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Season 2 Trailer!

Dirty Ernie is back!

I will be breaking down the trailer, frame by frame, looking for Rupert!

Stay tuned!

findmyrupertfriend: So, in the midst of Brexi…


So, in the midst of Brexit madness, all over the news, the screen, the radio, social media, with Teresa May’s pathetic government an international laughing stock, I thought I’d escape into the newly released At Eternity’s Gate. It’s only been on very limited release in the UK since March 29th and had a reasonably strong opening weekend (grossing £58,789 – approximately $76, 688). To get myself warmed up, I rewatched the great interview Rupert did back in November with Zach Laws when the film came out in the States.  You probably remember the red eye and possible stye (HERE!).  

So, I enjoyed the close up (what sort of room was he in?) and the reminiscences (about his growing up among art, thanks to his art historian father, who, I recently discovered, was a good friend of one of my own friends – annoyingly before my time!). I was struck by Rupert’s sensitive attitudes towards mental health, considering the label ‘mad’ (‘I’m increasingly interested in the idea that there might be something really special that such people have to offer’). When the conversation shifted to The Death of Stalin, I slipped into warm memories of how much fun that film was, how hysterical Rupert was as Vasily, and relished the details of how Rupert had been allowed free rein, coming up with the surprise ice-skates and perfecting the face-spitting in his trailer. Rupert’s comment that the most popular request he gets now is not for an autograph but to spit on himself made me smile broadly. My literary scholar’s ears pricked up in pleasure at his reference to A Modest Proposal, Jonathan Swift’s scathing satire on the oppression of the Irish (my ancestors) … and then, suddenly, everything was shattered, when Rupert said of Stalin’s government, ‘This was really a cabinet of fools, dancing this crazy farce out’ – and I found myself plunged right back into Brexit! Rupert doesn’t speak out much on politics, but I can’t help feeling this pointed observation resonates deeply with regards to the current madness. Thanks, Rupert! I’m off to the cinema to spend time with Van Gogh …

findmyrupertfriend: Peter Quinn Remembrance D…


Peter Quinn Remembrance Day, 2019

Two years after the “death” of our beloved Quinn. 

Peter Quinn will live in our hearts forever! 

Wanting to do something special for the day, this is a combination of many of the gifs I’ve made over the years and a few new ones.  

The History of Peter Quinn

findmyrupertfriend: Rupert Friend (‘At Eterni…


Rupert Friend (‘At Eternity’s Gate’) chats with Gold Derby’s Zach Laws: Vincent van Gogh can never ‘be fully explored or understood.’ 

Thanks, Anon!!!! 
I think he’s getting another stye! My poor baby! 

Great interview!

findmyrupertfriend: Rupert on Live with Kelly…


Rupert on Live with Kelly and Ryan! Surprise! 

“I played Peter for five years and loved him…”