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PQRemembranceDay ︱FMRF + HYH honor PQ, one year later
↳ I want to remember how Quinn always pushed Carrie to have Franny’s best interest at heart.  Whether he was riding her about accepting a post where she couldn’t bring dependents, or making her re-do the video so that it really seemed like she was dead, Quinn focused on Franny’s well-being and helped Carrie to be a better mother.

I also loved how he was a completely unconventional action hero.  He defied typical expectations by being introspective, sensitive, and caring. He seemed to be affected by the violence he committed.  Most amazingly, he became weak and disabled in Season 6, yet still managed to investigate the spying neighbor, followed him, and eventually killed him in revenge for Astrid.  I miss him so much! — Inchy (@inchbyinch68)

Beautiful sentiments @inchbyinch68. So much to love about who the character was and what he represented. Well said. ❤️

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#PQRemembranceDay | HYH + FMRF honor PQ, one year later
5 seasons with Peter Quinn: You know, it was not easy for me. There are too many, too many great gifs of Peter F*CKING Quinn. That’s why I took those 45 to celebrate him today! From the good old days in season two to wasted season six. – Julie (@go-jessica-jones)

What an amazing job you did on this, Julie @go-jessica-jones ! Thank you!! 😘😘😘

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#PQRemembranceDay | FMRF + HYH honor Peter Quinn, one year later
It’s been a year since I got up at 2 am at night, clutching my sleeping baby to my chest after he fell asleep again after his feeding, and watched episode 6.12 together with my friends all over the world. Ironically, we met in the wake of Quinn’s first death and a year ago we watched him dying again, this time not alone but together. I am beyond grateful for these friendships and how they enrich my life everyday. And when I have my occasional bout of grief or anger (or both) it’s the friendship and the joy of writing I think about – and how lucky I am to have found both.

I feel like I laid it all out there so many times in all my fics, all what I wanted for Quinn, and for him and Carrie together, so there’s not much left to say I haven’t said yet.

Five seasons, five gifs, five iconic scenes, burnt into our minds and hearts – what a journey, and I am glad that we all are still here together, celebrating this once in a lifetime character and his legacy.

Beautiful words, Frangi. So grateful for our community of wonderful people. It’s the silver lining in all of this. 💞💞💞

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FILMS WITH FRIEND Meet Me in Montenegro
↳ “Fuck.”

Silly hats and all, I love that movie.

Volcanically funny, volcanically sexy, volcani…

Volcanically funny, volcanically sexy, volcanically hot, volcanically talented, volcanically missed 🔥❤️

Volcanically funny:

Volcanically sexy:

Volcanically hot:

Volcanically talented:

Volcanically missed:

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Attention all fans living in or near LA – get your tickets now!!!

I wish someone could beam me there.

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That’s my favorite picture from last night.

Yours, Frangi…swooning… (x)

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Peter Quinn + the navy shirt of hotness

Thank you to my friends over at FMRF for all of the birthday love and continuation of the navy shirt of hotness gifs!! So much 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Love the photo of you and Rupert. So glad you captured this moment and shared it with us. Sydney can add it to the album showcasing all of Rupert’s scarves haha!

That scarf was much better than this one here for instance…:

Fuck Me, I Found Rupert Friend Part 2: The Let…



To be delivered to Rupert upon my death or if I’ve had too much tequila. 

Rupert —

So I guess I was in the loo and we never met. I’m not one for words, but they’re coming now.

I don’t believe in fate or destiny or horoscopes, but I can’t say I’m surprised things turned out this way — I did have a full bladder due to several glasses of wine at dinner. I definitely felt that was kinda pulling me into the bathroom after Nina’s play. Does that makes sense? Yeah, of course it does. Duh. But I wasn’t allowed a real meeting or even a picture, that was for my friends who peed before the show started. But with you I thought… ah maybe, just maybe I’d get a second chance. But I know now that you were a false glimmer. (Well, not really a glimmer but more of a black blob since all I can remember from that night is the back of your black leather jacket. Great jacket by the way.) Anyway, I’m used to those, the false glimmers, hell, I used to watch Homeland for fuck’s sake. But this got to me, and here’s the thing, not meeting you is exactly what should’ve happened. I never wanted it, I never fuckin’ asked for it. (Well, it’s not that I didn’t want to meet you but you’re you and I’m me and I was catatonic at the time and probably would have just grunted or said something completely incoherent even though I’m actually a smart person with an important job and kids and am politically active and love the arts and music and films and have real friends…but I digress.) still has me now, so don’t write some dumb tweet (or do actually, because you can be super funny). Just think of me as a light on your fan blog (or just kinda lit), a beacon, who steered you clear of an awkward interaction with a shy, but also sweet and lovely yet slightly intoxicated fan.

I love you. (In a purely realistic way where I know it’s one sided and based completely on the characters you play and your off-screen persona and your incredible good looks.)

Your devoted fan for always now.


Sydney’s letter is just ❤️❤️❤️.