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“One of the pleasures of writing Homeland is writing Saul and Carrie scenes. Those are the scenes that every writer on the show wants to write, because that is really the primal relationship in the series. And this episode has one of the very best Saul/Carrie scenes we have ever done.” –Alex Gansa 

Claire Danes Reflects ‘With Gratitude’ On Her Life-Changing ‘Homeland’ Tenure:

Claire’s pod tour of 2020 continues with the holy grail, Fresh Air. This was a fascinating interview. In some respects Terry asks questions that we’ve heard of before and Claire gives many of the same answers. But there are two moments where Claire becomes audibly emotional, her voice unsteady and uncertain, and that is not something normal. I give credit to Terry for choosing questions other journalists might skip over and to Claire for being vulnerable enough to answer them. Worth a listen! 

Claire was on Late Night yesterday. The other interview clip is here.


Carrie and Co. are back y’all and so are we!

Really nice interview with Claire, Alex, Howard, and Lesli. I’ve enjoyed these more retrospective-type interviews and segments over the last few weeks. It’s interesting to see them reflect on the totality of the series as opposed to specific portions of it. 

The interview actually begins around the 50-minute mark for some reason. Transcript here if you’re into reading. 

Tons of press over the last few days. This is the more notable stuff/what I can remember right now:

  • From The Hollywood Reporter, a literal “fml” moment: 
    • “Carrie’s been traumatized so many times over,” Danes sums up to THR. “But I think in Russian custody, her PTSD was taken to a new level and now, the ultimate predator and the ultimate enemy is stalking her and she has to take the bait — because she needs to know what happened to her during that time and he’s the only person who can provide those answers. I think that’s pretty good dramatic material right there."She continues, "It does recreate the dynamic that she had with Brody. She is kind of aligned with Brody here and she’s another iteration of Brody, but she’s in another romance that is sort of feigned, but then becomes genuine, and she’s dancing with the adversary in a very dangerous way.”
  • Claire on The Tonight Show a few nights ago. Talking about eating her feelings after wrapping Homeland, then doing pretty ok at VR pictionary.
  • Claire on the Bill Simmons podcast, talking about her career and some other general Homeland-y things. 
  • Alex + Howard in an AV Club interview, which got me all nostalgic for the season 1 debrief Alex did in 2012 that I read over and over again after becoming obsessed with this show.
  • LLG in an AV Club interview, talking about her career and Homeland (Now and Then, represent!!!) 
  • Mandy on CBS Sunday Morning being his incredible Mandy self. The highlight is this abnormally long pause where the interviewer becomes more and more amazed that he hasn’t said anything yet. A+ television.
  • Inside the Homeland premiere in NYC the other night, which if you didn’t know ALL THE BRODYS (the alive ones) CAME BACK FOR!!! 
  • Short retrospective from Variety
  • Some reviews:

Claire Danes Says ‘Carrie Becomes Brody, in a Way’ in ‘Homeland’s Final Season:

Choice Q&A:

There’s wariness from some in the Kabul station about Carrie’s return, including from ambitious young agent Jenna Bragg (Andrea Deck). Will she spell trouble for Carrie?

That’s an interesting relationship. She’s kind of a Carrie acolyte, initially, and Carrie exploits that, but she does appreciate Jenna as well.

In Kabul, Carrie runs into Yevgeny Gromov, the always troublesome Russian spy. We last saw him in the prison when he took away those much-needed antipsychotic drugs to punish her. What’s Carrie’s plan here?

He’s the reason she was in that Russian institution! She wants personal payback, but he’s also the only person who can help recover some of her lost memories. It’s also kind of a Stockholm syndrome thing with him at play.

Knicks Chaos, Oscar Picks, Worst 2019 Movies, and a Claire Danes Interview, With Brian Koppelman and Wesley Morris:

Claire’s pod tour of America 2020 continues! This time on Bill Simmons’ pod.

This is …. unsettling.

Claire Danes talks connection, crafting and life after Carrie:

Claire Danes really can rock a pantsuit.