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favorite carrie looks | requested by @linzeymorgan

favorite carrie looks | requested by @linzeymorgan

Things Carrie Wore This Week*

*360 weeks ago

PREVIOUSLY ON THINGS CARRIE WORE THIS WEEK: An ~ICONIC~ pink shirt in “Clean Skin” and peak Carrie hair. 

Ok so my favorite part of revisiting season one via this series is that I’m discovering SO MANY things Carrie wore that I had never noticed before. That’ll make sense in a few minutes. 

This is Carrie’s first outfit of the episode and, true to form, she enjoys a muffin (that we never see her eating) and some melon while watching Brody shower. Not that that’s creepy or anything…. 

If this was a director’s chair post or any form of serious commentary I would talk about how it was kind of amazing that they jumped ahead like three weeks in the timeline since that’s something that we’ve never seen in-season before. But it’s not! We are just looking at her shirt. And those stud earrings. Season one was really the season of Carrie wearing ear jewelry. 

Here is Carrie at the CIA in her typical “hands-in-pocket” pose. I love this woman. This jacket on the other hand!! What is up with this jacket and that single gold button? She looks like she should be pledging a fraternity at an SEC school. I don’t understand that navy blazer with the single gold button. Combined with the collarless shirt underneath that has a hint of chambray…. I don’t know man. I mean, I can’t say she looks bad. She looks actually quite good (again, grading on the Carrie Mathison curve). 

(In case you are wondering and were fooled by the first photo in which a similarly hint-of-chambray shirt looks to have an actual collar, these actually ARE the same shirt. It’s just a collapsed placket in the first photo. Thank you for your attention to detail.) 

I’m decidedly less into this outfit. Standard dark grey or black suit. The shoes are awful (though at least a heel). I really don’t like the shirt. 

Here’s a better close-up. She looks better in this light, away from the wood paneling of the Brody family home. Then I remember it’s actually a SUNDAY and now she gets an A+ for even putting on pants with a zipper (Estes just wore jeans and a polo like a normal human). 

So Carrie sneaks away to go spy on the Brody family because she’s like an addict in need of a fix. And…. IS…. THIS…. A…. CHAMBRAY…. SHIRT??????

I would like to say that I would have made less of a big deal of Carrie’s chambray in season seven if I’d known she’d already worn one in SEASON ONE, but that is a lie.

Here she is wearing it AGAIN, the next day!! 

This is the only other angle we get of her chambray ensemble. I can’t tell if she’s wearing jeans (again, this looks sorta like her formal jean from the last episode?) or what pants those are. It also looks like she’s wearing this chambray shirt as an overshirt, because the sides look open. But we never see anything else. 

Despite my general criticism of her chambray shirt deployment in season seven, I still have to give it to Chambray #2 (there are so many more overshirts and overSIZED shirts to come on this show and when all is said and done you can damn diddly bet I will do an Official Ranking). 

Here is Carrie at the bar with Estes wearing more actual jewelry than I’ve ever seen her wear. Her earrings are DANGLY and her bracelets are PLURAL. AS IN MORE THAN ONE. 

Ok real talk I love this scene so much. It’s one of my favorites of the entire season. What a waste killing Estes. There was so much more story to tell between him and Carrie and their intriguing backstory (first alluded to in this scene). I would watch at least 50 episodes of a prequel series detailing Carrie’s early years in the CIA where the season one finale was him chasing her up to New York City (though maybe that’s like a season two or three finale?).

Look at this ensemble that Carrie threw together for a night at the bar (why didn’t she just keep chambray on?). This is like…. shockingly cute for her. She looks amazing!! The purse is cute and goes, the skirt is adorable. SHE TUCKED IN HER SHIRT. 

Ok, while we’re on the topic I brought up…. Carrie never tucks in her shirt (except here). You’d think at least in season one days, when she was, like, a legitimate professional at Langley, she would have. Not that that’s at all a requirement, but she’s generally wearing blouses that would probably look better tucked in. I’m not sure if this an actual character comment on Carrie and her sense of fashion, or something Claire prefers or actually what the dealio is here. 

All of which is to say, the blouse looks great tucked in here. 

Here’s a better angle where you can see (ever so slightly) her shoes in the reflection of the slider. To me it looks like nude pumps which means she kind of whatever’d the shoe choice. But this should not detract at all from probably the best-looking thing she’s ever worn on this show. 

Now we are back to grey suit, hands in pockets, untucked collarless blouse. It’s literally her first outfit of the episode, but with all the color leeched out of it. Her earrings are still dangly. 

Nevertheless, this outfit remains iconic simply because of the scene it was in. Homegirl finally gets her fix. 

Oh, Carrie…


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