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For Ashley and other Quinnspiracists. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Max knew Q was alive. Maybe he accompanied Q to his private care facility. Dar trusted him; so did Q. Maybe he showed up drunk at Carrie’s in the S6 finale because he was having trouble dealing with keeping the secret. He could be a liaison between Dar & Q.

It would be, and I postulated just exactly this back in July! Kinda, at least. 

Suffice to say, I like it.

This is for Ashley! Ok so I know CD is pregnant and that’s why we have to wait until summer (?) 2019 for season 8 BUT what if there’s another reason? Like say PQ returns season 7 finale and we’re all 😲😲😲😲😲 and because AG loves us all and knows we’ve all been waiting, therefore he’s going to make us wait almost 18 MONTHS to find out how what why how why what how is PQ back?!!! It’s the kind of thing he’d pull. What a meanie.

Okay, I’m pretty sold on Claire’s pregnancy being the #1 reason why Homeland will not resume filming until January 2019. That is A Fact as far as I am concerned. 

However, the epic fuckassery of such a move is also right up Alex Gansa’s alley, so I can’t help but think that forcing us to weight 18 months is a real bonus for him, particularly if Quinn is back (as I remain convinced that he is). 

That said, you know what will be great?? All the fic that will be written in that approximately 788,401 minute hiatus, if Quinn in fact is revealed to be alive next Sunday night.

Ashley- FMRF recently posted “Any Quinnspiracist still out there?” What’s up with that, order in da house please!!!

I’m gonna be straight with you. The past few weeks — season seven trailers coming out, Rupert being cast in a new show (albeit on CBS), Claire’s “Quinn is unequivocally no more…” — have left me a little bit less invested in the Quinnspiracy.

It isn’t like I don’t want to see Quinn come back. I do. And I can absolutely see the path that they could take to make this happen. 

The death still doesn’t make sense to me. It was abrupt and sloppy and stupid and literal nonsense. I don’t actually agree that Quinn’s dead. If he doesn’t come back, I’m happy to just assume he’s living his life somewhere on the Mediterranean coast. 

But that’s the extent of my Quinnspiracy, nowadays. To those more invested than me — I salute you. 

That pic of Quinn look alike btw two soldiers,…

That pic of Quinn look alike btw two soldiers, well, thats not Quinn, Its probably that awful Keefe character, or whats his name. His hair is more blond than Quinns. But about same lenght. I want desperately Quinn to still be alive so Im ready to imagine anything rn, but with RF casting news, there is no hope anymore. So happy for RF, but nothing can compare to Quinn.

Anonymous #2: So, the new trailer….. The figure at the start being led into the light. Are they trying to make it look like Quinn just to piss us off even more?

Sara wrote about this on HYH, check this post here. All I am gonna add is this: the resemblances are not coincidental and it’s not okay what they did here. The grief and the hopes are real, and triggering these feels rather cheap.

If it were Quinn, it would be a retrospective anyway and no sudden return.

I personally prefer to stay in denial when it comes to the chances for Quinn returning to HL. He still could be back for S8. Or something. Or maybe not.

And until then I’ll keep writing my fics. And if he returns I’ll probably have to write Bobby Ewing fics.

Ashley said: “I’m not abandoning hope for a finale phone call from Quinn.” Personally, I’m betting on this: a colleague of Carrie’s says: “Carrie, there’s a David Exley on the phone for you. Poor connection though.”

Honestly… I just really hate the name David Exley. It’s too close to “David Estes,” and I’m just… not into it. I feel like they didn’t even try to come up with a reasonable alias for him. 

Not that they, like, tried very hard at pretty much anything last season… Anyway, Carrie and Quinn can just move to Boston. You can’t throw a rock without hitting somebody named “Quinn” here, he’d totally blend.

Can we add another chapter to Quinnspiracy? I want an investigation into the original version of 6.12. 1) Maury Sterling’s wife tweeted something about a different finale; 2) RF seemed a bit surprised in his FB Q&A the day after the finale about the time gap between Q’s death & “the machinations of the presidency”. And we know that RF reads the entire script; 3) AFG admitted to spending a lot of time mixing the finale, right up to the weekend it aired. What are they hiding from us?!

I would pay good money to get my hands on a copy of a script for 6.12, honestly. 

We discussed this fairly in depth, actually. Rupert’s “watch closely” pre-6.12 seemed to indicate that there was something to, y’know… watch. 

Here’s what we’ve gleaned.

There was, whether it was filmed or not, some sort of memorial for Quinn. This was not aired. If it was filmed, it is possible that they decided to save it for some kind of flashback in season seven. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised by that at all, so if you’re planning on watching in season seven… definitely be prepared to see it. (Be aware that I remain as spoiler-free as possible so this is all conjecture and please don’t send in asks correcting me if you know shit.) 

