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Group ask: If you could write a scene in the seasons that we had so far that you would have wanted to see although it wouldn’t have changed the story, what kind of scene would it be?

Frangi: Great question. Only one? But how do I know if “my” scene would change the story or not without seeing how the story unfolds after my scene? I always wanted a scene in which Carrie Comes home from Tehran after Brody’s death and a) Quinn picks her up from the airport and b) Carrie goes to Jessica and tells her Brody died while Quinn waits for her in the car. And in season 6, I wanted a scene in which Carrie tells Quinn how much it means to her that he survived. Not even as a potential love interest or to spark of a romance, just his person telling him that he is needed and loved. Oh, and I was always hoping for Julia to come back for a Brief appearance after she saw the Berlin video. And: Carrie touching Quinn in the car in 6.12. (and now you know why I still write fanfic, because my mind starts Spinning right away when I think about those scenes). Oh, and Mira kicking Saul’s sorry ass out of the house. Lockhart’s wife making lasagna and telling her husband to behave and not use any f* words during the wake.

Gail: I have a thousand scenes I wish would have happened – but pretty much the entire list would’ve changed the story in some way. Lockhart is one of my favorite characters – and looking back I wish we would’ve had a scene at Frank’s funeral where he and Saul were in line to use the bathroom and had a convo commiserating about what life is like when working with Carrie. A funny quip from Lockhart and a knowing smirk from Saul would’ve made my day. 

Ashley: I’ve always wanted to see Mira kicking Saul to the curb. I know it sounds like I’m ripping Frangi off, but, like, I have been a vocal advocate of MIRA IS TOO GOOD FOR SAUL BERENSON for my entire life. The End.

Sara: I would have written a flashback that showed the affair between Estes and Carrie. That relationship fascinates me. And I miss David Harewood a lot.

Group question: do you see (plotwise) any possibilities of tieing all the seasons together in season 8 (javadi, mole agency (sorry still believ that),Haqqani, season 6 clusterfuck, Franni, the Russians etc..) and if Yes can you all share your insight?

Ashley: Nope.

Gail: Ha ha ha – Ashley! I agree – there is no way they are going to tie everything up in Season 8 – at least not to everyone’s satisfaction. It wouldn’t really be Homeland if they did, right? I definitely think we’ll get some closure – just not sure how much or how satisfactory it will be…

Julie: Uhm, no. I think S8 will be some kind of restart as there will be a time jump after S7. A whole new life in a different country! 😉

Sara: In terms of the plot? No. In terms of Carrie’s overall journey? They better. 

Can we start a petition to beg the writers for more seasons ?

Ashley: Not unless season nine goes full-tilt relaxation/recovery-mode for Carrie Mathison. Episode 9.01 — Carrie gets a massage. Episode 9.02 — Carrie goes to yoga. Episode 9.03 — Carrie goes hiking. Episode 9.04 — Carrie goes to the beach. Episode 9.05 — Carrie and Franny have a picnic. Episode 9.06 — Carrie meditates. Episode 9.07 — Carrie goes to group therapy. Episode 9:08 — Carrie runs a 10k. Episode 9.09 — Carrie and Maggie have a spa day. Episode 9.10 — Carrie sleeps in. Episode 9.11 — Carrie stays up all night so that she can watch the sun rise. Episode 9.12 — Carrie takes a candlelit bath and goes to bed early.

I have nothing to add to Ashley’s 👌 suggestions. This sounds like having a real life.

Gail: I love a good spy show – so if they felt like they had story to tell and could cultivate interesting plot lines and give us a strong cast, I’d definitely be open to checking it out. I don’t know if I have the enthusiasm to beg them to do it though…ask me again during Season 8. 

Sara: My friend, I need a petition to make sure there are NOT more seasons of this hellscape TV series. I’m almost free. So close!! So. Close.

Frangi: Only if they bring Quinn back and he joins all the fun stuff Ashley suggested. And maybe some more fun stuff.

