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My only complaint of the last episode is how much I hate Sandrine Holt’s weird, quasi-French accent…even more distracting the O’Keefe’s.

EDIT to that last ask about Sandrine’s accent: turns out her mother is from France and fluent in French…why does her accent sound so weird then??

We sure do spend a lot of time talking about people’s accents on this blog! Anyway, I don’t notice any typical weirdness, then again I am an American so I’m not the best judge. 

I’m more annoyed that they had SANDRINE FUCKING HOLT for an entire season and she only just had her first scene with Claire in the penultimate episode.

That is the deal we make, in the work we do. 

That is the deal we make, in the work we do. 


No, not in my eyes. 

The tweet in question is here and his “!!!” reaction is, to me, because James Comey said he misses “Pete.” I guess that’s pretty cool? The tweet reads as excitement and disbelief more than anything else. (Sorry, but after the 2016 election Comey is definitely not on my “Cool People” list.)

Do you really think if Quinn was coming back–or if Rupert was making an appearance–he’d tweet about it? 

(Maury’s subsequent tweet, which basically amounts to “holy shit,” further confirms the disbelief/excitement theory.) 

Overall I tend to agree with y’all in the podcast and comments, this was a better Carrie we saw… however, wasn’t there again a bit of a narcissistic streak to just achieve clarity once your praises as a súper héroe are sung? I had a bit of a deja vu with the narcissistic grief scene with her photo in the basement, I grief once it’s obvious how much I lost 🤷🏻‍♀️

That’s not really how I interpreted it. Carrie thought she had achieved clarity. She told Maggie herself–“I’m seeing things very clearly now.” But she really hadn’t. What Maggie said in that courtroom jarred her into the realization that she was right. Saul would always be a phone call or house visit away and she can’t give it up, even if it seems so achievable and possible now in the post-ECT “haze.”

In his review of 7.10 (published on „Den of Geek!“) David Crow says „After Carrie says her surprisingly poignant goodbyes to Dante via his parents—yes, she ruined his life, but he still betrayed his country—she and Saul are off to Europe […]“. So he got a scene in his copy that wasn’t in the version I got from iTunes?

…or the version that was aired. That’s super interesting. And weird. 

Mandy will be on Colbert Friday the 27th.

Wow. So S8 commences filming January of 2019. This probably means the show will begin airing early or late summer. Whatever will we talk about between now and then? Hope you’re all planning some much needed extended vacations from this show. You deserve it!

WhatsApp on Tuesday night

Sara: So…  was just watching this video and Mandy Patinkin says at the very end that they’re going to begin filming S8 in January of 2019
Sara: Idk if this means my long nightmare will persist into the year 2020
Ashley: shit
Ashley: fml
Ashley: when did they start filming for their fall premieres?
Sara: In May or June
Ashley: so if they start filming in january, it will 110% not go into 2020
Sara: But it may go right up until the end
Ashley: doubt it.
Sara: 😣
Sara: I guess the overall point is that a year from now we may not even be close to the end
Sara: Sigh
Ashley: we’ll make it through together
Sara: 🤝
Gail: ugh
Julie: But that could mean a really break for us of about 1.5 years.
Sara: ya but i’d rather be free in a year than in 1.5 years

WhatsApp on Wednesday morning

Sara: [posts news of Claire being pregnant]
Angela: wait, she’s pregnant?
Sara: yes she is pregnant
Ashley: sara is very excited
Angela: i can imagine hah
Gail: Whoa
Gail: The 2019 filming makes sense
Sara: yes, much more sense lol
Ashley: sara is no longer upset about the fact that homeland will be continuing a extra few months
Sara: are you my official spokesperson now ashley
Ashley: yes
Ashley: apparently
Sara: k just checking

Two thoughts after listening to Claire’s interview with Howard Stern: She was pregnant during the OTHER painfully awkward sex scene she had with Damien. Poor girl. And second, Howard asked the question we all wanted answered: WHAT HAPPENED WITH WINONA RYDER

Re: thought #1, a WhatsApp conversation from earlier: 

Frangi: Claire is pregnant? Cooooool!
Frangi: Happy for her!
Frangi: So stair sex and andante sex while preggers? Poor girl.
Sara: Stair sex was after pregnancy but dresser sex was not
Frangi: HL best of sex scenes…🙄

Re: thought #2, obviously because it’s radio it’s hard to tell what her expression was like as she just insisted they kind of grew apart. He kept pressing and she made a point to clarify that there was “no beef” between them and I’m inclined to believe her. I think they have really, really different personalities that as they grew older just became more pronounced. I am ardently devoted to #Winonaissance but, like… how many people you hung out with when you were 15 or 16 are you still friends with? Just a thought. 

I was dreading the pre-finale interviews, after reading the LLG one, same repetitive lines… gotta give it to Howard Stern, who of course brings up naked hot Claire and gets an exclusive on pregnancy 😂😂😂👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

I feel like she was probably committed to revealing it in some way over the next few days, but the way it was done was pretty out of left field. Howard is going on about how sexy he found her and how she was naked and “oh my God if I had to get naked on camera I’d just kill myself” and then she’s like “oh by the way I’m pregnant” and they’re both like “um… you mean right now?” 

Now It is safely to say that Quinn was Carrie’s only chance to have a normal (I mean it could be noordinary life anyway, but still normal) life and the writers decided its better to kill him off and show Carrie degradating at free fall to the bottomless pit, rather than to show him returning her back to humanity when she at her worst. Shake my head.