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findmyrupertfriend: HAPPY 4/20! 


HAPPY 4/20! 

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findmyrupertfriend: HAPPY FRIDAY, FRIENDS! ︱ …



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Films With Friend Bitmojis
↳ Part 2



FILMS WITH FRIEND︱Extra large Coco︱Jolene
 “Sit tight, Jolene. I’ll be back soon.”

findmyrupertfriend: FILMS WITH FRIEND ︱ Kissi…


FILMS WITH FRIEND ︱ Kissing Coco ︱ Jolene
↳ “You made Coco proud.”

Looks like Rupert picked his own wardrobe for this movie. 😳

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FILMS WITH FRIEND ︱Meeting Coco︱Jolene
↳ “I’m Coco Leger…Originally from New Orleans.”

I can’t make up my mind if I am fascinated or feel icky.




Warning: Spoiler alert for the whole movie. 

(But it’s a very funny summary! – Cynthia)

By: Laura

Gather ‘round, boys and girls! Here’s the Rupert Recap for the movie Jolene

Jolene gets married at 15 years old to 20 year old Mickey, escaping from the cruel foster care system. They live with Mickey’s Creepy Uncle Phil and Mean Ass Aunt Kay. Can you see where this is going?

Cliffs Notes version:

  • Mickey kills himself. 
  • Creepy Uncle Phil becomes a convicted statutory rapist. 
  • Jolene is institutionalized and branded a widow, home wrecker, and juvenile delinquent with no living relatives.

During Jolene’s stay at South Sumpter, she meets Cindy, an attendant at the facility. Cindy takes a liking to Jolene, and they begin a relationship. Cindy breaks Jolene out of her prison. However, Jolene almost immediately realizes she has exchanged one prison for another and gets the hell out of dodge (South Carolina).

Jolene is now 17 years-old and goes to work in Pheonix as a carhop at the local Desert Queen. This is where Coco Leger appears at roughly 39 minutes into the movie, driving up to the Desert Queen in a big ol’ red convertible.

Here’s how Kendra, Jolene’s friend, describes Coco:

“Oh, that freak is here again. I can’t stand him. Gives me the creeps.”

Kendra and Jolene have a conversation about whether or not the mystery man in the car is cute. Kendra says he stinks and roller-skates over to take his order. Coco’s not having it. 

“You can get me Jolene. I want her to wait on me. Just tell her I wrote her a song.”

Kendra returns to Jolene and tells her, “He’s a loser. I bet he deals.” 

After Coco introduces himself as being originally from New Orleans, he shakes Jolene’s hand and pulls her in closer. He takes the pen from her blouse and uses it as a slide for his guitar, singing her this song:

Well I wake up in the morning
And I drive out to see Jolene
But my tongue gets tied around a chili dog
She’s my desert queen
She skates over to my window
A sweeter rack I’ve never seen
You better not complain, girl
Cause I love ya Jolene

He asks her to go dancing, and here we go…


They’re dancing to James Brown’s “Living in America.” I think the choice of song was pretty atrocious. Who goes out dancing to this particular song? NOBODY I KNOW.

Coco takes Jolene to see the EZ Tatoo Coco’s Institute of Body Art, and she is enchanted. Coco shares his perspective on art:

“Art don’t belong to anybody. We are merely the fortunate vessels that channel it.”

Then he tells her, “Let’s get institutionalized.” Uh, she already was, unfortunately… He gives a delicate little laugh (seriously, it’s a strange kind of laugh) while he blows pot smoke into her mouth. That seals the deal, and Jolene becomes Coco’s apprentice and live-in lover.



I‘m still not over that song text.

Films With Friend Presents JOLENE



You’ve been waiting, anticipating, just hoping Jolene would be next on the list for Films With Friend. I originally had this movie scheduled for next year, but just a little switcheroo, and voilà!

Jolene is based on E.L. Doctorow’s story, “Jolene: A Life.” It takes you on a 15 year old orphan’s journey, across many states, and many men in her life. That’s where Rupert Friend comes in, portraying one of Jessica Chastain’s love interests in her film debut. 

So, let’s cut to the chase. Here are the top three reasons to watch this film: 

  1. Rupert’s ass
  2. Rupert’s strip dance
  3. Rupert’s beautiful blue eyes (with too much eyeliner, but still)

I won’t spoil it for you now, but there are a few scenes where Rupert brings this lovely tenderness to Coco. It’s Rupert putting his personal stamp on every character he plays. 

You can rent or buy Jolene on Amazon. If you’re in the United States, you may also borrow it on Hoopla through your public library account. 

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? Join us next Friday for the recap and all throughout the month of December for some amazing Sydney gifs, interviews, and other tidbits on the movie.


What great timing of your “Happy Friday, Friends” gif set. I was just reading all the great info on CD’s dancing over on HYH and wondered if Rupes ever tagged along with her to that techno club in Berlin. He has said before that he’s a terrible dancer. Then I thought we’ll never see him dance in a movie, but behold! Sexy AF in the Montenegro movie. 😍 (But I kind of doubt he and Aimee are the techno club types. Agree?)

Sydney: Well, hold that thought, because I found an even better Rupes dance scene in the movie, Jolene.


Unfortunately, there’s more where this came from. It took several glasses of tequila for me to gif this scene. Yikes!

Frangi: RF gave an interview to a German newspaper and was asked if he went to the famous Berlin techno clubs. He said that he is, unfortunately, not the club and dance type of guy, so he didn’t, but went to some art galleries, but Zach Quinto [Agent 47 co-star] had a season ticket for the Berghain.