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For Ashley. It has been such a long time since we’ve talked Quinnspiracy. FYI, I think it’s such a joke that FMA was on for one scene in S7. But I think the fact that Dar hasn’t said a word about Quinn since his “death” speaks volumes. I believe AFG is just dangling him until he decides whether or not to bring Q back or not. Anyway, just something to talk about.

I really don’t have anything new to say, I’m sorry. I’ve been pretty checked out of Homeland since April 30th — which I know is such a cop-out. But it’s been very quiet here, not much to discuss.

Regarding FMA, I don’t really think his silence on the topic says much at all. He’s not a spokesperson for the show in any way, shape, or form. He doesn’t do promo for Homeland. I don’t think there is any particular reason for him to publicly discuss Quinn or Rupert. 

I maintain that his response to me was weird when I asked him whether he was going to return to Homeland. He was “sworn to secrecy,” and he found the season six finale “interesting!” Is it an argument for Quinnspiracy? Sure. Did it necessarily mean anything? No.

In fact, given his “I’m sworn to secrecy!” in the context of Dar’s one scene, I think one could probably argue that he had no idea whether he was gonna show up in season seven or not.

There is zero new evidence, as far as I’m concerned, that points to Quinnspiracy. He might show up in season eight, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up at this point. 

But, hey, there’s always fic.

For reasons I don’t quite understand, I’m still watching Handmaids’ Tale. I think with this past episode they have surpassed Homeland in terms of gratuitous torture porn and grimness.

Nobody at HYH is still watching The Handmaid’s Tale, so I thought I’d reach out to our exact opposite in this regard… somebody who doesn’t watch Homeland anymore, but who is sticking with THT. Here’s what Ellie had to say: 

In terms of amount of torture, The Handmaid’s Tale seemed to pack a substantial amount of torture porn into a short amount of time, given that they are only on season 2. But there is just something very different in terms of balance with these two shows. To me, The Handmaid’s Tale, while short-lasting, has some hopeful moments. Homeland offered very little of that, making it the ultimate winner to me so far. But give The Handmaid’s Tale a few more seasons. 

(Ellie is known in our Homeland-y circles for her excellent vidding, her commentary at What the Homeland, and her hilarious twitters. Follow her on Tumblr at @martilinski, on Twitter at @ellietonkinn, and find her vids–Nick/June, Carrie/Quinn, and more!–right the heck over here.)



Ashley, not much has been said about Quinnspiracy of late. I miss all your fun replies and hashtags from last year about your strong beliefs that Q is alive. There’s a long list of why we all believe it to be true. My ask: do you think the fact that Q was barely mentioned in S7 should be added to the list? No real mourning; no grave visit; no re-reading of the letter. Are you still leading the Quinnspiracy?

Sorry, not much to say. All my thoughts re: Quinnspiracy can be found either at the Quinnspiracy2k17 tag or the Quinnspiracy2k18 tag. 

I don’t think I’ll ever concede that Quinn is dead, if only out of sheer stubbornness, but I haven’t given much (if any) consideration to Quinnspiracy since the season ended. If I’m the leader, I suck at it. 

Hey Ashley. Maury Sterling retweeted a picture of himself from a scene in “24”. Do you remember this? Did you know he appeared in the show?

I knew about it, yeah, but I don’t really remember it. He was in season six of 24, which — like season six of another television program Howard Gordon is involved with — was literally the worst. I don’t think I’ve watched it since it aired… eleven years ago.

But I’m sure that Maury’s appearance on the show was one of the shining lights of day six, second only to the moment when Jack Bauer, tied to a chair, killed a dude by biting him in the neck vampire-stylez.




Ashley, I think you misinterpreted my ask about being excited for Strangel. OF COURSE we all know Sydney and everyone else over at FMRF are psyched for this show. My question was whether or not the ladies over here at HYH were equally excited.

I didn’t misinterpret your question at all! I just think it would be an insult to the ladies who live, breathe, and gif Rupert Friend to even pretend we are equally excited for the premiere of STRANGEL.

