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Dar will be back coming episode! Cool! We will know if there is a quinspiracy!

So….. are we thinking Carrie is going to be …

So….. are we thinking Carrie is going to be kidnapped, taken hostage, injured, in hiding out in Russia or wherever 7 ends or all of the above, as we careen headfirst into season 8? I hate to go there and apologies for going there, but if that's the case then it's the perfect time for Quinn to reappear. It's already been discussed that Carrie in danger could be what forces him out of hiding/retirement/rehab or whatever we're calling it. It makes so much sense to me. Sniper Quinn anyone?

That makes a lot of sense to me, actually, especially as I frame it in reference to 24. 

Vive la Quinnspiracy!

You must be good people. The only show better …

You must be good people. The only show better than LOST was nothing. I don't even think I'll watch Homeland this year. It will probably end after the stupid move they made with Quinn.

A fellow LOSTIE!  Thank you!  LOST was such a great show – I wish I had something like Tumblr back when it was on.  I would have been all over it!

Deciding whether or not you are going to be able to watch Homeland this season is something I’ve been wrestling with for months.  I get it.  Ultimately I came to a personal decision that I’ve got way too much invested to give up now. Knowing there are only two seasons left (and totally believing Quinn is rehabbing on a beach somewhere) makes it easier.  I don’t know if I’d be sticking around if the end wasn’t in sight.

Whoever you are anon – anytime you want to chat – there are a ton of great people in this community who would love to hear from you, myself included.  There are discussion threads open over on Live Journal (click here for the link) – anons welcome!  Currently there are threads venting their anger/disappointment with the loss of Quinn, responses to the recent interviews given by Claire Danes, season 7 spoiler summary and discussion – and once the show premieres tomorrow, there will be an episode by episode discussion thread.  Hope to see you there!

Ashley said: “I’m not abandoning hope for a finale phone call from Quinn.” Personally, I’m betting on this: a colleague of Carrie’s says: “Carrie, there’s a David Exley on the phone for you. Poor connection though.”

Honestly… I just really hate the name David Exley. It’s too close to “David Estes,” and I’m just… not into it. I feel like they didn’t even try to come up with a reasonable alias for him. 

Not that they, like, tried very hard at pretty much anything last season… Anyway, Carrie and Quinn can just move to Boston. You can’t throw a rock without hitting somebody named “Quinn” here, he’d totally blend.