Category: where you are like ‘homeland is a bad show’

Anon said, “I worry the last years have damaged Claire’s career and interest of other producers in her.” Seriously? I’m just reading this as I get ready to go out for New Year’s Eve. Claire has won how many awards? She’s working constantly. Sorry, but I just don’t get this. Why are you worried about her? If she retired tomorrow, she’d be set for life! I’m worried about the kids separated from their parents on the US/Mexican border. And the children starving in Yemen! Read a newspaper, Anon! 😡

I am the choir and you are preaching to me, my friend.

What a cushy life some people must lead if they spend time genuinely worrying about the career of an actress on a show they don’t even like! Anybody who’s losing sleep over Claire Danes’s career needs to get a hobby or a job. Or both.

To be fair, the world is falling apart right now, and I think that most people have space to be horrified by the current state of things AND worry about superficial shit. I wouldn’t expect this person who hates the show but is terribly worried about Claire Danes to send us an ask about the border wall. Nor should they. In fact, please don’t.

And I’m not asking people to have perspective when they’re sending in asks to a Homeland blog, because — again — it is A FAN BLOG FOR A TELEVISION SHOW. But I hope in y’all’s real lives you’re able to maintain some sense of balance and joy.