Personally, I think that STRANGEL looks like a fucking fun show, along the lines of The Vampire Diaries or Supernatural. I hope it lives up to its campy premise. I mean, I don’t know a whole heck of a lot about Jack Parsons, but his sister-in-law (his wife’s sister, FYI) left him for his bestie, L. Ron Hubbard… the founder of Scientology. And they kept hanging out. (At least according to the Wikipedia entry that I skimmed right this second.)

Anybody who knows me knows that I love fun television, literature, whatever. I read R. L. Stine with the same voraciousness as my twelve-year-old self. I’m a sucker for a good plot twist. You think I’m deep (I’m not) because I have opinions on this ~prestige~ television program, but legit I’m a 24 junkie. I love vampire shit, I love trashy romance, I love television that makes zero sense and owns it.

I can’t stand television that’s boring, and STRANGEL does not look boring. Have I watched the trailer? No. Do I plan to watch the show? At some point, sure. Am I as psyched for it as people who really, really, really, really love Rupert Friend…? 

…no, but I doubt you’re as excited as I am about Madam Secretary S5, which Tim Daly still is alive in. 

I’m just wondering if everyone here at HYH is as excited for Strange Angel as we are over at FMRF.


But forrealz, would you believe me if I said we were? I mean, have any of you MET Sydney? (Of course you haven’t, if you had, you’d know what an absurd question this is.) 

Are u guys purposely ignoring Asks or are u getting less asks in general these days? I say this coz at the end of both s5 & s6, this blog was getting bombarded with questions!! I mean, sure the circumstances were different, more divided perhaps…but still, the way this season ended, I expected more outrage, more anxiousness & hence more asks in general. What do u think? :)

Oh, for sure we are getting way fewer asks. For all that this season ended with our heroine in very fraught circumstances, the fact of the matter is that Carrie Mathison is going to be okay…ish. She’s breathing, anyway.

This season also made a lot more sense, and the pieces fit together. There’s less outrage. There’s less wondering what happened behind the scenes. There’s less obsession over why. I think there’s just less to discuss, honestly. 

But hey, if you’ve got questions, we’ll do our best to answer them. Unless we don’t. But usually we do.

Do you feel like there should have been at least 1 scene in s7 with Carrie and Keane? I thought it was kind of weird that there wasn’t, given their history from last season, the fact that Carrie started out working against Keane and then switched to working to save her presidency, and because we likely won’t see Keane again. Idk where it would have fit but I feel like there could’ve been a good scene between those 2.

I would have loved to see something between them, but like you said, I don’t know where they would have put it. Claire and Elizabeth both gave outrageously good performances this season, and to see them playing off one another would have been E P I C.

But their relationship was wrapped up in season six. 

That said, I don’t think we’ve talked about this here, but David Crow made a compelling argument for Keane’s resignation in his recap of the finale for Den of Geek: 

Keane has a rare opportunity to relaunch her presidency and even relative national support since between an assassination attempt and a Russian plot against her, she looks like a survivor who has had international forces literally conspiring against her.

Yet she throws this all away so people might start being nicer to each other? I understand this is Homeland writers writing a literal paean to the people, delivered beautifully by Elizabeth Marvel, but I wouldn’t buy it in real life, and I don’t buy it in the show either. I suspect behind the scenes and off-camera, this is part of an even bigger, or some would say nobler, sacrifice. When she met Saul’s team she told them she’d do whatever is in her power to bring Carrie Mathison home. And given that Carrie saved her life just four or five months ago and has now laid down on a grenade for her, I believe her.

Is there a chance that she established this as part of a trade to get Carrie back? She’ll relinquish the presidency to save the life of the woman she owes too much as it is? Perhaps I’m just searching for answers where none exist, but I cannot rationalize a president stepping down from power after 100 days in order to suggest a lesson about good civics.

I genuinely found that take to be fascinating. I don’t know whether we will ever learn this for certain, but if it is the case, then Keane made a tremendous sacrifice for Carrie Mathison in the end. She’ll never stop owing Carrie, but to whatever extent, there’s a chance she’s trying to make it right.

Ashley and Sara, can we ever hope to have more fic installments from you?

Ashley: Yeah, totally. At some point. I won’t pretend I’m actively working on it, but I have every intention of completing it. 

Sara: Oishk. I had a momentary burst of inspiration the other day and it quickly faded when I realized “ugh… writing is so hard.” I want to but I don’t, ya feel?