Category: Can someone book Carrie a spa day FFS?

I know it looks like Saul “left” her there but c’mon she knew exactly what she was heading into, was all in, nothing left to lose, knowing she was going to go batshit crazy without meds… gotta be grateful we didn’t see the 7 months and also that this is not the S8 wrap-up 😱😱😱

I don’t think Saul “left” her there. I think the price to get her out was very high and took time to make it happen. Yevgeny knows that when he tries to leverage that against her in conjunction with her medication. Carrie is a patriot to her very core. She committed to this mission and was “all in.” She is a true hero.   

I’m very FUCKING grateful we didn’t see the seven months. Don’t even tease about season 8 wrapping up like this – FUCK THAT SHIT!