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Spied in Budapest III

From my visit in Budapest and following crew members on social media I recognized some locations again. It’s really impressing how they cut the scenes or show the location at TV when you know how it really looks like. 

The set of the railway station exterior and interior was at Budapest Keleti.



The car scene was filmed at the underground parking exit of the New York Palace parking.



The prison Carrie was locked-up by the Russians was filmed at Fort Monostor outside of Budapest. It’s a museum these days.

Ref. Picture by Bárdos Dezső (Sóhivatal at Hungarian Wikipedia)


The airport scenes were filmed at the Budapest Airport.


I was watching this scene live on set when they filmed Anson and Carrie in the car, stopping at the crossing. It was shot in a street right around the corner of the Budapest Parliament. 

Julie always does such a great job with this stuff!! So fun to see the behind the scenes stuff!


HOMELAND – season seven, part one
one poster per episode [insp]

Okay but Ivan lighting that cigarette as soon as they got to a clearing in the trees? Definitely a signal to someone watching them, no? Am I reaching?

I like your thinking, Suspicious Asker!  



HOMELAND | “Active Measures” | One Liners

Give me all the spying, please. K, thanks. Byeeeeeeeee ✌️

I thought S7E1 was one of LLG's best directed Homeland episodes. Really enjoyed the slow build of tension and how they showed Carrie going through so many different steps through her day. Seemed like a totally normal albeit argumentative discussion at breakfast, then we slowly watched her reveal her continued integration within this conspiracy/anti-POTUS plot, and everything came to a head in the end as her plan hugely failed and the family questions her sanity.

I LOVE me some LLG!  While this is definitely an ambitious episode, packed full of plot and fast paced storytelling, for me her best episode will always be “Q&A.”

LLG’s use of scene choreography with camera perspective to capture intensity and heighten the stakes is something she does extremely well.  Both are on display throughout this episode, even though there isn’t a large group scene featured.  

When this episode opens we hear that chaotic, loud, and frenetic jazz music while watching Carrie literally running (albeit in place, natch).  The shaky camera (shout out to the fantastic David Klein, the episode’s DP) and the “in our face” perspective of Carrie are chosen deliberately to give us a better sense of where Carrie is emotionally to start the season (hint it’s not good…or very stable).  

LLG uses this technique throughout the episode to great success, including in the breakfast scene you reference above.  The juxtaposition of the “normal” breakfast routine is cut by a close-up of Carrie and the news anchor as he delivers the somber news of a new (unwarranted?) arrest by the Keane administration.  There is no masking Carrie’s concern, anger or focus as the camera zeros in on them.  As Carrie’s day spins out of control, much like the jazz music we heard at the opening of the episode, LLG leans into it with her direction.  I think it is one of her more subtle episodes, but the effects are impactful.  

Homeland Episode 7.01 “Enemy of the State” – list of popular recaps

Entertainment Weekly:

“Well, looks like Carrie’s back on her bull spy s—.”

Written by Shirley Li – link to recap here

Shirley’s recaps for EW have always struck me as fair.  She hasn’t been afraid to call out the show when warranted.  I also love her snark and quick wit.

“Homeland’s Carrie may not technically be a spy anymore… but she still knows how to throw on a wig and start some trouble. (It’s like riding a bike, apparently.)”

“* So unless I missed something, the late, great Peter Quinn wasn’t mentioned or referenced even once this episode. Huh. Well, we miss him, anyway.”

Written by Dave Nemetz – link to recap here

TVLine’s recap includes a “Grade It” feature – so go vote to have your voice heard and mentions Quinn – a decent and slightly snarky recap that I approve of!

AV Club:

“It’s been a long time since anyone could say with a straight face that Homeland held a mirror up to our current geopolitical situation, unless we’re talking about a funhouse mirror with a few cracks in it. A season premiere presents the opportunity for a reset; a convenient time-jump can allow the creative team to clear the decks of elements that aren’t working and pursue fresh inspiration. None of that applies to “Enemy Of The State,” such a direct continuation of existing storylines that it might as well be episode 13 of the sixth season.”

“As longtime Homeland viewers can attest, however, no matter how many times Carrie has done so in the past, each new season finds her back at square one, trying to prove she’s not crazy and that the conspiracy she’s uncovered is for real.”

Written by Scott Von Doviak – link to recap here

Whoa – this recap starts off with a bang!  I agree that there was a lot of story that was a continuation from season 6.  The episode seemed to mirror the opening jazz/Carrie on the treadmill sequence.  It was frenetic in it’s pace and a bit all over the place.  Fantastic and fair recap all around.

