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Amy Hargreaves On Showtime’s ‘Homeland’:

Amy talks about having a good time on Homeland set and the Maggie/Carrie relationship which obviously makes her emotional. 😉 

“When I went back last season it’s like coming back home again to like a really great group of people. And ultimately the play with Claire, you know that we were able to share the scenes with her, is so special. She’s so fantastic and so talented and a lovely person. It’s just, I was thrilled. […]
I’m gonna cry, it makes me so upset. I don’t know. It’s hard for me to talk about it. It’s just, it’s a complex relationship. I have siblings. So I know a messy family, like a good messy family. But like a big family. I don’t know, I just don’t know how I’m able to put my finger on it but you know Maggie, the sister who is no fun, is the person who just always has to come in… Our mother, kind of bailed a long time ago, dad was kind of like a little bit manic… and then there is Claire’s character of Carrie who shares his kind of bipolar kind of stuff, so Maggie is the only kind of holding the back in the family. She always had to be the responsible one and it weighs on her. And it’s a lot.”


So, in the midst of Brexit madness, all over the news, the screen, the radio, social media, with Teresa May’s pathetic government an international laughing stock, I thought I’d escape into the newly released At Eternity’s Gate. It’s only been on very limited release in the UK since March 29th and had a reasonably strong opening weekend (grossing £58,789 – approximately $76, 688). To get myself warmed up, I rewatched the great interview Rupert did back in November with Zach Laws when the film came out in the States.  You probably remember the red eye and possible stye (HERE!).  

So, I enjoyed the close up (what sort of room was he in?) and the reminiscences (about his growing up among art, thanks to his art historian father, who, I recently discovered, was a good friend of one of my own friends – annoyingly before my time!). I was struck by Rupert’s sensitive attitudes towards mental health, considering the label ‘mad’ (‘I’m increasingly interested in the idea that there might be something really special that such people have to offer’). When the conversation shifted to The Death of Stalin, I slipped into warm memories of how much fun that film was, how hysterical Rupert was as Vasily, and relished the details of how Rupert had been allowed free rein, coming up with the surprise ice-skates and perfecting the face-spitting in his trailer. Rupert’s comment that the most popular request he gets now is not for an autograph but to spit on himself made me smile broadly. My literary scholar’s ears pricked up in pleasure at his reference to A Modest Proposal, Jonathan Swift’s scathing satire on the oppression of the Irish (my ancestors) … and then, suddenly, everything was shattered, when Rupert said of Stalin’s government, ‘This was really a cabinet of fools, dancing this crazy farce out’ – and I found myself plunged right back into Brexit! Rupert doesn’t speak out much on politics, but I can’t help feeling this pointed observation resonates deeply with regards to the current madness. Thanks, Rupert! I’m off to the cinema to spend time with Van Gogh …

Rupert Friend — from Homeland hunk to Van Gogh’s brother in At Eternity’s Gate:


Thanks to the Anon for letting us know about this! You can subscribe for a free 30 day trial to The Times to read the entire article- it’s well worth it!

I can’t post the entire article, but here are a few excerpts:

Just in the nick of time, however, Homeland came calling… But why did Quinn stick around? It was just one of those things where the fans started to respond to him. It was power to the people on that one. And nothing to do with me.”

The post-Homeland Friend is busy too. As well as acting in the forthcoming horror movie Separation (“It’s somewhere between Kramer vs Kramer and The Sixth Sense”), he’s segueing into the role of writer-director. He directed a fabulously dark short film in 2010, Steve, starring Colin Firth, about a slightly psychotic neighbour, and is close to shooting his first feature, a boxing biopic called Cornerman (“A very, very, very exciting actor is reading it, and we have interest from new financiers”).

Obviously, there is a follow-up question that’s positively screaming to be answered. Craig is on the way out, no new Bond has been announced, and Friend, finally, has those necessary miles. What is Peter Quinn, in fact, if not a successful American road test for his Bond?

“That’s your conclusion,” he says, laughing and refusing to be drawn. “I am aware that this seems to be the greatest topic of speculation in the UK media after royal weddings, royal babies and Brexit.” But he’s not for turning. Or least for commenting. And yet the idea of the new and invigorated Friend as Bond, with shades of Quinn, is enticing indeed.

“…Two weeks into my bar job, however, I fell off a motorbike and woke up in the local hospital. The doctor was on holiday and the nurse thought I’d broken a metatarsal, so they put me in a cast to let me sleep it off.

“A week later the doctor came home from holiday, took one look at me and got me airlifted to New Zealand. I had a punctured lung, a ruptured spleen, a torn colon, and my right ankle was destroyed. In the hospital in Auckland they thought they might have to amputate my foot. It was a massive moment. Lying in a hospital bed, with no contact lenses, blind as a bat, feeling sick on drugs, and staring at the same three square foot of white ceiling. I swore to myself, ‘If I get through this I will never be bored again.’ ”

Claire Danes ‘got stupid’ the first time she met Beyoncé:

She also explains that she’s quit all social media. RIP to her very punny, very good Instagram.


Rupert Friend (‘At Eternity’s Gate’) chats with Gold Derby’s Zach Laws: Vincent van Gogh can never ‘be fully explored or understood.’ 

Thanks, Anon!!!! 
I think he’s getting another stye! My poor baby! 

Great interview!


At Eternity’s Gate Interview 
Movie Roar


At Eternity’s Gate Interview 
Movie Roar

Big sigh. He’s so freaking adorable.




Thank you, Anon!!!

A beautiful man who cares about his craft and just really soaks it all in ♥️

I love him!!

Rupert Friend on Strange Angel and At Eternity’s Gate:

Great interview!

Los Angeles Times Entertainment:

Maybe it’s because it’s a Monday, maybe because I’m tired… but this interview… hoo boy. I’m a pretty cynical person, but Mandy’s earnestness and thoughts about Saul, his relationship with Carrie (and IRL with Claire)… I’m feeling all the feelings! Say what you will about Mandy, but he is a deeply feeling and passionate person and I think that made for a really great (and surprisingly funny!) interview. 

Since it’s been a hot topic around these parts, here’s what he said about season eight being potentially the last (the interviewer was the same for Claire’s interview and she clearly took her cues from Claire by saying it was the presumed/supposed/etc final season):

“I have been told in no uncertain times by the studio and the network that no decisions have been made. And to make that clear… I have also been told by other individuals that they think their time’s up. And it is a fact that Alex Gansa, the showrunner, and Claire and myself are contracted only through season eight. But I have no idea what the future holds.”

This gives further weight to my theory that Claire might have gotten a little wrist slap (“to make that clear”) for announcing that season eight was the last season on Howard Stern in April, before Fox/Showtime had a chance to say anything officially.