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Peter Quinn + Sexiest Poses Part 2

This blog is incredible! My question is wheth…

This blog is incredible! My question is whether there is a support group for spouses/partners of your followers. Keep up the great work!

Excellent Ask, Anon! And, yes, we just happen to know of a wonderful support group/site that would be perfect for your spouse/partner with loads of helpful advice. It’s called Partners of Rupert Friend Addicts Anonymous. 

You can find them here

PORFAA offers tips like:

  • Incorporate “fuck me” into your dialogue on a daily basis. ⬇︎
  • Wear navy shirts, slightly unbuttoned. ⬇︎
  • Meet your significant other at a restaurant and ask if they “want to get out of here?” ⬇︎
  • Keep your lips moist and your jaw clenched. ⬇︎
  • Always stand up straight! ⬇︎

Bring your Rupert obsessed loved one coffee. ⬇︎

And always, always, protect your loved ones and aim for the safe place. ⬇︎