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Sydney. I have 2 theories why Q’s helmet is “GIGANTOR”. 1) It’s a size XXXL so he can look extra cool just placing it effortlessly on his head on camera. 2) Maybe he wants the extra padding after his motorcycle accident years ago? He said he wasn’t wearing a helmet and was in the hospital for months. (“Your poor baby!”) Is he just being extra careful perhaps?

You read my mind! First of all, Sara was the one who added the caption calling Quinn’s helmet “GIGANTOR” — I typically only pay attention to his face, hands, ass, chest and hair. (Not necessarily in that order.)  But after I realized how just how ridiculously large his helmet was, I immediately assumed it was because of his motorcycle accident. And I’m all for it! My poor baby needs to protect that beautiful head of his. Although, I think I’ve seen that helmet before: