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numanoffice: some surprises for you are waiting 😈

numanoffice: some surprises for you are waiting 😈

Some season 8 episode titles

h/t @homeland-spy

(quick aside that I don’t think episode titles are that meaningful but they’re fun to talk about) 

Episode 1: “Deception Indicated” 

This is a term used in polygraph results that indicates the subject was lying (i.e., being “deceptive”). So maybe there are some polygraphs in this episode? 

Episode 2: “Catch & Release” 

This could mean a ton of things. In fishing, it means to catch a fish to just let it go (so… that could have all sort of ominous connotations for a Homeland episode). 

In immigration, it means to release an immigrant (including asylum seekers) into the community while they await immigration hearings (as opposed to detaining them the entire time). 

In Urban Dictionary land, it could mean a TON of things, including hooking up with someone but not becoming attached OR pursuing someone until it becomes clear their affection is reciprocated and then moving on. 

hraichisoukaina: @clairedanes ❤️❤️ #homeland

hraichisoukaina@clairedanes ❤️❤️ #homeland

Showtime: ‘Homeland’ Final Season Won’t Premie…

Showtime: ‘Homeland’ Final Season Won’t Premiere Until Fall, Roger Ailes Limited Series Set for Summer:


  • #Props2Me for calling that something would be announced today during the TCAs. 
  • #Props2U if you called a fall season premiere
  • “It’s going to ruin our Christmas!“ is a certified

    ™ of Ashley 

Gary Levine from Showtime calls the final season a “breathless, surprising and moving ride to its conclusion.”

…will update as we get more news

Should I start my bring back Khan petition now?

Homeland’s End Game: Carrie Returning to [Spoiler] for Final Season

Homeland’s End Game: Carrie Returning to [Spoiler] for Final Season:

Not much we didn’t already know, but the location will be Afghanistan. Filming begins next month….

…looks like they’re in Morocco. Still assuming that…

…looks like they’re in Morocco. Still assuming that principal photography will begin in January.

@LeslilinkaG: First Scout of the final ⁦@SHO_Homeland⁩ season in…

@LeslilinkaGFirst Scout of the final ⁦@SHO_Homeland⁩ season in Casablanca with the amazing Sunday Stevens, the incredible Klick the wonderful Dan Brickman and the brilliant Hakim and Driss

‘Homeland’s’ Mandy Patinkin Goes for Emmy Gold

‘Homeland’s’ Mandy Patinkin Goes for Emmy Gold:

Per Mandy in this article, they won’t be going to Spy Camp for about 2 more weeks. The writers room has already been open for a few weeks though. 

‘Homeland’ will end with season 8, Showtime confirms

‘Homeland’ will end with season 8, Showtime confirms:

What we had all predicted around here but lacked official (i.e., Showtime-provided) confirmation of is now clear. Season 8 will be the show’s last and will premiere in June 2019. Principal production on season 8 is set to begin in January. 

Gansa’s official statement:

Homeland has been the most joyful and rewarding experience of my career. Not many have been as lucky as me — partnered with the miraculous Claire Danes, supported to the ends of the earth by Fox and Showtime, and working in the company of some of the most gifted writers, actors, and filmmakers in the business. I am sad to see the journey coming to an end, but it is time.

Additional background and fodder: per David Nevins, Claire and Alex said that they wanted season 8 to be the last and he asked them to sleep on it. Cue the strange PR strategy during Claire’s Pod Tour of America. David Nevins was also adamant during the executive session at the TCAs that the show is not being canceled but rather coming to its natural conclusion. (For the show’s flagship series for the last eight years, this distinction makes sense. Apparently he also made a Dexter/lumberjack joke.)

Before you ask, I’m too lazy to go back to prior “Homeland…

Before you ask, I’m too lazy to go back to prior “Homeland Returns for Season X” videos so no I do not know whether there is any correlation between the characters in them and who is in the next season so I have absolutely no idea whether it means anything that Anson makes an appearance here.