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Hi Sara. Given that we are in a very long hiatus, don’t you think this is a golden opportunity for you to finally watch “Prisoners of War”? I mean, you of all people, should watch this. It will elevate you to PhD status of Homeland. 😬

you mean to tell me i don’t even have an honorary PhD after all this time???

My only complaint of the last episode is how much I hate Sandrine Holt’s weird, quasi-French accent…even more distracting the O’Keefe’s.

EDIT to that last ask about Sandrine’s accent: turns out her mother is from France and fluent in French…why does her accent sound so weird then??

We sure do spend a lot of time talking about people’s accents on this blog! Anyway, I don’t notice any typical weirdness, then again I am an American so I’m not the best judge. 

I’m more annoyed that they had SANDRINE FUCKING HOLT for an entire season and she only just had her first scene with Claire in the penultimate episode.

Carrie wearing nothing in the final scene feels like a personal attack on Things Carrie Wore This Week.

Also the fact that she literally had one outfit this week.