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findmyrupertfriend: MLH Sigil Fragrance Launc…


MLH Sigil Fragrance Launch Party
Los Angeles 
April 30, 2019

He‘s alive. And looking good.

findmyrupertfriend: Look who I found!!! 😍 ❤…


Look who I found!!! 😍


findmyrupertfriend: Strange Angel Premiere Af…


Strange Angel Premiere After Party! 

He’s such a goofy drunk! I think I love him! ❤️

findmyrupertfriend: Aimee and Rupes at the Ca…


Aimee and Rupes at the Cartier party on April 5th in San Fransisco. 

So maybe that was his handwritting on her flowers. 🤔

Barn renovation outfit. Facebook interview outfit.

findmyrupertfriend: Rupes (with Aimee and the…


Rupes (with Aimee and the beautiful Nina) trying to get as far away as possible from his Homegirls. 

Sorry there’s no sound. Sara made me take it out due to her sounding like a “fucking airhead” — her words, not mine. 

He is limping. Should have talked to the rupertologist right next to him. And what tf is he doing with his scarf?

Fuck me, I found Rupert Friend:  A fangirl’s A…


It all started as a wonderful evening with the HYH gals and some friends of the blog going to see the incredilby wonderful and talented Nina Hoss in her play in Brooklyn. 

We thankfully arrived on time after probably having a little too much to drink at dinner before. Almost immediately upon entering the lobby of the playhouse, I spotted him. Okay, it wasn’t Rupert, but the one and only iconic filmmaker Michael Moore — which I was thrilled to meet and briefly chat with and who was kind enough to let us take a selfie with him.

Then came the play. With second row seats, we were so close to her. This incredibly beautiful woman whom I totally respect and adore. My eyes filled with tears at seeing our amazing, beloved Astrid. 

After seeing her brilliant performance and leaving the theater, the glow of the evening filling my heart, I went into the bathroom, hoping that I’d be able to meet Nina after.

Stepping out into the lobby after and looking for my friends, I was approached by @carriemathison who grabbed my arm and told me that he was here. Rupert fucking Friend! The rest is kind of a blur. I froze. My heart was pounding. I didn’t know what to do. He was right there, a foot away, his back to me. This beautiful man whom I totally love was there, within arms reach. Unfortunately for me (or maybe fortunately considering my state of mind, my cotton mouth and catatonic state), @karin97rn, @carriemathinson, @ascloseasthis and @oursocheng had already taken their pics with him. I overheard Aimee, who was right next to him of course, say she wanted to leave – obviously feeling uncomfortable with all the attention Rupert was getting. 

So they walked away. I started to follow, thinking if I was going to meet him, this was my chance. But sensing his discomfort and his wanting to leave the scene as well, I didn’t pursue. 

Slighty heartbroken and still in shock, I saw Nina, standing only a few feet away and already speaking with @karin97rn. 

I didn’t hesitate and walked over to her. She was beyond amazing. I was just blown away by her warmth, her beauty, her geniue happiness to meet with her fans. I think I repeated several times how beautiful, incredible and amazing she is (which she repeatedly thanked me for saying) and how sad I was when Astrid died. She was as well, as she told us. The highlight for me was when I told her how much I loved her performance in the brilliant German movie, Phoenix. She was genuinely surpirsed and thrilled that I had seen it — her beautiful face lit up with happiness.

After she left and thanked us all for coming to the show, I once again turned my attention to Rupes, seeing him several feet away, now on the phone and getting ready to head out into the snowy, Brooklyn streets with Aimee, Nina and a few other men, possibly the other two actors from the show. 

So it wasn’t going to happen for me. I’m sad, disappointed, but also a little relieved that at least I didn’t have an regrettable interaction with him. (Which I’m 100% convinced would have been exactly that —regrettable and painful.)


Rupert, if you are reading this, I was the cute brunette staring at you from across the room as you were near the stage door with the deer in the headlights look.  


findmyrupertfriend: New and fantastic pics fr…


New and fantastic pics from @daylightkaty and her friend who took many of these pics and is on IG: thelearnedcat.

Thanks so, so much, ladies! 

PS The body language in the second pic with Gansa’s shoulders up while Rupert is, like, “um, I’m trying really hard to take you seriously,” is amusing me greatly.

And no eyecontact while he is talking to G-man.

findmyrupertfriend:Rupert and Aimee attending The Women’s Sports…


Rupert and Aimee attending The Women’s Sports Foundation’s 38th Annual Salute To Women In Sports Awards Gala on Oct 18 2017 in NYC.

Damn, he looks good!!!

findmyrupertfriend: More photos from The Lunchbox Dinner…


More photos from The Lunchbox Dinner Benefit on Oct 12 (source: BFA)

findmyrupertfriend: More photos from The Lunchbox Dinner…


More photos from The Lunchbox Dinner Benefit on Oct 12 (source: BFA)