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Sydney, is it possible for you to put together…

Sydney, is it possible for you to put together some Quinn & Carrie Bitmojis? They can be scenes from the show, like you did with the Quinn set, or fantasy ones, like you did with yourself in the shower with Q. Standing by. 😬


Things Carrie Wore This Week*

*365 weeks ago

PREVIOUSLY ON THINGS CARRIE WORE THIS WEEK: Carrie’s iconic pink blouse makes a return appearance

So, to be honest, I’ve really struggled with how to write this post. I love this series because it allows me to really have fun with Carrie’s wardrobe, which is frequently awful, and also just poke fun at other aspects of this show in a generally lighthearted way. 

But here’s the thing about “The Vest”… I think it is an actual masterpiece of a television episode. Claire’s performance is… unreal. It’s astounding. It’s at-once jarring, harrowing, funny, uncomfortable, and painful. So I just have this natural uneasiness at the usual tone of these posts and the way this episode makes me feel, which is 800 kinds of “what the fuck” and also “why.” 

We open with Carrie having been in the hospital for a week, unsupervised and off her meds. Thank God the Director’s Chair series wasn’t around (or, come to think of it, this blog) when this episode aired because I would have had a FIELD DAY with the green border along the wall while Carrie–rightfully might I add–begs for a green pen. 

Here, folks, is the costume department easing us into the “Carrie is wearing two shirts as loungewear” reality. It’s not entirely “two t-shirts to bed,” but it’s pretty close. I suppose a camisole and deep v-neck is pretty normal while “two t-shirts to bed” is something I will never understand! 

My favorite part of this ensemble, however, is Carrie’s bright purple socks. 

I also love this outfit. I love the grey hoodie, the chinos, and grey Chuck Taylor’s. I just love everything about this. I love that Carrie owns Chuck Taylor’s. I think this outfit is extremely close (or identical) to what she wears in “Marine One” (minus hat, obv) and in “The Yoga Play.” 

This is getting sliiiiiightly closer to “two t-shirts to bed” territory, because that scoop neck really does not require a camisole underneath. I love the earth tones here though. 

Also can we talk about how much art Carrie has hanging on her walls? I love that about her. 

She even has art in her kitchen!! Anyway, here she’s thrown the same long cardigan from last week over the ensemble. I really respect that throughout this entire episode Carrie is just wearing pajamas. It makes me feel some small comfort amidst the total clusterfuck that’s about to unfurl. 

This isn’t a Director’s Chair post but the symbolism of Carrie tying a bright red (beautiful, by the way) scarf around her neck like a noose is just too strong to not mention. And since her henley is black, it just adds this extra layer of contrast when she’s in front of the wall later. I love this scarf and I love the black henley and I love symbolism!!!!! I love it. I mean I hate it, but I love it. It’s like poetry.

I don’t have anything else to add here. Just that I think this scene is one of the more powerful scenes of the entire series. Maybe the most powerful. Whether it’s the fact that Claire improvised everything after “I’m about to solve this fucking thing.” Or the way that Frank is fighting for Carrie. Or how Maggie forms a kind of fortress around Carrie and tries to calm her, to no avail. Or how Estes straddles this weird, perfect line between hard-ass and, later, coddling boss. Or the way Carrie taps her fingers together frenetically, thumb to ring finger. Or how the music gradually builds, drowning out Carrie’s screaming until we just hear the dull horn and piano. And yet we can still make out Carrie yelling at, pleading with David, “I’m not crazy!”, before the cut to black.

“This is how everything works. You wait, you lay low, and…

“This is how everything works. You wait, you lay low, and then… then you come to life.”
Carrie Mathison in every episode | “The Vest”

“Believe it or not, I value my privacy.”↳ Carrie Mathison in…

“Believe it or not, I value my privacy.”
Carrie Mathison in every episode | “Representative Brody”

“I think they call it a Hail Mary.”↳ Carrie Mathison in every…

“I think they call it a Hail Mary.”
Carrie Mathison in every episode | “Crossfire”

Things Carrie Wore This Week*

*362 weeks ago


“Achilles Heel” has always felt like a hangover episode to me. It’s actually very, very good, and rewatching it I picked up new complexities that I never had before. It’s forever suffered from being the episode that followed “The Weekend,” though. On its own, it’s actually quite excellent. But it has the extremely arduous task of returning the show to some semblance of foundation after “The Weekend” shook the earth beneath our feet. 

Anyway, on to the things she wore.

I may or may not have been referring to this DOUBLE BREASTED JACKET above when I talked about newfound complexities. Because what in the actual hell???? I can’t believe Carrie owns this. This skirt suit always struck me as one of the more bizarre things they ever made Carrie wear. And, if I were doing a whole analysis schtick, I’d say this is Carrie’s fully earnest attempt to get back to business after her weekend tryst with Brody. 

It’s still a highly ugly piece of clothing. 

I just…. I can’t believe she’s wearing a double-breasted jacket. 

