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findmyrupertfriend: I’m very proud to be part…


I’m very proud to be part of Homeland. I think it’s one of the great shows that’s ever been made. So to be a part of it is thrilling. 

Behind the Scenes ︱ Season 4 ︱ PETER QUINN: THE ASSASSIN

findmyrupertfriend: How do I think Quinn has …


How do I think Quinn has evolved over the past three seasons?

He was very much a company man, if that makes sense, at the beginning. As we found out in season two, he had kinda a side agenda with David Estes to assassinate Brody. But even then, the first flickers of conscience, I think, were creeping in. He couldn’t quite pull the trigger on a man praying. Seeing a couple in love seemed wrong to cause so much devastation. 

And yet in season three, it opens up and he’s taking out targets in the way he’s supposed to do for his job. And of course, by inadvertently killing a child, I feel like maybe that was the insistent knocking of his conscience getting louder.   

So in season four, obviously, Quinn’s pretty much had it with the whole organization and is spiraling out of control. And the death of Sandy Bachman is just the straw that broke the camel’s back in a way. What we see is someone struggling with the sense of what is right versus a sense of what they truly feel is right for them. 

Behind the Scenes ︱ Season 4 ︱PETER QUINN: THE ASSASSIN
Quinn’s evolution

findmyrupertfriend: Behind the Scenes  ︱ Seas…


Behind the Scenes  ︱ Season 4 ︱PETER QUINN:  THE ASSASSIN
the audition

“The audition process for Quinn was very long and very confusing. There was no logline of Peter Quinn. They didn’t tell me anything about it and they didn’t tell me whether it was for two weeks or twenty years. They just had one scene and the rest of it was a gamble.”