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(quick aside that I don’t think episode titles are that meaningful but they’re fun to talk about) 

Episode 1: “Deception Indicated” 

This is a term used in polygraph results that indicates the subject was lying (i.e., being “deceptive”). So maybe there are some polygraphs in this episode? 

Episode 2: “Catch & Release” 

This could mean a ton of things. In fishing, it means to catch a fish to just let it go (so… that could have all sort of ominous connotations for a Homeland episode). 

In immigration, it means to release an immigrant (including asylum seekers) into the community while they await immigration hearings (as opposed to detaining them the entire time). 

In Urban Dictionary land, it could mean a TON of things, including hooking up with someone but not becoming attached OR pursuing someone until it becomes clear their affection is reciprocated and then moving on. 

I think Keane’s speech is actually what Mandy was talking about when he mentioned the end being “hopeful” and “optimistic” on Morning Joe. A president who half the country doesn’t trust regardless of what she says or does steps aside for the good of the republic. In real life, it’s the 2018 liberal’s dream come true. 

As for Simone and Saul (and Carrie, for that matter), we may never know what happened in those seven months. How hard he lobbied for that extra Russian prisoner who was the deal breaker. How much hell he raised. What did they tell Maggie? What did Maggie tell Franny? And what was it like for Carrie? A part of me wants to know, because it’s almost excruciating not knowing. Another part of me is like… ignorance is bliss. 

I didn’t like the ending of the finale for many reasons and for once it was not so much about Quinn’s absence but solely because of what they did with Carrie. That statement coming from me is something because I missed Quinn deeply all season long.

For whatever went south in 2017 and during season six and when Rupert left Homeland, I think (though I don’t agree with all of it) that Alex Gansa, in his very own world, thinks they did honor Quinn a lot. For the first time, we got opening credits focusing solely on Carrie’s state of mind and mental illness (which, in hindsight, told us a LOT about the season from the very first second), and Quinn is in these scenes a lot. Carrie always internalized her emotions–with Quinn and after losing him. 

As the season evolves Quinn is mentioned twice more or less directly, by Carrie’s therapist and by Christine Lonas, and both occasions don’t feel sufficient. But what would feel sufficient and enough?

I think his absence was felt in a lot of scenes, especially in the beginning of the season when Carrie is so lonely and lost that she fell for Dante’s bullshit. And I think it’s exactly what you mention that set Carrie off on her self-chosen mission in the premiere: Quinn died protecting a president who didn’t prove herself worthy of the office and Carrie couldn’t let that stand.

Of course this is not what we as fans of a beloved character hope for. But would we feel better if we saw a grave or a tombstone?

The more time passes, the more I think the window of time to honor the character with any kind of goodbye was last season/year, or at least much earlier in this season, but not in the last episode.

I agree with a lot of what you say about the episode in general–and yet I felt like I was sitting in the passenger seat of a car during the Russian parts of the episode: The driver keeps hitting the accelerator while the road is blocked and I know he does it deliberately and it will end badly. And as hard as I try to close my eyes and not watch, when we finally crash into the wall I do feel the impact with my whole body.

It’s no secret that I am the one here having a hard time with a lot of Carrie’s choices this season, but right now I am grieving and still shaken to the bones from what happened to her. So, yes, she is alive. But that’s all.

No, we are not. But we are working on getting back on track. I (Frangi) watched this morning and started crying in minute 18 and had to hide in a Starbucks at the train station to be able to go to work after some time.

At this juncture, after the last seconds of the finale, I have no idea how Carrie will come back from this. I just hope she’ll be brought to receive the appropriate treatment and care and will get a chance to heal to whatever degree possible.

Let’s just say Quinn’s will to keep Carrie safe would have interfered with the S7 storyline a lot. So much of what we saw was only possible because he wasn’t there at the beginning of the season.

But the way things played out in Moscow, there wasn’t much anyone could do.

I guess we’ll all need a few days now, and then we’ll have an extra long hiatus to ponder whether Carrie will be okay. My only mantra right now is Gansa saying over and over again that it’s Carrie’s show, so she’ll survive that.

And for season 8 they have the cleanest slate possible now. They can do anything.

Which brings me to your mentioning of Quinn: Quinnspiracy-wise, the episode didn’t rule out that he could be back. And I really really want Carrie to have someone at her side who is there for her for whatever is going to come now. And I don’t even say that as a CQ shipper, I just want her to get a chance to heal. 

Uhm, yes. She doesn’t want to do this job anymore, doesn’t want this false life. After all that happened it was important to her to get her honor and dignity back as president by Simone testifying that the Russians had been pulling the strings all along. 

But then she realized there are other people who can manage the country better. People who haven’t been implicated personally and who see the twisted political situation more clearly. Warner had her back and in the end she knew she could trust him and put the future of the country in his hands. I’d say she showed strength in her decision. For her, the way was the goal.



I was always feeling divided when it came to the question of mentioning/honoring Quinn. Because of course it’s not enough. But what would be enough?

So I think it’s up to each of us if we feel what was there was sufficient or not and maybe it’ll take some time to let it all sink in.

A part of me was longing for closure and a glimpse into how Carrie honored Quinn, whether it was a visit to his grave, a conversation with Maggie or Max (preferably Max), a sip of whisky and the letter on her nightstand. But I didn’t really expect any of this. And a part of me was dreading these scenarios because I know it would never be what I was hoping for.

Arguably, his absence was what kicked off many of the plots of the first episodes when we see Carrie more or less in free fall and all alone. This does say a lot about how important he was to her, IMHO.

I'm wondering if they're going to parallel Carrie's final season to Quinn's. She'll be different. Damaged. And she'll die trying to save the country, or democracy, or, given that it's AFG in charge, Saul.

I had this thought this morning and honestly a re-done season six where Carrie takes Quinn’s place is really the last thing I want to see. Alex Gansa said they’re going to do a smaller, intelligence-focused season overseas, which gives me some hope. She’ll at least have to be a part of that, right? 

What really… really concerns me. She was broken, beyond broken, a shell of a human. She didn’t recognize Saul. I’m not even sure she recognized her own name. She looked like a feral, caged animal. 

This sounds really cheesy and I honestly had a bit of a meltdown Sunday night thinking about it but like… the conditions under which she was held, the length to which she lost her mind and her whole entire self. How does she come back from that? How could she ever be the same? I feel like we saw a Carrie Mathison with all the fire burned out of her. And is that even Carrie Mathison anymore?