4 films that define me: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, Gandhi, Out of Africa, All the President’s Men. I tag Sydney, Frangi, Laura, Cherry. And over at HYH, Sara, Ashley, Gail. (So sorry if I left someone out. Please don’t take it personally.)

Frangi: Beyond the Silence, Gone with the Wind, 21 Grams, Mystic River

Sydney:  Sense and Sensibility, Star Wars (A New Hope), When Harry Met Sally, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Cherry: The Godfather (Part One), Schindler’s List, Oliver! (the Lionel Bart musical), Captain Correlli’s Mandolin


Inchy:  The Sound of Music, Star Wars (A New Hope), Steel Magnolias, Last of the Mohicans

Tag, HYH gals! You’re it!

Group ask: What has your favorite key art been for the seasons so far?

For reference, here are the posters, key art for all seasons:


Sara: Ok, I think this is pretty unpopular but I actually love the season 7 key art. It’s just so different from all the others. Seasons 2, 3, 5, and 6 are just so lazy. So after 7 I’d go with 1. 

: I like the S5 poster. A close up with fear and threat in the face. Did any of you create your own season key art?

Ashley: I hate the S4 key art, but other than that I’m like… indifferent. The season 7 art is pretty neat, though. I like it.

Gail: My favorite key art is by far season 7. After that I’d say season 1 and then probably season 6. Season 5 annoys me. She never goes “back in” officially. It sold us a false glimmer–in every fucking way.

Now that season 8 is confirmed as the series’ last, would any of you ladies ever start a blog for a different show in a few years? Or will you keep maintaining this one and just take a much-needed break from more active blogging for a while? Any other ideas?

Sara: I’m gonna be super conceited and invoke Claire to answer this: 

And that’s a wrap on the filming blogging of Season 7 8 of this, here, Homeland. And now, we nap. 🎆✌️😴

In other words…. HYH is it for me. I’ll keep HYH alive as long as it feels necessary to do so, but it will likely go into indefinite hiatus in the months after season eight and then I will so look forward to just… watching TV like a normal person. 

: I’m already running some other blogs and blog about other TV shows on my personal blog, I won’t get out of work and it’ll never get boring for me. And I think HYH will stay alive as long as there’s something to blog about.

Ashley: I “have” a “blog” for 24… but I think that’s about it for me. 

Gail: I am working on a new blog for a different show and hopefully I have my act together enough that the new blog will make its first appearance this summer, so stay tuned for that. I’m with Julie, I’ll keep watching/blogging about Homeland as long as there is something to talk/blog about.

I’ll be honest, I had low expectations for episode 10. These family court episodes have kind of dragged on in the last two seasons for me, and I feel like they’re just elaborate ways to get Franny off the show for the latter part of the series and make Carrie feel miserable. But Maggie and Carrie’s performances were so poignant that I was incredibly moved! And I felt like we finally saw some much-needed Carrie growth. What did you think?

Sara: I was actually dreading the episode but I ended up loving it for all the reasons you listed. It was so different from the custody battle last year, which felt so unjust and so much messier. This felt… oddly right, and I appreciated that Carrie made the right choice. I think it was the most selfless thing she’s ever done, and that certainly qualifies as growth for me. Claire’s acting in that courtroom scene depicted so well the realization Carrie has about all this. It was almost beyond clarity. And, yeah, Claire and Amy hit it out of the park. That felt like seven seasons worth of payoff in their push/pull relationship. It was superb. 

Julie: I think Carrie will look forward to meet Franny back again. I don’t see her feel miserable, I think she will feel freed. She knows Franny is in the best hands with loving people around her. Maggie and Carrie were brilliant this episode. They finally understand each other and found to themselves which I was happy to see. They both grew a lot.

