Category: but i think the generalized notions of him coming in on a white horse to save HL are very overblown

I have to disagree with Quinn being a hindrance to good writing. The problems in S6 were mostly structural; they didn’t know what to do with Carrie and her being out of the CIA for another season was a huge mistakes. The quality of the individual episodes was fine, it was the overall story that was garbage, mostly due to Carrie’s arc. And I don’t for a minute think they did that to serve Quinn or anyone else than the protagonist, so it wasn’t a Quinn problem. 1/2

2/2 I think you see causality where there is none. S7 has me severe problems (hello O’keefe storyline or local internet troll) as well but not as bad as S6. Gordon returning saved it from being a total mess. I also don’t understand the logic. How can you say the writers were disinterested in Quinn but also that they allowed writing him take away from Carrie’s story? I think Gordon returning

I’d rather watch a good show without Quinn than a mediocre one with him.