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Emmys: Lesli Linka Glatter On Carrie’s Mental Illness, Parenting and Creating The Thrilling Energetic Pace Of ‘Homeland’

Emmys: Lesli Linka Glatter On Carrie’s Mental Illness, Parenting and Creating The Thrilling Energetic Pace Of ‘Homeland’:

There’s not much new here in the way of sound bites – this is the second time that Lesli has talked about changing the camera within a scene and I’m a little ashamed to say that I never consciously noticed (despite all those damn Director’s Chair posts). 

‘Awards Chatter’ Podcast — Claire Danes (‘Homeland’)

‘Awards Chatter’ Podcast — Claire Danes (‘Homeland’):

Claire needs to chill with the pods and let me live. 

Claire talks about why she was so out of breath at the Tonys,…

Claire talks about why she was so out of breath at the Tonys, being mistaken for a genius, and filming AKLJ in NYC.

Homie actually dropped the word “vicissitude” on national TV….

Homie actually dropped the word “vicissitude” on national TV. Never stop doing you, Claire. 

Claire Danes on the Sunday Sitdown Podcast

Claire Danes on the Sunday Sitdown Podcast:

Oh man! ANOTHER podcast. This is actually just the extended version of Claire’s Today Show interview, which aired Sunday morning. I quite enjoyed the conversation. Willie Geist is another great interviewer. I’m glad I listened, though, because there is an exchange toward the end where he asks about the eighth season. Y’all at this point I feel like Carrie damn Mathison charting my theories and all the various happenings out on a cork board. But!! This is about the clearest (which doesn’t say much since Claire can talk in circles when she doesn’t have an answer to a question) explanation she’s offered. Verbatim: 

Willie Geist: So season eight is coming. You’ve said publicly it’ll be your last season on the show.

Claire Danes: Yeah, I mean… I can’t say definitively that it’s my last season. That’s what it feels like. That’s how it has been presented to me up until this point. But, you know… [laughing] in my old age, I have learned that many things can happen, so. It’s not entirely conclusive, but that’s what it feels like.

WG: So you’re not closing the door completely?

CD: I’m not closing the door completely, but it feels like the direction we’re heading in.

WG: That the show will be done after eight seasons or just most of you will be?

CD: Yeah… I’m sorry that I’m wavering here, but I think it’s maybe both? I don’t know.

So, it “feels like” the last season to her, it’s how it’s been presented (i.e., by Showtime, Fox et al.?), and it feels like the door is basically shut. To me this all but confirms my theory that she received a phone call after the April Howard Stern interview asking her to be less “definitive” when asked this question. Which explains the shift in her language (and similar “nothing is resolved”-type responses from Mandy, LLG, etc.), if not her mindset (her mindset above is more or less how she framed it in the HS interview and to me that matters more when we think about whether she’s game for anything beyond season eight). I’m additionally just not entertaining thoughts that the show is being pitched without her. 

All of which is to say I’ve hopped off the “Doomsday OH GOD WHEN WILL THIS SHOW END” train and am calling for passengers to my much sunnier “Season eight will be the last and ain’t that swell?!” car. Anyone else wanna jump in? 

Things Carrie Wore This Week*

*349 weeks ago

Well, folks…. it’s started. I just decided to watch the pilot this weekend. We’ll see if this actually materializes into something… y’know… consistent. But! I thought, while I was at it, I might as well catalogue all the VERY MANY things Carrie wears in the pilot. If nothing else, this will provide some context for just how far we’ve fallen. 

Hit it! 

I believe my exact words upon taking this screenshot were “she is a banana!” That’s all. Cute lil’ banana. 

For realsies, this shot is iconique and I love all the color. Carrie doesn’t really wear this much color anymore. The jacket looks great with her hair color and the scarf is very pretty. Another thing I thought while composing this is someone should catalogue all the scarves of Carrie Mathison, the same way I catalogue the many hats of Homeland. Homie is almost never without a scarf when she’s also wearing a coat. 

OK OK OK flash forward ten months. This outfit is quite something. First, that peacoat. I feel like Carrie hasn’t worn a coat that feminine (save the cream wrap coat from 7.10)…. basically ever since. Also, that bag! That’s a fancy little crossbody (of course, crossbody). 

One of the things I love about this show (and about my need to chronicle said love through this blog) is that I almost always pick up something new when I watch. Even with an episode like this, which I’ve probably seen 6-10 times. LOOK AT HER EARRINGS!!! I’d never noticed before. Those are some capital-E earrings if I ever saw ‘em. Damn, girl. 

I think this is one of two skirts Carrie has ever worn on this show. Full disclozh when I was watching I kinda sorta ~forgot that she came home from the one night stand (and the whore’s bath etc. etc.). Like… I didn’t forget but I was like “oh! oh my god! this happened!” Anyway that’s a pretty outfit and it is, in true Carrie Mathison style, completely devoid of color! 

