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Amy Hargreaves On Showtime’s ‘Homeland’:

Amy talks about having a good time on Homeland set and the Maggie/Carrie relationship which obviously makes her emotional. 😉 

“When I went back last season it’s like coming back home again to like a really great group of people. And ultimately the play with Claire, you know that we were able to share the scenes with her, is so special. She’s so fantastic and so talented and a lovely person. It’s just, I was thrilled. […]
I’m gonna cry, it makes me so upset. I don’t know. It’s hard for me to talk about it. It’s just, it’s a complex relationship. I have siblings. So I know a messy family, like a good messy family. But like a big family. I don’t know, I just don’t know how I’m able to put my finger on it but you know Maggie, the sister who is no fun, is the person who just always has to come in… Our mother, kind of bailed a long time ago, dad was kind of like a little bit manic… and then there is Claire’s character of Carrie who shares his kind of bipolar kind of stuff, so Maggie is the only kind of holding the back in the family. She always had to be the responsible one and it weighs on her. And it’s a lot.”

Mandy Patinkin Has Found a ‘New Life Partner in Music’:

Has playing a C.I.A. agent on “Homeland” impacted your worldview?Absolutely. Saul will never die for me, even if he dies on the show — and I don’t know if he will yet. Because he’s taught me how to listen. However you label me — and I’ve been labeled in many different ways — he is calm, and he’s given me this platform to be an information conduit for those who have no voice.

If Saul dies, I will eat my shoe.

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Homeland’s Mandy Patinkin: ‘Reality, for me? Not so good’:


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It occurred to me while reading this that maybe he’s getting back into recording albums in preparation for the show ending next year. There was no S8 denial or can-kicking here. The piece was quite matter-of-fact about the end, though of course Mandy didn’t come out and say it.

Once again I thought that I do like Mandy a lot more than Saul. Interesting article about an interesting human.

Homeland’s Mandy Patinkin: ‘Reality, for me? Not so good’:

h/t @frangipaniflower001

It occurred to me while reading this that maybe he’s getting back into recording albums in preparation for the show ending next year. There was no S8 denial or can-kicking here. The piece was quite matter-of-fact about the end, though of course Mandy didn’t come out and say it.

Listen: Claire Danes Talks ‘Homeland’s’ Future, Possibility of Revisiting ‘My So-Called Life’ and Being a Working Mom:

Claire’s podcast tour of America continues. Homie sure does love the word “unequivocal.” 

Claire Danes on Whether ‘Homeland’ Will End Next Year, and How It Might Evoke Season 1 — Turn It On Podcast:

I said “what the fuck” out loud, to myself, four times just reading the goddamn summary article: 

  1. CLAIRE CONTINUES THIS DAMN PODCAST TOUR. It’s a parody at this point. Claire, when are you comin’ on our pod. Have your people call my people.
  2. This fuckin’ quote about Carrie at the end of season seven: “It’s pretty devastating. I will have to think pretty seriously about what has happened to her during those seven months in institution or something in Moscow. I’ve talked to [executive producer Alex Gansa] about being disciplined about incorporating that into her character in the future. I don’t want it to just be a gimmick or something that served us for that final episode in the seventh season. It’s going to have to become part of her DNA.” FML.
  3. She believes Gansa is “unequivocally done.” What is it with her and “unequivocally”? 


Homeland at Hayden Center: Espionage in Popular Culture:

Can’t get the video to embed directly here (it’s unlisted, maybe that’s why… damn spooks), but here’s the full video of the panel Lesli, Claire, Mandy, and Howard did with former CIA director General Michael Hayden. It’s quite long but also quite interesting. It’s a DC/academic/intelligence crowd, which drives a lot of the discussion and questions. Also it’s Mandy Patinkin at his Mandy Patinkin-est. 

This podcast was actually one of the more interesting ones that she’s done. It’s pretty short (less than 30 minutes) but you can tell Ausiello has been a loyal viewer of the show and is also familiar with the audience/viewer/fandom dynamic. He asked some good questions. 

Here’s my Twitter recap

After listening, Gail thought that Claire was also about to go there re: sexual assault but feels like she might have been implying it. I’m still not so sure. 

(I’ll elaborate more on the eighth season stuff here. It’s virtually certain Claire let the cat out of the bag on Howard Stern, was given a slap on the wrist, and then needed to walk back the comments. Nevertheless, her words still make it seem like it’s a foregone conclusion. Ausiello asked what the experience of filming abroad was like and she said that she’s had some great adventures and seen so many places she never would have otherwise… but I still have to think that with two kids and after eight years, she feels ready. And I still do not think that Showtime will continue the show on as Homeland without her.) 

TVLine Podcast: Dream Emmy Nominee Claire Danes Reveals the Harrowing Homeland Finale Scene You Didn’t See, Clarifies End-Date Comments:

Q2 of 2018 will officially go down as the Claire Danes Podcast Tour of America.


Emmys: Lesli Linka Glatter On Carrie’s Mental Illness, Parenting and Creating The Thrilling Energetic Pace Of ‘Homeland’:

There’s not much new here in the way of sound bites – this is the second time that Lesli has talked about changing the camera within a scene and I’m a little ashamed to say that I never consciously noticed (despite all those damn Director’s Chair posts).