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Who created those overlays? Beautiful!

Thank you! I’ve been playing round a bit… 😉

Homeland | “Pilot”What were his exact words, please?An American…

Homeland | “Pilot”

What were his exact words, please?
An American prisoner of war has been turned.

HOMELAND | “Paean to the People” | One Liners

HOMELAND | “Paean to the People” | One Liners

“Paean to the People” had quite a few Easter eggs for astute…

“Paean to the People” had quite a few Easter eggs for astute watchers. The scene at the Arlington National Cemetery featured several gravestones with crew member names. Not all were visible in the final cut of the episode, but several crew members shared theirs on Instagram (links below). 


And here’s the real-life makeup artist on the show, Ashley Fetterman, doing what she does best: make up Keane! 

I know I’m in the minority, but I think this was an amazing ending. She’ll be back to “normal” in S8 with this having had a profound effect on her, likely for the better. Just glad that S8 didn’t end this way, then I’d be mad as hell.

I think the end gives the writers the chance to set the story in any possible direction. And with a time jump of a year or more, the past is “so long ago” that Carrie can have fully recovered to live a life without limitations and be back at work. It’s not the first time she’s been in a difficult situation, and we know she can control and suppress feelings to just work, which can be helpful to get back on track.

Having survived imprisonment without meds (?) and not taking drastic measures as she get more and more sick shows she stayed strong. She told Franny to come back, which she did. 

I’m with you, though. This terrible experience might change her for the better, since she went through the disaster this time by herself. 

Why didn’t Carrie just ditch the wig? WHY???

I’ve been thinking about it, too (as well as why she didn’t just get rid of the jacket). 

Carrie probably didn’t want to jeopardize the mission when Saul and the “package” were still detained by the Russians as she was on the run. She was in a public space, so cameras were all around and on these TV shows it looks like it’s sooo easy to follow someone through the whole city without missing a second. 

More importantly, the Russians know what Carrie looks like, and being in both the crowd (the real Carrie) and with Saul in the van (the fake Carrie) would have endangered the mission. She needed to stay in disguise as Simone until the real Simone was out of the country. 

Where does Homeland go now? How can Carrie ever be in the CIA again after this? I don’t get it.

Wow, I really liked Keane’s speech but I can’t believe she resigned after ALL OF THAT, right??

Uhm, yes. She doesn’t want to do this job anymore, doesn’t want this false life. After all that happened it was important to her to get her honor and dignity back as president by Simone testifying that the Russians had been pulling the strings all along. 

But then she realized there are other people who can manage the country better. People who haven’t been implicated personally and who see the twisted political situation more clearly. Warner had her back and in the end she knew she could trust him and put the future of the country in his hands. I’d say she showed strength in her decision. For her, the way was the goal.

“Are you coming back?” “Of course I’m coming…

“Are you coming back?” 
“Of course I’m coming back. I’m going to work, and I always come back when my work’s over, don’t I? Hey, Franny.
I always come back.”

I feel sick to my stomach for Carrie. Hopefully she will get the care and medication she needs to come back. This is too much. For her to sacrifice her mental health for the mission. Additionally I know for sure now that Quinn is gone because he would never have let Carrie stay in that prison without trying to get her out. I expected him to come thru those windows, but he didn’t.

That’s Carrie. All in or nothing. Taking Yevgeny’s offer to get the pills wasn’t on the table for her because this would have damaged the country. Like Quinn, she sacrificed her life to save the president and the stability of the democracy. 

Quinn would have tried to free her, of course. He knew what friendship and caring for each other meant. Saul on the other hand looked very chilled sitting in Washington for 9 month, negotiating her freedom with the Russian ambassador on a park bench. We know Saul, so it’s not that disappointing.  

I’m pretty optimistic Carrie will get on her feet again. She’s a strong person. Every other person might break, but not Carrie Mathison.