Work Outfit #1. Please note Carrie’s work colleague to her right who shows up later in season seven as a completely different human. 

I LOVE THIS HAT. I love how Carrie and Saul are both wearing hats. Anyhoozles, this ensemble is typically black and grey. That hat, though. It is perfect. 

THERE IS THAT HAT AGAIN. Also, this jacket which I’d never really given a second thought, which is kinda cute. It’s got a weird little neck/collar though. What’s going on there? It’s like a cowl neck?? This is kinda like her “Marine One” jacket which means I automatically adore it. 

Underneath the hat and kinda-but-not-really “Marine One” jacket is Carrie in some dark wash denim and what I am just choosing to believe is a lululemon pullover. Carrie Mathison in athleisure. It is canon. 

Pajamas. These are actually acceptable pajamas. Note just the one shirt. I believe that a 32-year-old woman wears this on a quiet night spent illegally surveilling strangers. That sweater (is it a duster?) is cute. 

That shirt is actually green. A smidge of color. I also chose this shot because a) I think I used to have that couch and b) I don’t believe that a Carrie Mathison who can’t unpack her shit for 10 months has an indoor plant and has also hung those two pictures perfectly centered above her couch. Sorry. Don’t buy it. (That pop of orange color on the end table is cute though. But also unbelievable.) 

(I realize that 349 weeks ago some of this shit would have been TOTALLY believable, which is part of what makes watching this after seven seasons such a trip. So, yeah, I’m using my seven-seasons-later hindsight here. I think in the year 2011 we maybe believed Carrie was a bit more put together… to a point.) 

Chosen a) for the facial expression and b) because of the blue scarf. That’s a cute scarf! Someone get on this!! 

This is the full-length shot of Work Outfit #2. We are not talking about what transpires 30 seconds later. I will note Carrie matched three shades of grey/black together here. Good for you, Carrie! 

The scene where Carrie goes through a few outfit choices and has basically a full-on panic attack in her closet is one of my favorite ever scenes of this show and my favorite in the pilot. Did you know it wasn’t originally in the pilot? You can tell it was shot later, as Claire’s hair is a bit less layered and bit blonder here. Originally, the Carrie/Brody debrief scene ended with Carrie a lot more distressed and she had a breakdown on one of the Langley rooftops. They decided to have Carrie become less frazzled by Brody’s brazen stonewalling and lying in the debrief and took out the rooftop panic attack (which they later basically replicated in “Beirut Is Back”) and replaced it with this. I fully support this change! 

ALSO I think this is the top that Carrie wears in “State of Independence.” I appreciate that kind of continuity. 

I’m glad she took off this top–sorry, threw it on the ground in a huff. Girl, that’s not your top. 

Let’s take a gander at her closet. Once again, I do not buy ON ANY LEVEL that this is Carrie’s closet. I don’t buy that it would be this neatly organized (something we haven’t really talked about is how nice Carrie’s apartment/townhome is… I get that she’s the kind of person who doesn’t care about this shit, so she probably just bought the first thing she could find, but doesn’t it just seem… too nice at times?). I don’t buy that there would be TWO articles of red clothing. And MULTIPLE PATTERNS!! Look at that black/white one on the left. And then behind it that beige-ish striped thing? No way. Nice try, show. 

She ends up wearing ANOTHER cowl neck-y thing. It’s actually kinda cute on her. Also the bracelet! I don’t think Carrie Mathison has worn one since!

IJLTP and Carrie is a BUTTON. 

Blue scarf and peacoat AGAIN and a cute lil’ baby. Cute earrings. 

What happened, Carrie??!!


“Everyone’s not me.” ↳ Carrie Mathison in every episode…

“Everyone’s not me.”
Carrie Mathison in every episode | “Pilot”

Claire Danes on how ‘Homeland’ seems to predict real-life events

Claire Danes on how ‘Homeland’ seems to predict real-life events:

Here’s the full Sunday Today Show interview. 

Here’s a portion of the FYC event from the other night. There…

Here’s a portion of the FYC event from the other night. There are some truly wild stories in here about how Alex Gansa rewrote the Keane speech in the finale and Mandy’s most vivid takeaways from spy camp. 

Claire Danes on ID10T with Chris Hardwick

Claire Danes on ID10T with Chris Hardwick:

Claire is doing ALL the pods. I sooo enjoyed this one. It might even be better than the 2014 Marc Maron one (which, for those who care, was the inspiration behind our pod). They talk mostly about random life things, including Claire’s passion for antiques, growing up, her theme parties, and separation anxiety. Good listen!