothers and mother…


Happy Mother’s Day…
to all the mothers and mother figures out there

hellyeahomeland:This day in Homeland – May 10, 2014“At the end…


This day in Homeland – May 10, 2014
“At the end of this season they had just been through such a harrowing traumatic experience and suddenly they were kind of jettisoned back into civilian life and were really struggling and really displaced and disoriented. And there was nobody else. And I think that psychically and emotionally they were still in Pakistan and so I think that that romantic gesture and that feeling of need was about that more than any true desire to be with each other. I mean maybe they could have been…” –Claire Danes

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I’m very proud to be part of Homeland. I think it’s one of the great shows that’s ever been made. So to be a part of it is thrilling. 

Behind the Scenes ︱ Season 4 ︱ PETER QUINN: THE ASSASSIN



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We are definitely hot for teacher!