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Ashley and Sara, can we ever hope to have more fic installments from you?

Ashley: Yeah, totally. At some point. I won’t pretend I’m actively working on it, but I have every intention of completing it. 

Sara: Oishk. I had a momentary burst of inspiration the other day and it quickly faded when I realized “ugh… writing is so hard.” I want to but I don’t, ya feel?

when we met brody in the pilot – he was a hero that had been captured and the next two season showed how he was never the same. do you worry that carrie, a hero who had been captured, is headed down a similar path to bring homeland full circle? I don’t think she was ‘turned’ like brody, but maybe she’ll be just as broken?

Not really. Not because I think she’ll be okay or anything, but because she is already broken. She was already so different from the Carrie we met in the pilot; the Carrie we meet next season will certainly be a shell of her former self, but I don’t think her time as a captive in Russia is wholly, or even mostly, responsible for that.

And I know that’s not your question, exactly. I can’t really begin to imagine what Carrie will be like in season eight. I certainly do not believe that she’ll be turned — Brody was captive for eight years, and what ultimately broke him was Issa’s death, a crime perpetrated by the country that he was captured serving. Walden and Estes were complicit in that. 

Carrie has had eight fucked up years herself, give or take the time she spent living in Germany. That damage is cumulative. She has had very little opportunity to heal, and it shows.

She’ll be a product of all that damage in season eight. And it will be terrible, and I don’t think that she’ll ever come back from it. But I can’t worry much about something so inevitable, all I can do is ride with it.

What do you think Maggie’s reaction was to Carrie getting captured? What do you think it’ll be when she sees what shape she is in?

I’m sure that Maggie was incredibly upset when she learned that Carrie was captured, and that she would have had to work extraordinarily hard to hide that from Franny. 

Carrie’s return, on the other hand, would be worrisome in a whole new way. Carrie never wanted Franny to see her that way — in fact, she told Maggie early in the season that she’d rather Franny believe she was dead than know that she was trapped in a psych ward. 

There are a lot of layers to be unpacked here. Maggie’s reactions and Maggie’s responses. Maggie told Carrie that, “we don’t lie to our children.” But what does she tell Carrie’s daughter after she’d promised to take care of her, after Carrie herself had promised Franny that she’d come home? 

It’s a really fragile situation, and a terrible one, for everybody involved.

Do you think we’ll see Mira in season 8?

I hope so and also I don’t.

I hope so because Mira is my fave. I would love to see her, I would love for her to have some closure, and I genuinely think that it would be beneficial in wrapping up the story. 

I hope not because, as excited as I was to hear that she’d be coming back in season six, I was terrified that Mira was going to die. Mira’s death is one of the very few things that would utterly ruin the show for me.

Mira meeting Carrie at Saul’s grave would be pretty rad, though. 

I know my opinión is going to unpopular here and may not even publish it but I need to express it: I know that nobody should live what Carrie suffered in that Russian prison but this is the first time we see her suffer the consequences of her decisions in her own skin. And this is very important for the future evolution of the carácter. Will the misión be more important tan the people she loves and loves her too next time?

Actually, I’m sure that a lot of people agree with you. I don’t. 

Mostly, I don’t agree with the idea that Carrie has never before suffered the consequences of her actions. Yes, the psychological warfare that she suffered in the Russian prison was something quite definitely else, but she was locked in a mental institution for weeks in season three. She watched Brody die after spending an entire season attempting to prove him not only innocent, but heroic. (And Brody, for the record, was completely at peace with his own death.)

We don’t know what, exactly, happened to Carrie in the seven months she was held captive in Russia. Psychological torture, certainly — at the very least she was left to her mania. You can’t take physical torture off the table. We don’t know what drugs she was given. 

But this is what Carrie signed up for. She knew what she was getting into. When Yevgeny refused her meds, she knew what was going to happen. 

I know this experience will change Carrie, but I don’t agree that it will change her devotion to her mission or to her country. Brody was turned, sure, but it was Issa’s death that really changed him, that made specific Americans the enemy. He still loved his country. And he still made sacrifices. He put everything on the line — except Carrie, really, and even that was like… it’s not like he didn’t want Walden dead, you know? 

But at the end of the day, he still sprinted into Iran under the cover of darkness, watched his fellow soldier die at the hands of Majid Javadi, and completed his mission to kill Akbari. Never with any guarantee that he was going to get out.

We’re coming up on the last season. The last mission. It would be really fucking unbelievable if Carrie let anything get in the way of it.

So we are supposed to believe that a year from now Carrie will go from being completely out of her mind to being an officer somewhere in Israel???? Fuck That. And Fuck Saul.

We don’t know how substantial the time jump is going to be, nor what Carrie’s role will be when season eight begins. I mean, for sure, fuck that and fuck Saul, but I think we’ve gotta agree to suspend our disbelief if we’re going to survive the rest of the series.

they can’t spend another season with Carrie having to work back from square one–or worse–with her mental health. I’LL go insane.

I honestly, for the very first time, have absolutely zero idea where they are going to go next season. I don’t think that Carrie will begin at square one, exactly, but I don’t know how she will be. I’m guessing she’ll be traumatized. The season could easily start with Carrie getting out of a mental hospital. She’s going to need real, intensive treatment.

If they were going nine seasons, I’d probably be worried more about having to watch that unfold onscreen. But with 12 episodes to go (please god) I think we can probably assume that the Carrie we meet in 8.01 will be the Carrie we’ve got for the rest of her run.

Why or do you believe Quinn will or should be treated differently by the show than Brody was?

Well, I’d argue that Quinn has been treated differently. Despite the fact that he was a major presence on the show for the better part of five seasons, they barely acknowledged him at all in season seven. 

Hell, when Brody died midway through “The Star,” the rest of the episode was still about him. Carrie’s pregnancy. The actual star on the wall. 

Quinn received no memorial on the show. His name was barely mentioned. That feels wrong to me. Brody came up multiple times in season four, and we saw a picture of him in season five. In season six, she talked about him in therapy.

It’s just… bizarre. 

Hey, Ashley. Don’t you live in Boston? Are you doing your darnedest to spy on Rupes while he and Aimee are there for her Northeastern commencement address?

No can do, sorry! I have a pretty busy day, and even if I didn’t, they’re doing the commencement at the Boston Garden, which is where we have, like… Bruins games. And Celtics games. And Beyoncé concerts. 

So it’s, like, a pretty big venue. And, honestly, I slacked off on going to see Kiefer Sutherland performing at a place that holds 476 people, so… I can’t be counted on.

Ashley I would like to know whatever discussion comes about in terms of Quinnspiracy. I’m sure lots more people jumped ship after last night, but who’m I kidding, as long as anyone’s still talking about it I’m interested. #weak

I am hoping to organize and host a Quinnspiracy discussion at some point in the next week or so, and have briefly discussed with Gail (like right this second I sent her a message and she hasn’t responded) about doing a Quinnspiracy-specific pod. 

Unfortunately, the end of the season has left me feeling pretty wrung out. I haven’t rewatched the finale yet. I haven’t even watched Madam Secretary yet, because it hits too many of the same notes. I’m a little bit tired.

If you’re interested in participating in a discussion with me, Gail, and some friends of the blog, feel free to reach out to me. I’ll try to organize it so that everybody who wishes to participate is able to. We’re a pretty international fandom, so I don’t know how that will work out.

You can message me here, on Twitter, or at