Frangi: I’m not able to applaud a plot in which a child is given up because the only parent she has is not able to leave her job behind her and make it work to live with her child. But that said, and given the storyline we had with Carrie and Franny and Carrie‘s motherhood issues for several seasons now, I am relieved that Carrie made the choice she made and at least gave Franny the second best option. And I was relieved that in the end she decided not to use the help Maggie gave her dealing with her condition against Maggie in the courtroom. That she made Anson get this evidence clouds my judgement of Carrie‘s growth because that was a despicable move: a Hail Mary, of course, but pulling these documents out would probably have ruined her relationship with Maggie forever and would have placed Franny God-knows-where. The scenes between Carrie and Maggie were great and both actors deserve all the awards out there for those moments. Years of built-up tension boiled over, and it was done very very well. And Carrie/Claire made it absolutely palpable how much it hurts Carrie and how much she loves Franny and that in this way it’s a very selfless decision.

Gail: Yes, of course the family court scenes are an elaborate way to get Franny out of the way for the last season of storytelling! That’s exactly what is happening and I do not say that as a bad thing. It’s a television show about the cost of war, both abroad and at home. For Carrie the personal cost is her ability to have a normal family life and her inability to reconcile her responsibilities as a parent while answering her higher calling to serve her country. So in order to illustrate all of this – they gave Carrie a child and a shot at parenting (for better or for worse) – showing the fallout from that is necessary – thus the courtroom scenes. The payoff to the audience were these beautiful scenes between Carrie and Maggie in “Clarity.” I loved the journey these sisters were on and I find the conclusion to it beautiful and the performances phenomenal. 

Looking back at this storyline arc from start to…well, not finish, but this pivotal point in the story, what do you make of the decision to make Carrie a mother? Has it humanized her? Detracted (in a good or bad way) from the spy plots? Further complicated her long-term mission over people dilemma? I always wonder whether it was a good decision for the show to let Carrie have a baby, and I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this storyline as a whole.

Sara: All of the above, I’d say. As I’ve said before, my feelings about Carrie being a mother are mixed in extremes. Making Carrie a mother was one of the most unexpected things the show ever did IMO. It added unknown depth to this character I loved while also undoubtedly complicating the plot of the show and Carrie’s overall characterization. I believe the writers didn’t really think through the consequences of Carrie having a child, but were more interested in the symbolic meaning of it when they decided once and for all to kill Brody (and I do think that symbolism is powerful). 

At this point–which, as you acknowledge, is decidedly not the end–I think I feel more at peace with it than anything else. As the title suggests, Carrie really did get clarity on, I think, who she is, and what she’s done, after hearing it repeated back to her by a string of witnesses and then her own sister. There was some relief in the episode for me, that this long, frustrating ugliness might finally be over, most importantly for Franny, but also for Carrie and Maggie. I so so so appreciated and valued that Carrie was allowed some dignity in the decision, and that it wasn’t framed as shameful by any means, but instead as the right choice in the most important decision of her life.

Frangi: I struggled a lot with the way they explored Carrie’s role as a mother this season. And while I‘ll still criticize the fact that Carrie apparently never can have both–a successful career and living up to her responsibilities as a mom– and find that misogynistic and frustrating, I am relieved that last night‘s episode showed a Carrie who knows about her shortcomings and her responsibility towards Franny and finally makes the right, albeit heartbreaking, choice. Of course I still do wish for a Carrie who chooses the person she loves over the mission but I guess it’s up to season 8 to tell us if she’ll ever get there.

Julie: Carrie changed with the child. She went from the estranged mother in season four to a loving mother in seasons five and six. She grew with it, showed us her human side after all the brutality of her job and the bad decisions she made. But in the end, have a child wasn’t her life dream, and that became more and more obvious this season. She was persuaded to keep the child from the people around her. I think giving her the child showed even more how hard it is for her to be a good person. To be the person others expected her to be. So in the end, Maggie understood her, that she’s different and didn’t blame her for it. I liked her drawing the picture of Carrie waving to the planes and that she struggled understanding her even in their childhood. And finally Carrie confessed what she knew before. She needs freedom to live the life she was made for. I personally think this battle with Franny took too much time on the show. I am so exhausted. I love this show for the badass Carrie doing her thing, being extraordinary. Leaving Franny back at Maggie’s is probably the best thing that could happen to them both.

