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For years I had hated anyone that got between Donna and Josh, obviously, because that’s the point of the show: this fabulously unconsummated relationship that eeks out for years and years and years. So to be one of those people, those hateable people… That’s another thing that I remember is that I’d already been in, I think, the first of the Harry Potters. I’d already been in Chamber of Secrets, so although I was on West Wing, clearly benign and grinning like a psychotic person, but nonetheless playing a character – so many people thought that I had planted the bomb. I can’t tell you the number of people. There wasn’t Twitter in those days, but somehow I got the feedback that lots of people knew that it had to be me because I’m a Death Eater. (…) I wanted to be in the show as much as possible, but I as a huge fan of Josh and Donna I thought, “Get me out of here!” Jason Isaacs