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Can we find a way to mention Senator Underpants on a daily basis? Lordy those 2 words make me laugh every time.

So do we think Rupert will do a French accent for the Van Gogh movie? Oo la la!! Mon amour! 😍😍😍

Today was one of those days, I missed Quinn so much. Grief comes in waves and today felt like a wall of water hit me 😪😪😪😪

Oh I just had a thought. Will Showtime put up Maury Sterling for best lead actor next year? Watch, he’ll be nominated for an Emmy.

So if AFG knew all along that S6 would be Rupert’s last, do you think Reda and Conlin were brought on board to test the chemistry with Carrie? Uh, I guess both experiments failed in the research phases.

Well there it is. I genuinely hate them all. I’d have kept watching for Carrie if I thought they gave a fuck about her and those of us who have loved her for six excruciating years. They don’t care about either.

Hello girls! I’ve been thinking about THE KISS of 4.12, all that story about Carrie’s mom and the moment Carrie realized she could share her life with a man, being a normal couple, regardless of her illness. I mean, they were setting the stage for “Carrie and Quinn: A Love Story,” right? What happened? Why do you think it all dissolved? Is Homeland a show about espionage, politics and nothing else? I do not want to compare but even the Russian spies have their good moments * sighing *

Hello! The on set photos of Carrie / Claire, boy does she look haggard and miserable and I’m not ashamed to admit I cheered! 🙆‍♂️ I just hope it’s bc she’s grieving for our beloved PQ 💔 and not bc she’s worried about Saul, Maggie, Keane et al. I want to see her grieve. I NEED to see her grieve.

Hi, Sydney. When you’re finished with your GIF project of “Every Peter Quinn Scene Ever”, would you mind doing “Every Saul Scene Ever”? Just to please these Anons complaining about this blog being too Rupert-centric. Thanks. I think they’d really enjoy this.


Did CD or RF made something problematic?