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Things Carrie Wore This Week*

*366 weeks ago

PREVIOUSLY ON THINGS CARRIE WORE THIS WEEK: Carrie wears a lovely red scarf and that is the only lovely thing that happens to Carrie. #sheshouldadonethepuzzle

Well, folks, we’ve reached it. Hat episode. In case you have been living under a rock for the last 6 years, you already know that I FUCKING LOVE “MARINE ONE” and only partly because Carrie wears a hat. 

Ok but there some other things she wears before hat so let’s talk about them. 

Here is Carrie three days after red scarf and she definitely just changed back into what she was wearing before red scarf and has not changed or left her bedroom since. That’s the same oversized grey cardigan. I like that chair! 

These are also the same pajamas Carrie was wearing before. I cannot get over how big and nice Carrie’s apartment is. I still miss it today. Like, she has things hung up on the all. Behind her she’s got whole cabinets with all her towels neatly folded. Good for you, Carrie (/set designer)! 





hat hat hat hat hat hat hat 


Ok let’s talk about this silly hat. It’s been an obsession and fixation for me for years. First: she’s definitely worn this before judging by the fold in the bill. I just love how nondescript it is. And also that it matches her outfit? She very obviously just put it on because she hasn’t washed her hair in about 5-7 days but it just…. so. It’s just so. Know what I mean? 

Look at that hat in action! 

Alright, let’s talk about the rest. We’ve got the dark grey chinos and grey zip-up hoodie she was wearing in the last episode. Along with the Chuck Taylor’s (which are not visible here). 

THIS JACKET. I earnestly love this jacket and when she wore a similar version in “Clarity” this past season I went out and bought a version, which I call–again, also earnestly–“my Marine One jacket.” As if people should just understand what that means. 

(Also I just realized it’s kinda strange that she wears this jacket BEFORE she gets ECT the first time and she wears the similar version AFTER she gets it for (hopefully) the last time. PARALLELS.)

This jacket actually looks great on her. I love the pockets, the cinched waist, the suede collar detail. Combined with her unwashed hair, hat, and hoodie like she’s Ryan Fucking Atwood…. I’m in heaven! I am so happy right now looking at this picture of Carrie pacing and telling Saul correctly that Brody is about to blow up the Vice President. 

Anyhoozles…. some more screenshots, because I know you need them:

Oh my God I LOVE this last shot. Put this in a fucking running ad @ Nike! (I know she’s not wearing Nikes but if she were it would be even more perfect, which is impossible, because her whole situation is AS PERFECT AS ANYTHING CAN GET.)

Quick aside to get kinda serious for a second and say that Carrie’s whole deal this episode–including the things she wears–works only because Claire Danes acts the shit out of it. I mean, that’s the truth with like 95% of anything Carrie Mathison does. But I just love the way her outfits in the last two episodes contrast so much with everything else she wears this season. And, actually, they are remarkably similar to what we see her wear when she’s in Iraq in the opening scene of the pilot and then again in season four. This is maybe her “case officer,” on-the-ground uniform. And I just fucking love that (in case you couldn’t tell). 

We are still not done. Here is Brody being an absolute psychopathic monster to Carrie. I don’t want to talk about anything else related to this scene except that Carrie is wearing a blue shirt that we couldn’t see before. 

(Oh, but quickly–we talk about how the costuming on this show isn’t ever really that purposeful but Carrie and Brody wear something dark green basically the whole episode and it ties them together as they intersect throughout. And in the climax of the episode they’re both dressed in something dark green with those front detail pockets.) 

I am making a personal choice to not include a hospital gown as a “thing” Carrie wears (ever in this series) so that means we’re done. 

One more hat for good measure.