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“The thing with QC is, they really really like each other and are attracted to each other, but the thing is: that’s not love“ … a lot of people confuse angst with love, I think C loved B but boy was that the destructive kind of love… Quinn’s love was pure and the real deal, unconditional love… too much for Carrie.

It’s no question that Quinn loved Carrie more than she loved him. Maybe he even loved her too much. And certainly it was too much for Carrie in the short window of time they had.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that Carrie didn’t love him. Carrie internalizes a lot and so we don not know for sure what she is or is not feeling. But I guess at this juncture, it’s up to each and every of us to choose what we can and want to believe and what not.

I could build you a case with all the evidence why I think she did love him – and I could build you a case with all the evidence why she probably didn’t love him.

And of course it’s hard not to compare Carrie’s and Brody’s relationship with what she and Quinn had or did not have. But I don’t think it’s fair to either of these two men who both lived through a lot of torture and tragedy and carried a heavy burden.

Wait! What? We know for sure Dar is on episode 11? How do know this?

Promo pics were posted here earlier this week.

So happy for Claire and Hugh!!! To be honest, I was always hoping for Claire to get pregnant again, and they’d write it into the show, and they’d make it Quinn’s baby. Obviously that dream ain’t comin’ true. Now I’m sad. Any fan fic you can direct me to?

Are you my secret twin? You describe perfectly how I feel.

I am so happy for Claire and Hugh because having a baby is literally one of the greatest miracles in the world, and as it seems they’ve wanted to have another one for a while it’s wonderful that their wish came true.

And of course I was always hoping for a baby for Carrie and Quinn, even if it wasn’t exactly what I would have expected to happen onscreen.

So I wrote my own post 6.11 version of that scenario, which you find here. Assuming you are looking for fics with new babies, you might want to check Finlyfoe’s post-S6 fic here.

A great fic with a pregnant Carrie is Ashley’s (which I am sure she will finish soon because she knows I am waiting for it so much).

I was a bit surprised by Christine Lonas’ appearance in the latest episode. From what I recall in season 6, she was not particularly keen on Carrie being given custody of Franny. But, in this last episode, she was hesitant about the idea of Carrie being separated from Franny and even defended her decision to allow Quinn to live with them. I guess Lonas was nicer to Carrie in 6.12, when she told her that Franny would be ok to live with her soon. Did anyone else expect this change of heart?

Christine Lonas was a tool of Dar Adal in season 6 and abused the power of her office to harm Carrie–and Franny. 

I was surprised to see her back because I didn’t expect the show to make that effort. But it added to the realistic buildup of the courtroom scenes, because of course Franny’s case worker from a former (well, less than 6 months ago) custody battle would be questioned during a new hearing.

Given the number of wrongs Christine Lonas leveled at Carrie in season 6, and given she betrayed the integrity of her own office, and given the fact that Dar Adal is out of the picture this time and it’s a real custody case and not one with some predetermined outcome… I was glad to see her undergo a change of heart. Not necessarily because of what she said, but because this is what you’d expect from a person in such a powerful position, able to alter the lives of the parents and children she interacts with.

Furthermore, at the end of season 6, Lonas played supposedly an active role in Carrie getting Franny back. Questioning her own judgement now in a courtroom less than six months later probably wouldn’t make her shine.

But overall, my interpretation is that she knows that she caused a lot of harm and grief in New York and that she owes Carrie and Franny an honest and true statement.

All this BS about carrie not being able to live a normal life. I’m sorry but I don’t believe that anymore. She’s no longer in the CIA she can ABSOLUTELY live a normal life. We all have the power of choice and she can choose to not put the mission first. Why can’t she stay home and fight for Franny? The same fans crying for her to put her child first, are now saying “Oh but she is by leaving her with Maggie”. Bull. Honky. I hate when people do a complete 360.

The motherhood question is one of the big topics of season 7 and we here at HYH have had many discussions about the depiction of motherhood, feminism and misogyny related to that depiction in season 7. And I absolutely get your frustration. Some of your sentences could be mine, verbatim, during our discussions.

You can read some of our posts about Carrie’s choices as a mother here, and you’ll find sentences like

  • Carrie is always about the mission, for better or worse. Unfortunately, it’s Franny that is on the losing end of that proposition.
  • Of course it will get worse, and we all will rightfully blame Carrie for making the wrong choices for Franny–again.
  • Carrie always has to make a choice between her professional and her private life. She can never have both.
  • She tried to be a good mother, and did well for some time, but failed again, and now Franny’s life is at risk. Maggie is the one with the foot on the break to save Franny’s health.
  • I am really really really unhappy that the only way they can come up with to show a successful spy Carrie is also a Carrie who sucks as a mother –and that’s rather misogynistic. 