That the memorial was referenced means it happened, but that they didn’t show it is important, too. The official running time is 54 minutes, and while I haven’t seen the episode since it aired, I think we can agree that they could have spent five minutes saying goodbye to Quinn. 

But they didn’t, which to me says that they didn’t want to give viewers the opportunity to say goodbye. 

It sounds to me like the script was different. I want to know how. 

But also I don’t, because it might fuck me up more. But I do. Except not. You know. You know? 

“Vague submissions”-Anon reporting back to HYH-HQ…. Frankly writing… I do not know if Q is going to be back in S7 or S8…. maybe he is… I would not trust me either… I do like your blog a lot. Walk on ! =) And thank you for keeping up good faith….

Well, of course you don’t know anything, silly! We’re talking about a show that literally got rewritten halfway through the season last year for reasons I still cannot quite understand. Like, I know what happened and everything, but the why of it just does not compute.

All I can tell you is that I am right often enough about stupid shit that I am willing to state with absolute confidence that I am right about Quinn being totally fine

But I’m glad you’re on this shitty roller coaster with us. We’re in it together!

“Quinn is gone”-Anom here… thx for telling me to back off =) Here’s the thing: I won’t back down… wait and see what happens in Seasons 7 and 8…

You’re welcome! 

Listen, I’m sure that your advice is stellar and straight from the heart, but I’m pretty sure that most people have decided whether or not they’re going to watch the next two seasons. I very much doubt that any minds are going to be changed based on your vague submissions here.

I will be watching, grumpily at first, but if the show decides to be as awesome as I know it can be, then I will watch it (cautiously) enthusiastically. Because I don’t trust the show not to let me down.

And I certainly don’t trust anybody who is gonna tell me that Quinn is gone, like, what even.

Any intel on the America First view and discussion tonight? I’m guessing Ashley they are still pretending Q is dead? 😂

We haven’t received any reports as of yet! Preliminary searching has given me zero information. 

It’s interesting to me that Howard Gordon was actually at the panel, not Alex Gansa. Like I’d have given literally anything to be there… I mean, not enough to, like, go to Virginia, but actually I totally was looking up flights. (There are no nonstop flights from Boston -> Charlottesville, alas.)

A few months ago, I had a conversation with an actor who has worked extensively with Howard Gordon. I was talking to him about Homeland, and he informed that his only connection to the show is Howard — and that Howard actually has nothing to do with Homeland anymore.

Obviously you should take that with many grains of salt, but it’s just… interesting to me.

Howard Gordon’s popped up very sporadically over the past couple of seasons. First, he confirmed to us that Quinn was alive. Now, he’s at a panel for a screening of “America First.” Sans Alex Gansa, even. 

What does this mean? I don’t fucking know. Can somebody who went to the panel please, please, please fill us in? 

To Sara and others. Throughout S6 I was glued to another blog. They went black April 9th, 10pm ET. I will never forgive them. All season, they convinced every asker that Q would live thru the series finale. Askers were always expressing doubts, but they RIDICULED them. My ask: did any of you think Q would die? Were askers expressing the possibility? How did you reply? I’m still so angry w/ other blog who convinced us Q would live thru S8, and then signing off when he “died”. Thnx 4 being here!

We were considered a comparative “downer blog,” if some of the asks we received in the days leading up to the finale are to be believed.

Like this one, for example! (For those who don’t wanna click, we were considered depressing, paranoid, and worrisome.)

The truth is, most of us were pretty sure Quinn was going to make it through the finale. Irony of ironies, I — that would be Ashley — was the one person who was almost entirely certain that he wasn’t going to make it. (As a result, I’m now like, “I told you he was going to die and I was right, so now I’m telling you that he’s fine and I’m probably right about that too.”)

Laure (who sadly has ditched the show) hosted a debate on April 4th, however, and you can find all of our opinions on the matter here: Should Carrie Let Quinn Go? A Therapy Session in Three Parts.

But despite the fact that, for me, the writing was on the wall… maybe because of that, I’ve been the least able to accept it. And my predictions were at least partly an effort to temper my expectations; if I went into the finale assuming that Quinn would die, then any other outcome would be acceptable to me. 

The other blog… well, I think they were very certain that things were going to happen a certain way, they got a lot of people’s hopes up, and it backfired. It happens. They were expecting the show to make sense, when in fact Homeland is to be approached with maximum cynicism at all times.

If you skim back through our archive from April, 2017 — and you will have to scroll a LOT! — you can get a pretty good idea of what people were asking us in the days/weeks before the finale, and how we answered them. Mostly, I think it was Sara trying to be encouraging, while acknowledging that who the fuck actually knows anything when it comes to this godforsaken show.

I totally get your frustration, and I promise that we — well, definitely Sara, for sure — will be here until the cold, bitter end.