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‘Homeland’ Season 7: Once Again, It’s All Up to Carrie

‘Homeland’ Season 7: Once Again, It’s All Up to Carrie:

This review contains a really nice shout out to Amy Hargreaves as Maggie, whom I maintain is the true true heroine of Homeland. 

I had a moment about Amy Hargreaves the other day which was related to my EQUIVALENT moment about Carrie from that SHO Instagram video. Namely, she completely nails the big sister/little sister fight dynamic. As Carrie is yelling at her, her chin quivers, you can see her mouthing the words Carrie is saying back to her. Y’all, this is a total big sister thing. Did anyone else recognize this? It was so intimate and real and totally right on. Anyway, suffice to say I’m looking forward to more Maggie this season. 

About Quinn and in relation to Homeland’s proclivity for a portraying tortured protagonists, Mike Hale writes:

Instead it elevated a supporting character, the C.I.A. killer Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend), to co-starring status — he, rather than Carrie, essentially solved the mystery in Season 6 — while saddling him with a monstrously debilitating set of post-traumatic mental and physical afflictions. It was the same “Homeland” formula with a different character, while Carrie slid into the role of concerned helpmate usually occupied by her C.I.A. mentor Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin).