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Do you think in season 4 when Farrah is killed that Max is deeply affected by her death because they were romantically linked ? Or because they shared a friendship ?

I think the prevailing assumption has always been that Max had romantic feelings for Fara, but he was too shy to express them. He was working up to it. They were definitely friends and he cared about her a great deal. 

I’ll let him tell y’all about it.

Anon said, “I worry the last years have damaged Claire’s career and interest of other producers in her.” Seriously? I’m just reading this as I get ready to go out for New Year’s Eve. Claire has won how many awards? She’s working constantly. Sorry, but I just don’t get this. Why are you worried about her? If she retired tomorrow, she’d be set for life! I’m worried about the kids separated from their parents on the US/Mexican border. And the children starving in Yemen! Read a newspaper, Anon! 😡

I am the choir and you are preaching to me, my friend.

What a cushy life some people must lead if they spend time genuinely worrying about the career of an actress on a show they don’t even like! Anybody who’s losing sleep over Claire Danes’s career needs to get a hobby or a job. Or both.

To be fair, the world is falling apart right now, and I think that most people have space to be horrified by the current state of things AND worry about superficial shit. I wouldn’t expect this person who hates the show but is terribly worried about Claire Danes to send us an ask about the border wall. Nor should they. In fact, please don’t.

And I’m not asking people to have perspective when they’re sending in asks to a Homeland blog, because — again — it is A FAN BLOG FOR A TELEVISION SHOW. But I hope in y’all’s real lives you’re able to maintain some sense of balance and joy.

Am I the last to learn that Billy Crudup (Claire’s ex) is with Naomi Watts? And that Liev Schreiber (Naomi’s ex) is with the nanny? I can’t keep up anymore.

1) Possibly

2) Definitely not, but thank you for reminding me to rewatch The Nanny.

Ashley’s hashtags said “men are the worst” then listed some exceptions. My reaction when Rupert wasn’t listed as an exception: 😩😩😩


Sorry, Mandy. Time magazine put “Life Itself”, on their worst of the year list. Ouch! I still want to see it. However… Mandy just wrapped “Before You Know It” which has a funny plot summary on IMDb. And bonus: Tim Daly is in it. Isn’t he your guy, Ashley?!

Bonus #2: SAM Daly is in it.

He is Tim Daly’s son and, no lie, I one time had a dream about Sam Daly and he totally wanted to make out with me but I couldn’t because I loved his dad too much.

The summary does sound fun, and I’m always here for Tim Daly. And Mandy, honestly.

If anybody’s interested, Tim Daly’s currently onstage with his sister, Tyne Daly, in a play called “Downstairs.” We (Sara, Angela, and I) attempted to go see it when it was playing at the Dorset Theatre Festival in 2017. Unfortunately, rain and other circumstances beyond our control prevented us from getting to see it.

I have a VERY busy December coming up, but I just bought tickets to go see it before it closes in New York. The sacrifices I make, honestly.

Thank you Nazanin Boniadi (Fara!) for retweeting this: “No one ever asked me if I’m comfortable with a male president.” Apparently, only 45% of men would be comfortable with a female president. (FYI, Trump commented recently just to ingratiate himself that he “always believed women were smarter than men”.) And I just read the Nancy Pelosi NYTmagazine story. Said a male colleague to her 19 years ago: “Why don’t women just make a list of things they want done, and we’ll do them?” 😡 A great read!

A conversation (kinda) that I had with Sara on Wednesday evening:


I’m usually a better conversationalist, but… anyway, relevant.

Ashley, just wanted to know if you’re aware that your guy, Lin-Manuel Miranda, is receiving a Kennedy Center honor on December 2nd.

I was not!! It is hard to keep track of all of the honors that my guy receives, because his genius is unparalleled and he is just a perfect human.

He is also getting his star on the walk of fame on TODAY.

I finally don’t feel any grief or hate for this show – I know, it took a while, but hear me out. It seems that the perfect ending for HL would have been that moment in S4, when they sit together talking about Carrie’s father and the letters he wrote to Saul demanding she would be brought back from oversees. I love that scene. There is no unfinished buisiness (kiss never happens), they are sad he’s gone but they all are home.

Well, they
do say that time heals all wounds. They also say that hindsight is 20/20. 

I hope you don’t mind if I use your ask as a jumping-off point to articulate my thoughts re: fandom upset. 

back, it’s kind of easy to see how it all went off the rails. 

First of
all, Quinn should have died in the season five finale. Like, Quinn got exposed
to sarin gas in 5×09, and it was all downhill for him from there. He was in a
coma, they woke him up, he suffered a brain hemorrhage, and from there he
basically had no chance of recovery. They read the letter. Carrie seemed to be
letting him go, and even like she was prepared to help him along with it. I
remember, after 5.12 aired, I was pretty shocked and miserable and generally
disbelieving. And I had nobody to talk to, because I didn’t know you guys yet.

My friend
messaged me on Christmas night to talk about the finale, which he had just caught
up with. 

Friend: Merry Christmas. I saw the finale.
Though I think I need to see it again to reassess what happened. I like how
Quinn’s story ended (assuming it ended). Not so much Allison’s, though I
wouldn’t mind seeing Ivan again.
Ashley: I’m 99% sure that we will see
Quinn again. I liked Allison’s ending. It was very reminiscent of The
Ashley: Quinn’s ending made no sense
to me, but it does make sense that we’d be on opposite sides of this.
Friend: I kinda hope he’s not back. I
feel like they’ve gone as far as they can go with regard to abusing him.
The finale just pissed me off. It was a stupid cliffhanger, because it’s not
sustainable. Like, if Quinn is dead, then what’s the point?
I guess I saw it as them plainly stating that he is dead. She took off the oxygen
monitor because what’s the point anymore, and just wanted a moment alone with
I’ll be annoyed if that’s not what they’re doing.
She took off the oxygen monitor so that she could put him out of his misery
without arousing suspicion, but he wasn’t even on life support.
Yeah, that’s why I don’t think it was that. I don’t think she was speeding
things along so much as just silencing the room. 

had a million billion thoughts about the 5.12 finale, my favorite theory being
one that Dar Adal was just fucking with Carrie, but my friend’s comments really
exemplify why people used to pay him to watch, review, and analyze shit. He was
completely right. That ending for Quinn would have been much more respectful
than what we ultimately ended up with. I think it would have been a fine
contrast with Brody’s death, and I think it would have made for a tremendously
interesting character arc for Carrie in season six. 

the aftermath of 5.12, though, I remember how upset people were. I lurked
around the fandom until obviously I stopped lurking, but the impression I got (particularly in the carrie-quinn livejournal community) was irrepressible and universal sadness over his death. I was upset about it,
but not really that upset, because —
as you can see in the conversation above — I didn’t really get it. I also felt
like there were a lot of parallels to Jack Bauer in 24, and Jack had come back from
death a couple of times with few ill effects. Of course, this show is not 24.
But when Howard Gordon announced that Quinn would be returning, I felt very

the more involved I got with the Homeland fandom, the more it felt like everybody felt the same way as I did.
People wondered why we had ever believed
that Quinn had died, and I was just, like… mass hysteria? And I think that’s
true, but I don’t think the fandom ever recovered from that. It just became an
echo chamber. Quinn was our Tinkerbell and if we clapped hard enough, we could
save him. 

our indignant cries after 5.12 really were a factor in Quinn’s return. But I
don’t think so. I don’t think we ever had the influence we thought we did. 

I don’t know. I really don’t. I can’t understand the point of bringing him back
just to torment him for eleven-and-a-half more episodes and then kill him.

the part that’s upsetting, I think. I know a lot of people who quit watching
Homeland after season six, but who probably would have carried on with the show
if Quinn had died at the end of season five. His death at the end of season six
was a betrayal in a way that his death at the end of season five wouldn’t have
been. They gave fans room to exhale and an entire year to speculate on Quinn’s
future and what it might mean for Carrie and the show. By the time they put him
out of his misery for real, it was too late.

it’s been eighteen entire months since 6.12, and that’s the other thing. Time.

the great thing about television is that you really can pretend the show ends
before it gets to a point that makes you unhappy. For me, Buffy ends at the end
of season five (Once More With Feeling is Willow’s fever dream). Angel ends at
the end of season three. (I know that those are both BAD PLACES to end either
series, but what can I say, I love a miserable ending… I’m sure that Homeland
8.12 will be everything my masochistic soul desires.) 

keep on keeping on with your happy(-ish) ending. The show is what it is, and
will be what it will be. But thankfully the show is ending soon and, anyway,
none of us (except for Sara) MUST watch.

Anyone have plans to see Mandy in concert?

Probably not. I’m the only one who’d really be interested in that sort of thing, and a) none of the dates are really compatible with me and b) even if they were, they’re mostly sold out.

Sara and I are going to see Claire Danes’s husband onstage this week, though! 

Remember what Michelle Obama said. “When they go low, we go high.” Hit delete; don’t reply. (Hey, it rhymes!) My point: these Anons are probably drunk when they write in, and perhaps even forgot what they posted, or regret it the next day. Do us all a favor and don’t post any nastiness here. That goes for the Anons AND the replies. Isn’t it enough that we read about so much garbage everywhere else? I come here for fun!! Go high, Ladies. Stay high. (You know what I mean.)

How many of you guys are sending in drunk asks!? My goodness, I just send all my friends hilarious texts telling them how much I love them. 

Full disclosure, Sara totally deleted the last two asks and I was like, “no, I’m feeling frothy and I am going to ANSWER THEM.” 

And I gotta say, zero regrets the next day. Like, it might not be the nicest thing I’ve ever posted — I’m usually the very model of diplomacy over here (or, as my friend would say, YOU ARE DIPLOMASHLEY)… but sometimes you just gotta.

At least I’m funny? 

(We do love Michelle Obama, though, and Sara and I are totally psyched to go see her in Boston next month.)