Gail: I have long said that the show has had a “Franny” problem. I understand why they did it – but I think it’s fair to say that the show suffered from that decision. The show is at it’s best (at least for me) when the spy plot is strong and is woven into the fabric of the character arcs. It was hard to do that with Franny when she was never tied to the main plots, but rather a diversion from them. To the show’s credit, Homeland is about the cost of war – and for Carrie the personal cost has been high. The real men and women that work to protect our freedom on a daily basis face similar challenges – how do you parent when you work in a hostile territory? Or at a station that does not allow dependents? I think being a mother has anchored Carrie in a way that has created depth and layers to her character that plays well – so it’s a mixed bag of success for me. I have found a lot peace with how Maggie and Carrie both recognized each other’s strengths and are using that to allow each other to be who they were always meant to be without judgement from the other. There is a beauty in that I truly love. The closure the last episode provided to the Franny of it all felt right – and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’m stoked to see Super Spy Carrie back in action!

Looking forward to reading what you ladies thought of the final scene…. quite brutal to watch

Ashley: The last scene was full of things I never in my life ever want to see again ever, thank you very much. I was very late watching the episode, and I’d seen a reference to Franny getting hit by a car, so I’d assumed that this really happened. And when Amy Hargreaves mentioned in her interview that 7.10 was her most favorite and least favorite episode to shoot, we all picked up via context that shit was gonna go down re: Franny. All of a sudden, and through the entire episode, I believed that she and Carrie would be dealing with the aftermath of Franny getting hit by a car. 

Instead, we had to experience Carrie’s trauma of almost hitting Franny with her car, then imagining that she actually had, then reliving the deaths of Brody, Aayan, Quinn (as far as she knows so far, obviously, #quinnspiracy) — only to walk in on the latest casualty of Carrie Mathison. 

To quote our friend Laura over at FMRF: “Each episode just keeps telling the last one “’here, hold my beer.’”

Gail: Ashley’s answer and Laura’s quote are so spot on. I was in the “Carrie killed Franny” camp when I first watched it. Guest live tweeting from HYH and looking between the TV and Twitter definitely didn’t help. I found the Franny scenes excruciatingly hard to watch, especially because I thought it might have happened. If Homeland was trying to make sure we felt Carrie hitting the metaphoric wall Saul warned her she would hit in 6.12, they sure did the job with me. 

Sara: The more I’ve thought about the end of the episode this week, the more I have come to really strongly dislike it. I didn’t even like Claire’s acting, though in fairness there are not so many ways to scream hysterically or react believably to thinking you have killed your kid. I don’t know, man. Not a fan. 

I love Yevgeny, I’m sorry. That is one badass baddie.

Gail: I do not love him, but I definitely think Carrie has a worthy adversary for the first time in a long time. I see so many parallels between him and Carrie that I am genuinely worried for her. He seems capable of anything and everything. “Is there no line?” PARALLELS. Will Carrie finally find the line? When she does, will Yevgeny cross it? I’m stressed, y’all.

Frangi: Psychologically, Yevgeny entered my good book when he blew up Saul and O’Keefe’s power play. So I am a little worried about myself here, and of course I know he made it only worse, but still. But then he killed Ivan and I can’t forgive him for that. So when he sneaks around now, giving us some black ops vibes, I like him for being such a worthy opponent for Carrie (and his leather jacket).

Sara: I think he should shave his neck. 

Julie: I love him. Like Gail, I think he’s the Russian male counterpart to Carrie. Any means are acceptable as long as it serves the mission. Unpredictable, good looking (Sara is right, his beard could use a haircut!), and totally badass. He doesn’t play by the rules, which makes him pretty interesting.

Ashley: The other day I was messaging Sara and was like “Yevgeny is my fave,” and she was like, “Really? I think he should shave his neck.” Which she already has said here.