Den of Geek:

“We are now back in the murky waters of the first few seasons of Homeland, where we don’t know who to trust.”

Written by David Crow – link to recap here

Decent recap – skims the surface of the plot points without inserting much opinion (or snark, natch) into it.  Does mention Quinn quite a bit – so there is that.


“What does Homeland look like without Peter Quinn? That’s the question on my mind, as the fan favorite died protecting Carrie Mathison and the president-elect in last year’s season finale. The show has survived major cast upheaval before — who could forget the departure of Damian Lewis? — but pulling it off twice is easier said than done.”

Written by Brian Tallerico – link to recap here

A good, concise recap that compared Josie to Dana Brody (dear TV Gods, please let Josie be less annoying!) and shares in a weariness that many of us feel about how Homeland can continue to be the show we love without Quinn.

Indie Wire:

Written by Ben Travers – link to recap here 

Full disclosure:  this is my least favorite recap as I think his thoughts on McClendon are inaccurately assuming a lot of the plot is as simple as Keane ordering the hit and Wellington carrying it out and I don’t think it is anywhere near as simple as that.  I also feel like Ben missed the boat on all of the parallels to earlier seasons and instead focused his attention on the parallels to our current President and political climate – which is understandable and clearly what the show wants people to write about – but in doing so I think he is missing the bigger picture which I think is this:  while that first episode is chaotic and a little convoluted – the show has a clearer sense of direction for Carrie and the storytelling is reflecting that.  She is on a mission a la season 1 and season 2 – the real world parallels that the show has chased praise for in recent seasons are still prevalent, but have seemingly shifted from the main focus to a background framework.  THAT is what makes this episode work for veteran Homeland fans and those nostalgic for the early days.

Recap wasn’t up on NY Times yet – will be interesting to see who will be recapping for them this year – and how they see the show.  I’ll post the link when I see it!


4.01 || 7.01
“As the episode’s opening shots of a wild-eyed Carrie rage-exercising to a furious jazz crescendo suggest, she’s still dealing with feelings of guilt and betrayal after being used by the Keane administration.” [x]

Season 4 Carrie was emotionally detached, doing everything she could to keep her feelings as far away from her as possible. Season 7 Carrie seems very emotionally involved. The parallels between the two are plentiful. But I would argue that she feels angry and betrayed and not as guilty as some perceive. Season 7 Carrie is clearly on a mission with an intensity that appears to be at a similar level to her Abu Nazir tracking days. Keane and Co. better watch their backs. Carrie is not here for your shit.


Maggie Mathison in “Enemy of the State” 

Maggie straight up trolling Carrie with her “Life is Good” mug” too. Maggie is the best! 🙌🏻

You must be good people. The only show better than LOST was nothing. I don't even think I'll watch Homeland this year. It will probably end after the stupid move they made with Quinn.

A fellow LOSTIE!  Thank you!  LOST was such a great show – I wish I had something like Tumblr back when it was on.  I would have been all over it!

Deciding whether or not you are going to be able to watch Homeland this season is something I’ve been wrestling with for months.  I get it.  Ultimately I came to a personal decision that I’ve got way too much invested to give up now. Knowing there are only two seasons left (and totally believing Quinn is rehabbing on a beach somewhere) makes it easier.  I don’t know if I’d be sticking around if the end wasn’t in sight.

Whoever you are anon – anytime you want to chat – there are a ton of great people in this community who would love to hear from you, myself included.  There are discussion threads open over on Live Journal (click here for the link) – anons welcome!  Currently there are threads venting their anger/disappointment with the loss of Quinn, responses to the recent interviews given by Claire Danes, season 7 spoiler summary and discussion – and once the show premieres tomorrow, there will be an episode by episode discussion thread.  Hope to see you there!


This post will be updated and reblogged on a regular basis as we gather new information on the storyline.

Thanks to Cynthia (@lange-c) and Gail @pinkys143​  for summarising what we know so far on season 7. And thanks to all the spies out there, especially @delgadoyv for spoiler hunting!

There’s been plenty of spoilers but no overt mention of Quinn thus far. Here’s what we know. We’ve linked the original spoiler posts and casting videos within the text, however, they often get removed. Let us know if a link does not work.

