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“It was amazing when Damian came back. I didn’t realize how much…

“It was amazing when Damian came back. I didn’t realize how much I missed him, until there he was. And it was like no time had passed. I didn’t know how much of a partnership we had, and how much we had developed over time.” –Claire Danes

“I’m all alone… I’m… meditating.”↳ Carrie Mathison…

“I’m all alone… I’m… meditating.”
Carrie Mathison in every episode | “The Weekend”

Anyone else watching the US Open? Thus far, it looks like Damian Lewis is the sole fan from the HL club. He was seated between Anna Wintour and her daughter. Of course we all know AW is in Camp Brody. There’s an interview w/ him from the tournament on YouTube. We’ve been talking over at FMRF about Rupes losing his British accent. But jeeeez, DL’s accent is pretty much gone.

Firstly, I think Claire has been a little preoccupied since the Open began last Tuesday. That said, these photos of Damian sandwiched between her and Bee at the US Open are very nice. Thank you for bringing them to our attention.


Secondly, I think Anna is a bit more Camp Damian than Camp Brody but she did bring us this iconic photoshoot five years ago. Y’all, these photos brought back some memories. I forgot about that shot of Claire in the silk dress. Oh my God!!!!! 


When this cover came out…. damn that was a ~moment in this fandom. Claire is serving some F A C E in the last two. Good. Ness. 

Lastly, I think this is the video you’re talking about: 

I gotta say, he sounds exactly the same to me as he did six years ago. 

findmyrupertfriend:Every Peter Quinn Scene Ever ︱ “R is for…


Every Peter Quinn Scene Ever ︱ “R is for Romeo”
↳ “Because there’s nothing here. There never was.”

lol I love in all these podcasts how Claire and the interviewer patently ignore S6 (in the context of discussing HL as an entire series), even though they call back to all the others. The FYC push is so, so different this year!

Literally right as I’m typing this and listening to the pod in the background she brings up S6 and talks about why it was “challenging” (in the context of the plot re: the election) but ultimately “liberating” for the writers that their fictional universe diverged from reality.

Anyhoozles, it makes sense. The show wasn’t nominated last year, nor was Claire. Also S6 was straight up garbage (and… here’s a thought… they all knew it wasn’t good… yes, everyone). 

I wouldn’t want to talk about it either the same way I don’t want to talk about awkward phases I went through in middle or high school. Not my finest moments.

You referencing the “FYC push” has me thinking about just why in the hell she’s so much more visible in the podcast universe this year and I think it’s a few things: 

  • They want those Emmy noms after not getting them last year and (I think?) having a better shot this year.
  • Podcasts are so easy just from an effort standpoint. Very different from a talk show appearance (though Claire has hit Fallon, Seth Meyers, and Kimmel–which is the true surprise since she’s never been on his show… must be courting that LA demo!–in the last 2.5 months). I don’t know how large the listenership is but it’s low-risk exposure at the very least. 
  • She has a movie out and she’s not doing some other project as she is currently making a person. 
  • Homie loves podcasts. 

findmyrupertfriend: Every Peter Quinn Scene Ever ︱ “A Flash of…


Every Peter Quinn Scene Ever ︱ “A Flash of Light”
↳ “I couldn’t sleep. I took your car.”

“Congratulations! Our country is now officially in the shitter!”

“Congratulations! Our country is now officially in the shitter!”

THE SEVEN VIRTUES OF HOMELAND ↳ Starring St. Maggie Mathison

Starring St. Maggie Mathison