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Will season 8 promos surface this month?

No, I still think it’s too early. 

I wouldn’t expect anything in the way of actual promos with S8 footage until July. 

(The production/airing of this season is strange because they’ll almost be entirely finished (or maybe completely finished?) filming by the time it airs. Usually we would be getting promo footage after about 3 months of filming and about 2-3 months before the season aired but because they’re not going to air until the fall I still think we won’t see any teasers until the summer.)

OMG, I’m binge watching Gilmore Girls (none of your business how many times I’ve watched it), and noticed that LLG has directed a few episodes. I think I knew it, but just forgot. She directed one of my favorite episodes: “Rory’s Dance” from S1. Lorelai talks Rory into going. Rory asks Dean to go with. Dean & Tristan get into a fight. Emily & Lorelai start to bond. Emily & Lorelai get into a fight. Rory & Dean get closer. Laurelai & Rory get into a fight. A classic!

LLG directed the pilot too!

“Rory’s Dance” is really a fantastic episode (even though, ew, Dean) and I also love “It Should Have Been Lorelai.” I am a total sucker for that messy familial Gilmore drama and all the weird fucked up resentment between Emily and Richard and Lorelai and Christopher. It’s like… at least 75% of the reason that I think season seven, which is UNFAIRLY MALIGNED, is actually perfectly fine. They nailed the familial drama and resentment–which to me was the most compelling aspect of the series by far. Just how they could never get out of each other’s way, that these decades-old wounds were still gaping and hurting so many years later. 

It helped that Lauren Graham (and Kelly Bishop) always nailed the shit out of those stories. When Lorelai cried to Christopher in season seven, “I need you to know, you’re the man I want to want,” I felt that pain, deeply (and cried, too). 

Two more semi-related asides:

  • What is it with Amy Sherman-Palladino pairing her heroines with these loser males? Joel on Marevelous Mrs. Maisel is totally Midge’s Christopher. (And, yes, Logan is Rory’s Christopher in theory… they kinda fucked it up with the reboot though… it doesn’t work if she’s 32.)
  • LLG has directed episodes in a ton of my favorite series, including the amazing season 2 episodes of The OC, “The Family Ties.” Also known as the episode where Marissa Cooper shows up to fancy Newport Beach party and calls her mother a slut!!!!!! (but it’s ok because she goes to the Cohen’s later for bagels + schmear) Can’t wait to see what fabulous acting Mischa pulls out on The Hills. 

And on the 2nd day of spring…Claire Danes slapped me in the face with some 7.10 ADR.


Sara’s like “if Claire can have a sense of humor about it, so can I,” meanwhile, I basically want to throw up everything I’ve eaten in the past year.

I was only off by two business days! Thoughts: I don’t…

I was only off by two business days! 

Thoughts: I don’t understand what’s going on and there wasn’t enough Carrie, but that is basically my default mode.

ETA, second watch thoughts:

  • That’s my bun!
  • Feb 11 premiere
  • Morgan Spector is the new Quinn? k
  • Franny is so big but I’m taking it as like when Growing Pains aged Chrissy by 5 years for the fuck of it 
  • Berlin JAZZ
  • why did they wig me
  • I hope Keane goes fully evil
  • Carrie has the same watch
  • Carrie has a dark lip