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Are you ladies fed up with Homeland?

Not everybody, just me, and I’m not so much “fed up” as i am “totally exhausted.” 

Why do you ask? 

What do you mean: Carrie’s feelings toward Brody and her relationship with him does not operate on a plane of objective reality and almost never has. 

Carrie and Brody’s relationship didn’t live in reality, it lived in “Carrie and Brody” land, which is a place where Brody was a good man and they could live happily ever after together.


Why is S4 E6 calledFrom A to B and Back Again?

I offered my explanations for the meanings of all episode titles back in February. See here.

Another possible explanation, from this post, is that it’s a reference to Aayan and Brody, which especially makes sense considering how Aayan died and Carrie’s hallucination of Brody just one episode later. 

Are you serious that you’re not sure S8 will happen?

I’m entirely unconvinced that it will air this calendar year. 

Of course I recognize that they have been filming in Morocco but like……….. I have so many weird feelings about the complete lack of any information coming from Showtime about what has been their flagship show for almost the past ten years and it all just feels super fishy to me. It feels entirely unlike any past season’s production, I’ll say that. And they have never been spoiler-conscious over there so I don’t think that has anything to do with it.  

Would you do a photo montage of Carrie’s various hairstyles?

ONLY because you asked. In chronological order:


#NeverForget the time the producers attempted to de-age Claire 10 years by just putting her hair in a half ponytail. We do not know why Carrie’s only hairstyle in the year 2005 is this half pony. I have NOTHING against a half ponytail. I love to rock one. It’s just… funny. Carrie, what happened to you? 


Carrie’s pilot hair is obviously much different than the rest of her season one hair. It’s a bit darker, a bit wavier, a bit more layered. 


If you thought I wasn’t gonna show some hair-in-hat…


Carrie’s early season two hair is basically just her season one hair, only a tad darker. 

This is another hair moment that cannot be matched. 

I can’t put my finger on why I’m not a huge fan of Carrie’s late season two hair. But here it is and I’m not a huge fan. 


Imagine being stuck in a psych ward for three weeks, wearing two t-shirts (as you do), and your hair still looks this good. This photo series is also a #journey for her eyebrows. 

Carrie’s mid-season three hair is my absolute least favorite. It’s just very… whatever. Carrie and Quinn sitting identically here is a trip, though. 

And yet Carrie’s late season three hair is next level. GO BRUNETTE, CARRIE. THIS IS YOUR LOOK. 


We love a layer! 

And then she just lets it grow out and it’s only marginally better than mid-season three. 


Her early season five hair is actually great. A little more golden, with some nice layering and a slight wave. 


I really don’t know how Carrie’s hair always seems to look great even when she’s in the worst of situations but it does!!! 

A look!  

This is also a good look for when the dude who bankrolled your NYC lifestyle and career comes around to propose to you again and you have to tell him no thanks and also to fuck off for calling your life small potatoes when HE IS THE POTATO. 

Another in the “look how neatly my hair is parted” series. 


I really do love Carrie’s entire season six aesthetic. Short hair, jeweled-tone sweaters. It is legitimately the one good thing about that trash bag of a collection of twelve episodes. 

Carrie lets her hair grow a bit in season seven and we’re back to season five length/look/color. She looks good! 

Carrie’s post-Russia hairstyle is purposefully excluded from this series because I Don’t Need That In My Life. 


Where did the Meredith Stiehm quote come from?

The Meredith Stiehm quote on this post is from this THR article from 2014.

What’s the Saul hatred about?

If he wasn’t such an odious person, I wouldn’t hate him so much.

What’s the Saul hatred about?

If he wasn’t such an odious person, I wouldn’t hate him so much.

Do Quinnspirasists envision Quinn returning healed or damaged as before?

I think it depends on which Quinnspiracist you ask. If you believe that Quinn is alive and that he’s returning back to the show, it seems like he’d be just as damaged as before, because Homeland writers. 

I listened to E61 of your podcast today and I wonder why you (Sara?) think Brody didn’t love Carrie. To me she brought him back to life in every way and he loved her.

Whenever we delve into the discussion of “did Carrie love Brody?” (which I actually think is super interesting, don’t get me wrong) I inevitably return to Andy Greenwald, who wrote in the middle of season two: 

I don’t think Brody loves Carrie any more than a drowning man loves a slowly leaking life preserver. 

In other words, out of necessity, despite the knowledge it will only end in him drowning. Brody was cunning and astute and recognized very quickly, once it got to that point, that he could manipulate and use Carrie’s near-infinite, almost unconditional love for him as a way out. Or at least as a way to prolong the inevitable. 

Do I think he did it out of a sense of malice? Mostly not. Mostly I think he was so broken when he came back–from all the ways you could be broken by war and torture and loss and grief and, as Carrie put so well in “Q&A,” being shaved down to the bone and built back up again as a brand new person–that I understand why he did what he did (again, mostly… he is on my eternal shit list for what he did to Carrie at the end of season one). 

There are glimmers of something genuine and real and something like love in episodes like “The Weekend,” which is the closest Carrie came to “bringing him back to life” (and vice versa). But my overall feeling is that after he decided not to blow up that vest; after he ended the game with Carrie outside the police station in “Marine One”; once he was found out, as his marriage began to crumble; and, most importantly, when his daughter made clear just how much of a disappointment he truly was to her, he shifted back into survival mode, clinging onto that life preserver as long as it would hold him.  

Later on, I think he knew it was impossible he would survive long enough to become the person Carrie wanted him to be: a hero–or at least not a villain. 

I don’t think Brody wanted to die, but I also think he lost a lot of will to keep going on (in some respects I think he did keep going on for as long as he did out of respect for Carrie and what she sacrificed, because he did understand that sacrifice). He recognized when the end was near, and gave himself up to it. Obviously, Carrie wasn’t so quick to realize. I think at times she thought she could love him hard enough for the both of them. She tricked herself, especially at the end of season three, into believing it.

In more recent seasons Carrie has wrestled a lot with the “means to an end”/“mission over man” conundrum, which was first prominently introduced in the episode wear Brody dies. I don’t think this is a coincidence. Carrie sending Brody to Iran, knowing that it was both likely to end in his death and the only way he could come back to her the man she needed him to be, was the ironic (and fitting) culmination to their roller coaster romance.  And, as I explained over two years ago, I’m still not convinced she’s over him: 

The passion with which Carrie delivers that speech in “The Star”–“I happen to believe one of the reasons I was put on this earth was for our paths to cross. And I know how crazy that sounds”–betrays something that I’m not sure she ever got past, or ever got rid of, or even felt the need to. Brody confirms it a second later, calling it “the only sane thing left to hold onto.”

Maybe the delusion did crash around her as she watched him die. Maybe it died when she finally saw what a real relationship could be. Maybe it died as she literally hallucinated his person in front of her.

Or maybe it didn’t. Maybe she has a private “Brody box” (real or imaginary, it doesn’t matter) that she opens sometimes, only when alone, thinking of the grand romance she was deprived and wondering what if.