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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel ︱ “All Alone”
Shall We Dance?



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Every Peter Quinn Scene Ever︱“Halfway to a Donut
↳ “And you don’t remember?”

Peter Quinn Every Day

A Homeland Classic

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Sometimes your dream animates you and your que…

Sometimes your dream animates you and your quest. Then when you have the chance to meet the person, you’re disappointed on some level. But it doesn’t matter because it’s the dream that animates your life, that is important. And it’s the work and the doing of it that’s important.

Love this! 

Love this! 

FYI Sara the beard you claim he has the inabil…

FYI Sara the beard you claim he has the inability to grow is called a VAN DYKE it's meant to look that way. Enough with the Q/R hate. It's getting boring now and frankly you're embarrassing yourself.

Fuck Me, I Found Rupert Friend Part 2: The Let…



To be delivered to Rupert upon my death or if I’ve had too much tequila. 

Rupert —

So I guess I was in the loo and we never met. I’m not one for words, but they’re coming now.

I don’t believe in fate or destiny or horoscopes, but I can’t say I’m surprised things turned out this way — I did have a full bladder due to several glasses of wine at dinner. I definitely felt that was kinda pulling me into the bathroom after Nina’s play. Does that makes sense? Yeah, of course it does. Duh. But I wasn’t allowed a real meeting or even a picture, that was for my friends who peed before the show started. But with you I thought… ah maybe, just maybe I’d get a second chance. But I know now that you were a false glimmer. (Well, not really a glimmer but more of a black blob since all I can remember from that night is the back of your black leather jacket. Great jacket by the way.) Anyway, I’m used to those, the false glimmers, hell, I used to watch Homeland for fuck’s sake. But this got to me, and here’s the thing, not meeting you is exactly what should’ve happened. I never wanted it, I never fuckin’ asked for it. (Well, it’s not that I didn’t want to meet you but you’re you and I’m me and I was catatonic at the time and probably would have just grunted or said something completely incoherent even though I’m actually a smart person with an important job and kids and am politically active and love the arts and music and films and have real friends…but I digress.) still has me now, so don’t write some dumb tweet (or do actually, because you can be super funny). Just think of me as a light on your fan blog (or just kinda lit), a beacon, who steered you clear of an awkward interaction with a shy, but also sweet and lovely yet slightly intoxicated fan.

I love you. (In a purely realistic way where I know it’s one sided and based completely on the characters you play and your off-screen persona and your incredible good looks.)

Your devoted fan for always now.


I’m about to board a plane. If I don’t make it, you guys know what to do. ✈️

Hope there’s tequila on the plane. 🥃🥃🥃🥃




Seeking a writing partner

Hello! After the moderate success of Son of the Moon, I am currently writing what will hopefully be a 10 part sci-fi series called “The Gatekeeper’s oath”. I have some contacts scattered about that could help me get a pitching arranged for this to be picked up by a TV channel or a streaming service, but before all that I need to write it! The story and script are currently in their early stages, but I have a clear vision of what I want the show to be and what the over-arching plot will be about. For now I need a writing partner! If you have any experience in storytelling, preferably visual, and this sounds interesting to you, give me a call! If this isn’t for you, please reblog this so it can reach more people. I’ve been sitting on this idea for four years, and wanna make this dream a reality!

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HOMELAND – season seven, part two
one poster per episode [insp]