So I don’t think there’s a 360-degree change about her for any of us, and many of us are deeply frustrated with the show’s inability to balance the two storylines.

But based on season 7 canon this is what we got: a Carrie who is not able to make that choice (to not put the mission first) and who arguably would feel like she had to cut off an important part of her innermost being if she would make such a choice. As frustrating as that is, given the situation as it is, it’s the best possible choice to leave Franny with Maggie and her family. That’s frustrating but a sad fact.


I have never hated a fictional character, but I can’t stop hating Carrie. This is very unhealthy, but I just can’t move on, because I wish the worst possible ending for her – so I’m stuck until the end. At the same time, I honestly hope Sara gets what she wants, which is the opposite. I’m very confused, I admit.

Humans are complicated beings and I can assure you, many of us have very complex and complicated feelings toward Carrie and the show. And maybe it’s true what some say — love and hate come from the same place.

As people, we tend to be very passionate about both the things we love and the things we hate. These two terms, love and hate, are two very extreme emotions and we have to admit we invest a lot of ourselves to carry out both (hating things as well as loving things can be very time and energy consuming).

There’s even research about it: Scientists studying the physical nature of hate have found that some of the nervous circuits in the brain responsible for it are the same as those that are used during the feeling of romantic love.

And if you think about it, maybe the hate you describe comes from loving something so much that anything that might endanger it or opposes it must be fought. That’s how hate might be founded in your former love for Carrie, or Quinn, or the show and takes over because you were disappointed and hurt.

That’s only human, I guess, and the question is how to move on from that when you feel it’s getting unhealthy as you say — and I truly believe that hate is indeed a very unhealthy feeling.

A few thoughts: It’s okay to move on. A show which no longer gives you the slightest bit of joy is probably not worth your time anymore. Or to detach and watch differently than before. Or consider to wait some time and to binge then. Or, if fanfic is an option for you, explore different AUs there. You’ll still be with the beloved characters but can warp them just a little bit different and give them a better outcome.

What you shouldn’t do is accept that you are stuck with a show which doesn’t give you anything but negative feelings anymore.

For Quinn’s death scene they showed him getting shot and then the image of being alive before he was shot whereas with Brody and Aayan it wasn’t like that. Why?

I’ll go for the easiest answer first: Because they didn’t film enough footage of dead Quinn last year and couldn’t re-shoot as Rupert wasn’t available this year.

And I’ll also go for an answer which is maybe hard to digest: shock value. They wanted to show us–and Carrie–the brutality of Quinn’s death while the high-speed bullets were perforating his body and ripping away his life.

Think back to Carrie talking with her shrink:


Now we see the violence from Carrie’s position (or how we are meant to believe Carrie saw it, because in reality the angle doesn’t really work).

I’d love to see a sign that Quinn is alive in the image they used, but I think it’s just representing the last few seconds Carrie had with him, and how hard his loss–which, arguably, she caused–hit her.

And maybe it’s an answer to us, too, the fandom still mourning this once in a lifetime character and wonderful soul, while occasionally still stirring the quinnspiracy. Maybe it’s a message that we can’t really think anyone would survive that, safe place or not.

Fuck man idk why but its episodes like 7×09 that makes me miss Quinn so fucking much, I just want Carrie to get a hug from him she’s falling apart

#PQRemembranceDay | HYH + FMRF honor PQ, one year later↳ The…

#PQRemembranceDay | HYH + FMRF honor PQ, one year later
↳ The later seasons’ drama sometimes makes me forget how sassy, sarcastic and even funny Quinn could be. So this is what I’d like to remember today as well. –Frangi (@frangipaniflower001)

I never judge people. But with the kids? Carrie, seriously, just LET FRANNY BE AT MAGGIE’S and do whatever you want to do. PLEASE.. I’m dying watching C/F.

I hear you. Yes, it’s horrible and unforgiveable and I wish they hadn’t done that. Because Carrie should be better than this and the love we see her having for her daughter should have led her to better decisions.

So I think this is what it is about: sometimes, love is not enough to make things right. And Carrie isn’t capable of taking care of Franny, and that’s why she’ll lose her.

We’ll find out soon enough where this will lead, but for now I am really really really unhappy that the only way they can come up with to show a successful spy Carrie is also a Carrie who sucks as a mother. That kid has lived through far too much in the last few months and deserves so much more.