Spy Plot:

  • McClendon is in a federal prison, alive as the S7 opens. There’s a plot to try to have him killed in prison.
  • A woman sneaks into the prison and pays someone $50K to kill a “decorated soldier” (probably McClendon). It’s made to look like natural causes.
  • Senator Paley is investigating the conspiracy and it’s stalled.
  • There is an effort to tie Wellington to McClendon’s death in the prison.
  • Carrie is trying to get Dante Allen (see “Random BS below”) who she knew from Kabul to testify against… ? likely McClendon.
  • McClendon is likely tied to a foreign government – ostensibly Russia.
  • Carrie is trying to pay “Troll” ransom for information he found by hacking government files from her computer. Max is involved.
  • The feds are after O’Keefe/O’Keefe’s people.
  • Members of the press are being arrested (on Keane’s orders, one assumes) for leaking information about the investigation.
  • And because it’s all about fucking prescience, my friends, meet the Russian Yevgeny while the video is still up. It’s the same yadda, yadda – the foreigner-with-a-mission trope who hates America. The radicalized Muslim terrorist trope has simply morphed into Russian sock puppets and hackers master now.
  • The Russians want to drive Keane out of office
  • The question: Is Wellington working on orders from Keane? Or is he part of the deep state and is eliminating liabilities? Or is he a mole, working for a foreign government and Keane is completely unaware that she is being influenced covertly by another government? This will likely be the point of the spy plot throughout the season.


  • is melting down. Apparently she steals her niece’s Adderall (ADHD drug). “Out of her fucking mind” is quoted. Lithium might be no longer effective.
  • Living with Maggie, Carrie and Franny moved in 3 month ago. The first time after they moved in was good… 
  • believes the country is “under attack” and she needs to help because it’s her duty. 
  • is surveilling Wellington without authorization (haven’t we seen this movie before?).
  • gets obsessed, stays out for hours, forgets to pick up Franny from school.
  • spends only little time with Franny.
  • brought a bad guy near her daughter and used Franny to get evidence against this guy.
  • is doing sexual favours for “Troll” (playing with her nipples on camera) in exchange the return of her computer and not divulging the information. (There are no words, my friends.) Message @lange-c or @gabehcoud to get a private link to the video. It has caused many of us to have a minor melt down. It gets horrifying around 1.50 min in. Here’s a summary of the video.
  • brought strangers to Maggie’s house at night, to her bedroom.
  • asked Josie for help to get into Maggie’s office to abuse it for her operation. She transported Dante in the trunk of her car to the office.
  • an FBI agent was arrested at night who Carrie thought was “dirty”.
  • has been staying in two expensive hotels (ostensibly to track Wellington but maybe for sex… or both).
  • is $100K in debt and lies about it (to Maggie)


  • has changed.
  • is afraid to sleep in darkness and cries herself to sleep
  • doesn’t want to sleep alone in her room and joins to Josie’s in bed.


  • is out of prison.
  • is the Security Advisor of Keane’s administration.



  • is involved in Carrie’s business doing the tech stuff. It looks like he supports her to connect Wellington with McClendon’s death.

Dar: No sign of him.

Other stuff…

  • A war/bomb/special forces scene has been filmed.
  • A memorial service scene was filmed. (for a female character)
  • The filming will move for 4 weeks to Budapest for a stand-in as a Russian city (probably for the last 2 episodes).
  • Bloody hospital scenes have been filmed (probably for episode 9).
  • An actor who auditioned for Dante Allen – former military/CIA of course -looked like a poor man’s Quinn. (Cynthia: Watch, Carrie will fuck him.) He worked with Carrie when she was station chief in Kabul. Allen was the fall guy for something bad that went down there. Lots of Quinn-like anger and “what the fucks”.

The fantastic @gabehcoud has put together an updated spoiler summary for the upcoming season of Homeland!

– I think the “bad guy” referred above is the character “Dante”, played by Morgan Spector. I think he starts the season appearing to be on Carrie’s side. I don’t think that’s actually the case and it’s a big reveal in the middle part of the season. This could be one of the inciting events that lead Maggie and Bill to petition the court for custody of Franny.

– It seems apparent that the writers want to free Carrie up from parenting to set-up Season 8. They’ve been laying the groundwork for Carrie to lose custody since season 6.

– Last season Carrie lost Quinn, which the show has long referred to as the person reminding her of humanity. Without him, they have reset her emotionally to a dark and lonely place to begin season 7. By the time Season 8 begins, I think she’ll be in an isolated place…distanced from Franny, Maggie and the non-work related side of herself. Her only connection may be to Saul. Which would make some sense if the show is aiming to get her back into the spy game this year. All just speculation on my part.

Maybe a spoiler thread on LJ is in order? Anyone interested?

Thanks again to @gabehcoud and @lange-c ! 😘