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Happy National Awkward Moments Day! 

Even Rupert’s awkward moments are beautiful ❤

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FILMS WITH FRIEND | Amiable | Memes Featuring Rupert

Beautiful in blue! 

Films With Friend – Pride & Prejudice Rupert Review




If you have read Jane Austen’s book, set that knowledge aside. I challenge you to look at Pride & Prejudice on its own, with a particular focus on Rupert Friend. After all, Rupert is the star and very heart of this blog, isn’t he?

Rupert makes his first appearance as Mr. Wickham about thirty minutes into the film. He is in town with other soldiers, and finds Elizabeth’s handkerchief floating along the ground. He cuts a lovely figure in his uniform, which is not lost on the Bennett sisters.


Mr. Wickham gives Elizabeth his close attention during this exchange. He engages Elizabeth and her sisters in a lively discussion as they browse for ribbon in a town store. Mr. Wickham flirts with Elizabeth and self-deprecates, laying on the charm rather thick.

As they walk along outside accompanied by Mr. Wickham, the Bennett sisters come across Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley on horseback. Lydia insists Mr. Bingley invite Mr. Wickham to his ball, which he does. However, Mr. Darcy rides off hurriedly, and the animosity between him and Mr. Wickham is palpable.


Elizabeth take notes of this intense exchange, and Mr. Wickham tells her a story of how he is acquainted with Mr. Darcy. Cue a whine of sorts for poor, unfortunate Mr. Wickham…


Approximately halfway through the movie, Mr. Darcy declares his love, in the rain no less, to dear Elizabeth. But by this point, she has learned of how Mr. Darcy interfered with a budding romance between her sister, Jane, and Mr. Bingley. She rejects Mr. Darcy and confronts him on his intervention, and then asks, “What about Mr. Wickham?”

It is soon after Elizabeth finds out, in a letter from Mr. Darcy, that Mr. Wickham’s “misfortunes” are something else entirely. Mr. Wickham received his due inheritance, but gambled it away. After demanding more money from Mr. Darcy, he was denied. Thus, Mr. Wickham suddenly took a great interest in Mr. Darcy’s sister, until he learned he would never receive a penny of her inheritance. Mr. Wickham left Mr. Darcy’s sister broken-hearted. The scoundrel!! You can literally feel Elizabeth’s wrath for Mr. Wickham and confusion about Mr. Darcy.

Imagine Elizabeth’s horror when she finds that Mr. Wickham has set his sights on her young sister, Lydia. Mr. Wickham makes his demands quite clear in exchange for his marriage to Lydia. They arrive home, Lydia in seventh heaven, and Mr. Wickham looking bored and trailing behind.


At dinner, Elizabeth has to listen to her sister wax poetic about Mr. Wickham and learns of Mr. Darcy’s involvement again, this time in Lydia’s marriage. The look between Mr. Wickham and Elizabeth as her sister and new husband depart is one for the books!


Unfortunately, that’s the last we see of Mr. Wickham. He played his role as a true scoundrel, which I definitely enjoyed. But I must admit…every time I see Rupert in a supporting role, I wonder why can’t he be the lead?

Until next month’s Film With Friends, please enjoy more Pride & Prejudice gifs, pics, reviews, and commentary all throughout the month of November!

We love P&P and we love RF. That’s why this post is perfection.

And now I will watch it again.

Does anyone know for certain if Rupert’s hair in Pride & Prejudice was his own hair? I always thought it was a wig. Now I’m not so sure. Thanks!

We don’t know for certain but we, chief rupertologist Sydney and I, assume it’s his own hair but with glued fake sideburns. Because not even young Rupert had much facial hair follicles.


“Museums are dangerous places. Here you are, surrounded with beauty – the drama of humanity unfolding…”

“Museums are dangerous places. Here you are, surrounded with beauty – the drama of humanity unfolding slowly around you in its most seductive form. Love – spiritual and otherwise, passion, bravery, fear, good and evil, gentleness and cruelty, all pictured by the greatest talents humanity had to offer – you find yourself immersed in the identical, though ever-changing river of human emotion.”

A Stroll in the Museum, (via ellenkushner)

Wonderful fic by a wonderful writer which I am so happy to have as friend in my life