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Will season 8 promos surface this month?

No, I still think it’s too early. 

I wouldn’t expect anything in the way of actual promos with S8 footage until July. 

(The production/airing of this season is strange because they’ll almost be entirely finished (or maybe completely finished?) filming by the time it airs. Usually we would be getting promo footage after about 3 months of filming and about 2-3 months before the season aired but because they’re not going to air until the fall I still think we won’t see any teasers until the summer.)

Group ask: Homeland has never failed to shock me with their finales. What would be the most surprising end to this series for you?

Sara: Carrie lives and Saul dies. 

Ashley: A Newhart-style finale where Angela Chase wakes up from a terrible dream.

Sara: Ok now I want Ashley’s ending. Just de-age Claire 30 years with 3 half ponys!!!!

Frangi: Quinn comes back. Carrie finds balance between private life and professional calling.

Julie: Carrie survives the end of the show.

Gail: A finale that shows Carrie living happily ever after. Also, Ashley’s ending.

Do you think we’ll see Hop again? 🐰

No, as I don’t think we’ll see Franny again.

After Quinn hit Dar with the gun in S6E9 and Dar called Meatface, do you think Dar knew Quinn would be tracking that call?

It just dawned on me how long fans of the show have had anxiety at the thought of Quinn dying. Way back in 2014 or even further! Sara said, in one of the earliest podcasts, that the thought of Quinn dying would be unimaginable. Fast forward to today, everyone has been saying the same thing for years, that Homeland needs more than Carrie and Saul. Years and years of thinking Quinn might die has taken a toll on everyone. Now that it happened, I throw my hands up at this show.

Don’t ever listen to me. Seriously. 

IN one of our S6 podcasts I said that if Quinn died and Dar lived it would shake the foundation of my understanding of the show. That happened. The way that season six ended–and, in hindsight, the middling execution of the entire season–really shook my understanding of the show because it stripped from the show its core. And that core was the relationship between Carrie and Quinn that–much to Gansa’s dismay, I’m sure–had become the most important relationship on this show, year over year, season over season. That core was also the progression of Carrie from someone who put on wedding rings to avoid any more commitment than is required by a one-night stand, to someone who was a reluctant mother, to someone who was an open and giving mother, to someone who understood the real value of human life–not just her own but anyone else’s. 

Instead what we got was: life is shit and none of this matters. 

Ok…? It was something of a wake-up call for me. The standards and rules I had prescribed this show no longer applied. I wrote something similar after the S5 finale when I thought Quinn had died and lamented the fact that the writers don’t give a shit about Carrie being happy so why should we? 

In hindsight, that seems really silly. OF COURSE they don’t give a fuck about her being happy. Duh. 

But replace “happy” with “person” now. The writers don’t give a shit about Carrie Mathison being a person. Should we? 

Is it possible you ladies could do a pre-season podcast episode so we can hear your predictions/speculations for S7? I enjoyed the one you did for S4 and would love to hear your thoughts. *I just miss the pod. Thanks!

I definitely think we will, but probably not until January. 

Cynthia, a question for you! I was reflecting back on what you said in episode 41 of the pod. regarding Quinn seeing the light. He’s looking out the window right before he takes drugs in 6.01. It is clearly an artificial light scene. Justine (the hooker) says “what do you see” and Quinn says “another world”. I was wondering if you think this light scene has any meaning now. Have you changed your thoughts regarding Quinn’s response? I think there may be meaning to it moving forward in the series.


Awww, @unguarded-thoughts, thanks for this. This is a really triggering ask for me. I’m tearing up.

I wish I remember what I said on the podcast…

If I recall that scene made me really, really antsy with regard to foreshadowing. In hindsight we had plenty of season six messaging that Quinn might be leaving us, right? The light in that scene, the Cowboy Junkies’ song, the “let me go”s, the 6.11 light… Sadly, we so, so wanted the light imagery to represent 5.12′s redemptive, life-giving metaphor. 

Okay, chin up. This was early in season six when Gansa had no fucking clue what he was doing with Quinn. The “another world” comment read to me as related to one of two things:

  1. The Middle East: the light in the scene is very stark and yellow like the desert and made me think of his reference to it in the The Letter. 
  2. Or–and this is where I’ve landed–he had a near-death experience in 5.12 and the light reminded him of that. He seemed to long for it, didn’t he? Quinn looked as though he was at utter peace when thinking about it.

Chirst. I’m crying again. 

Moving forward? I dunno. I don’t have it in me to be cynical (plenty of time for that next season) about how Carrie will process Quinn’s death. 

Here’s my fantasy: wouldn’t it be interesting if Carrie was forced to grapple with her efforts to keep him alive and those surreal moments in 5.12 in the chapel and by his bedside? Life is full of mysteries. (Let me interrupt my tears to smile and tell you that Ashley recently saged Sara’s apartment because they were convinced she has a ghost.) It’s high time that Carrie comes to terms with a gaping, maybe empty, hole in her heart.

Carrie operates in the pedestrian, cynical, decidedly corporeal world 99% of the time. Gansa has flirted with her spiritual self but never really landed it. It would be beautiful if Quinn’s death made Carrie finally understand what she so starkly lacks: a spiritual connection to her work and, more importantly, love. She’s a blindly driven woman but for what end? And for whom?

Anyway, that’s a God-awful (pun intended) mess of an answer… but a great Ask. Thank you.

I noticed tonight is the F. Murray talk at The Public. Can you report back how it went? Hope you enjoy your field trip ladies!

Anonymous: Cynthia! You dangled that photo of FMA in front of us all but gave no details. Were you and Ashley there? Where was it? What was the event? You asked him in a Q&A about HL? What are they all promoting? When was this? Thank you.

We were there! Sara unfortunately couldn’t make it, but Angela came. 

The program was called “Eyeless Rage: Anger in King Lear,” and it’s part of The Public Theater’s Shakespeare Initiative. So clearly it had zero to do with Homeland, but I like Shakespeare and I like F. Murray Abraham and I figured it was probably our blogly duty to go, if only because we’d probably have an opportunity to check in with him.

And we did! After the talk, he and a couple of the other panel members mingled on the stage for a few minutes. The conversation went something like this.

Ashley: Can I ask you a question completely unrelated to anything you’ve discussed tonight?
FMA: Of course.
Ashley: Are you coming back next season, or what?
FMA: …am I coming back to what, exactly?
Ashley: Um, Homeland? 
FMA: Oh, that, dear — I am sworn to secrecy.
Ashley: Seriously? 
FMA: Yes, absolute secrecy.

He did say that he found the ending of season six “interesting,” and asked if we had as well, but he clearly was not super into the discussion so we left him alone. Another friend accompanied us and she got a picture of me looking very emphatic with him, though. 

It was a terribly Ashley evening.