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Amy Hargreaves to appear in Homeland season 8

To our anonymous asker… you asked, she answered. Maggie Mathison will be back in Homeland season 8. 

Amy Hargreaves: “I’m thrilled to be able to play Maggie again before the show rides off in the sunset.”

She couldn’t say anymore about what Maggie will be up to. 

At the end of season 7, Maggie took custody of Carrie’s daughter Franny as Carrie left for a CIA mission in Russia. As we all know, that didn’t end well for Carrie… so we expect that Maggie’s storyline will have plenty of suffering, anger, and nagging (even though she is the most virtuous of all characters). 


Rupert Friend and Jim Gaffigan join Chris Morris film : News 2018 : Chortle : The UK Comedy Guide:



Just a repeat link to the article about Rupert in the Chris Morris film plus the IMDb information on the film. 

1) Now we know what the confusion was regarding A Simple Favor. This is from Anna Kendrick’s IMDb Pro’s profile.


2) Here’re the details on the Chris Morris film:


3) Here’s the cast. Rupert is not listed. We’re crossing our fingers that all of this information wrt Rupert is real.


Mike Tyson Film “Cornerman” Casting Athletic Actors:


We’re hopeful that this is legit because of the 2018 year though it’s remarkably similar (same text but changed dates) to this casting call from 2017 which didn’t happen.  

If it is real, GO, RUPERT!


It pains me to know that you’re still in a state of incomplete health. Although nothing in your letter betrays weakness of mind, on the contrary, the fact that you judge it necessary to enter an asylum is quite serious in itself. 
– Theo to Vincent from Paris, 24 April 1889

Vincent & Theo the movie…

Because there has already been a movie about Vincent and Theo you can bet At Eterntiy’s Gate won’t be overly focused on that relationship. Nevertheless it gives some insight into some of what we might see from Rupert in the role of Theo. Here’s the trailer to the 1990 movie:

And this is how Wiki describes the film and Theo and Vincent’s relationship:

Noel Murray has summarised this aspect, “Altman and screenwriter Julian Mitchell contrast Theo’s life—which mostly consists of him guiding rich people through galleries and selling them paintings he despises—with Vincent’s gradual development of his own voice and style, through hard physical labor. Vincent & Theo also shows both men as warped by a similar madness, torn between their lusts for sex and alcohol, and their yearnings for social respectability and religious connection.”

Here’s a pic of Theo …


I see a little Rupertishness in that bone structure, what do you think?


And here’s his wife, Johanna.

So, about At Eternity’s Gate…

The film most likely takes place in the last few years of Vincent’s life – he died in 1890. Here’s what was going on with Theo during these years.

In 1886, Theo invited Vincent to come and live with him in Paris. (…) Theo introduced Vincent to Paul Gauguin [played by Oscar Isaacs – FMRF], Paul Cézanne, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri Rousseau, Camille Pissarro and Georges Seurat, and in 1888 he persuaded Gauguin to join Vincent, who had moved to Arles.

Theo van Gogh married Johanna Bonger in Amsterdam on 17 April 1889 and they moved to Paris. Their son Vincent Willem was born in Paris on 31 January 1890. On 8 June, the family visited Vincent, who was living near Paris in Auvers-sur-Oise. Vincent died in July 1890 at age 37. 

Theo’s health deteriorated in the months after the death of his brother. He was admitted to the Willem Arntz Hospital, a psychiatric hospital, in Den Dolder on 18 November 1890.  (…) He died on 25 January 1891. The cause of death was listed as dementia paralytica caused by “heredity, chronic disease, overwork, sadness”.

Sadness, addiction, and brain afflictions… we think Rupert’s pretty much got this down by now. Can we put in an order for a happy rom com next, Mr. Friend? Pretty please?

Great insights and intel! Thank you!


By: Cherry (@awisecherryblossomstudent)


Yesterday in London I met with Armando Iannucci, director of The Death of Stalin, who was signing copies of the graphic novel which inspired the film, along with co-writers David Schneider and Peter Fellows. I asked how Rupert was cast, saying what a revelation his comedic turn had been. Iannucci explained that someone had mentioned Rupert to him, and, so he’d watched Rupes on several chat shows where he’d been really funny. (Wonder which ones they were…) All three writers warmly praised Rupert’s acting, although Peter jokingly declared that Rupes had actually been drunk. ‘As part of his method acting?’ I asked. ‘No, he was just drunk!’ replied Peter (jokingly, I believe!). 

Bad news: the Stateside release is still set to be March 9th.

‘Homeland’ Adds Pair to Season 7:


Morgan Spector and Mackenzie Astin have been cast. 

(Ashley: cool more white men)

Also from the article: “In July, the drama upped actors Jake Weber, Linus Roache and Maury Sterling to series regulars in an attempt to fill the void left by its departed star (Rupert Friend) last season. The killing off of the major character lead to uproar from a group of disgruntled Homeland fans called #NotOurHomeland, who paid for a scathing ad in The Hollywood Reporter magazine that criticized the show’s creative team for the decision.”