Here she is wearing a complete look of indignation after Brody accuses her of basically whoring herself out to get a promotion. Which: LOL. Brody is so insufferable. Her head looks amazing here. 

The whole outfit to me is just all wrong. I don’t think Carrie wears this kind of look all that well to be honest. It’s so constricting! I much prefer that skirt from “Semper I.” 

I’m like… whatever on this look. The jacket is alright but looks sort of dated. The top is cute and looks good on her. Carrie should employ a pattern more often. Again, the head looks amazing. 

Carrie’s go-to casual look is one of these scoop neck tops. God, I really miss her black leather wristwatch. 

The full look. I think that’s a grey pant. I’m shocked she’s wearing heels. The whole thing is just kinda blah, y’know? I mean, yeah, I know they’re all standing inside of a mosque where a few innocent people had just been murdered by the FBI, but SARTORIALLY: also blah.

Carrie’s best look of the episode comes at the end. This dress is super cute and I don’t think we ever see it again. The double breast pocket calls back to the dress she wore in “The Good Soldier.” 

The more I watch this scene, where Carrie shares with Saul her epiphany that she’s going to be alone her whole life…. the way Claire’s voice ever so slightly breaks, the look of sheer terror in her eyes. This is the most important scene of the entire series. Never forget what’s driving this bus. 

Now we are at the end… sorry I didn’t liven it up a bit more. I told you guys this episode was like a hangover.


“I’m gonna be alone my whole life, aren’t I?”↳ Carrie Mathison…

“I’m gonna be alone my whole life, aren’t I?”
Carrie Mathison in every episode | “Achilles’ Heel”

Homeland | “Pilot”What were his exact words, please?An American…

Homeland | “Pilot”

What were his exact words, please?
An American prisoner of war has been turned.

Things Carrie Wore This Week*

*361 weeks ago


Oishk, so “The Weekend” is… an episode. A real journey. It’s also pretty fucking flawless. I’m still not sure it’s the best Homeland episode (or my favorite), but shit is it good. 

Anyway, we begin with purple blouse.

I included this shot because you can actually see that Carrie is wearing legitimate heels here. Good for her! The “pissed off all my college boyfriends”/“all of them?”/“both of them” exchange here is so good and reminds me that Carrie is actually funny this episode and cracks SEVERAL jokes. I don’t really think of Carrie as a funny person and it’s hard to actually tell which parts of the episode are the “important parts” where she was being real instead of fake but ….. ANYWAY THINGS SHE WORE.

I love this silly purple sleeveless blouse. I know the navy blouse is more ~iconic~ but the purple one looks so much nicer. She needs color. 

Of course the rest of the episode is Carrie in this grey shirt and old jeans and I was thinking a lot about how this outfit is exactly the kind of thing that she’d have at this cabin…. just real kinda whatever clothes. 

This episode is a lot about removing walls and boundaries in their relationship and showing us a side of Carrie we didn’t know (e.g., the side that knows what a “nosegay” is, or a side that is actually funny) and this is the most casual thing we’ve ever seen her wear, save pajamas. So while it’s an unremarkable outfit choice, at least sartorially speaking, it totally and completely fits for the moment.

After watching this episode, I got to thinking about the importance of the cabin not just in the Carrie/Brody canon, but in the Carrie Mathison canon. In some ways it represents the real Carrie. In several other ways, it represents Carrie’s own delusions and wildest dreams – it was here she playacted adventures with her sister and dreamed of greater, more exotic places. 

Every trip to the cabin represents something disarmingly free of artifice and yet entirely built up out of it. In this episode, she takes Brody here, seemingly on a dare, and is surprised that she might actually be falling for him, despite simultaneously feeling that he is possibly a terrorist (and definitely turned). 

In season two, they return, almost as a cleansing act, and she considers, again, what a life with him might be like. That night, Franny is conceived, turning the dream into something terrifyingly real. 

Later, in season five, while the life she built in Berlin is at risk in every possible way, she tells Otto that when it’s all over she’ll take Jonas and Franny to the cabin and never leave. There they’ll stay, cocooned from reality. 

None of this has much of anything to do with her clothes, except that we only ever see the same grey t-shirt, faded blue jeans outfit one other time, at the beginning of “The Smile.” 

In fact, we see this outfit in successive scenes, as the last thing Carrie thinks of before her first ECT treatment in “Marine One” is that weekend with Brody. 

Maybe it was an unconscious thing, maybe this is just the costume department’s “casual Carrie outfit.” Maybe not though. At a time in Carrie’s life when so much else was faded and without definition, maybe this was her attempt to get back to that person she was at the cabin. Maybe that was the most honest with herself, and with anybody else, she’d ever felt. Maybe that was, despite all the secrets and lies and bullshit and so much else, the real Carrie. 


“I’m all alone… I’m… meditating.”↳ Carrie Mathison…

“I’m all alone… I’m… meditating.”
Carrie Mathison in every episode | “The Weekend”