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Ernest Donovan ‖ Peter Quinn


My poor babies!!!!!

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Strange Angel “The Sacrificial Dance”
↳ “What do you need me to do?”

I loved this scene. Jack uses his charm to sway him and he can’t say no. 

Memorial day request : In S5 when Carrie and A…

Memorial day request : In S5 when Carrie and Astrid found Quinn alive in the gas chamber. That was one of the last tender moments Carrie showed Quinn. I had so much hope. Unfortunately, it all went to hell after that. HL 👎Carrie 🖕 Quinn ❤️


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Every Peter Quinn Scene Ever ︱ “The Man in the Basement”
↳ “Why?”

Part 1

This was such a beautiful beginning for what could have been a turning point

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Every Peter Quinn Scene Ever “The Man in the Basement”
 “Speak to my business manager.”

Quinn and his little friend, Max. 

Sydney, for which Quinn GIF did you first use …

Sydney, for which Quinn GIF did you first use the hashtag "my poor baby"?

So, with a little research, this is what I found:

  • I first used the phrase for a Quinnology ask on HYH on June 19, 2017. ⬇︎
  • October 6, 2017 was the first tagged entry, also on HYH, that I could find with #my poor baby and it was for this gif. ⬇︎ (It was actually Frangi’s post.)
  • But, in my research, I found that Sara actually used that tag a long time ago when posting this beautiful gifset. ⬇︎

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Every Peter Quinn Scene Ever “All About Allison”
↳ “DF.”

Where’s that my poor baby-tag?

My poor, poor, poor tied up and gagged baby! 

Rupert had a motorcycle accident? I never knew that – do you have any links to where he talked about that?

There is an interview where he talks about it here, check min 2:00 (and I do apologize for the German interviewer’s accent and pork meat questions).

He sold his motorbike a while ago in a charity auction.


Mustard pants!!!

Sydney. I have 2 theories why Q’s helmet is “GIGANTOR”. 1) It’s a size XXXL so he can look extra cool just placing it effortlessly on his head on camera. 2) Maybe he wants the extra padding after his motorcycle accident years ago? He said he wasn’t wearing a helmet and was in the hospital for months. (“Your poor baby!”) Is he just being extra careful perhaps?

You read my mind! First of all, Sara was the one who added the caption calling Quinn’s helmet “GIGANTOR” — I typically only pay attention to his face, hands, ass, chest and hair. (Not necessarily in that order.)  But after I realized how just how ridiculously large his helmet was, I immediately assumed it was because of his motorcycle accident. And I’m all for it! My poor baby needs to protect that beautiful head of his. Although, I think I’ve seen that helmet before:


Following up on Anon’s inquiry about how RF broke his ankle. He did say in interviews he broke it off set. But it was already weakened from stunts in S4&5. Jumping over fences is my guess. (Astrid’s place and that bomb maker’s place in Berlin.) Also, for Sydney, did you notice in 6×2 when Q was walking to the bodega, that he stepped off the curb on his right foot (the broken one) and he flinched? Not sure if this was pre-break or post-break. As you would say, Sydney, “My poor baby.” 😂😭

Yes, that’s what the article Sara linked in her post said:

Friend, who walked on crutches while attending Showtime’s pre-Emmy party on Saturday, told Deadline that he broke a bone in his right ankle while off work, though the injury stems from two on-set instances while filming seasons 4 and 5 of Homeland when he rolled his ankle, weakening the ligaments.

And, yes again, Sydney said “my poor baby” many many times over the last 18 months.