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From the Marisa Tomei of it all to this truly heartbreaking goodbye at the airport … I did like Emily in FB, But when she poisoned and crusified Marisa’s Tomei character, It was the moment when Emily lost to Gillead. Point of no return. The other moment is what she did to Aunt Lydia. Emily wasnt smart enough to get that Lydia put her in a family where she would not be raped and humiliated for a reason. Lack of visdom kills as many people as Pure Evil. I liked old Emily, but now shes broken

We have exhausted the topic of Quinn & RF. How AFG didn’t know what to do with Q, the incessant torture, fear of Q being more popular, etc. However, we have not spent much time talking about Dar & FMA. I think they ruined Dar too. He was one of the most compelling characters on the show. Certainly moreso than Saul, and a much better actor in my opinion. The relationship between Q&D was so fun to watch too. D’s “torture” paralleled Q’s in a way. Both were phased out for S&C. Sorry, still miffed.

We have exhausted this topic as well. Check the March 2017 archives. We talked in circles about how the show ruined Dar’s character with the implications he had assaulted underage boys in his group. 

But I still think Carrie and Saul are much more compelling than Dar and Quinn ever were. There were of course parallels between their respective relationships/mentorships but Carrie and Saul’s relationship has always been heaps more interesting and complex to me. Obviously YMMV. 

However, Dar and Quinn weren’t “phased out” for Carrie and Saul. The Carrie/Saul relationship is the central relationship on this show, from the beginning. Probably not the answer you wanted to hear. 

Hi Sara. You’ve probably been asked this a million times, so apologies. My question: Did you get into Homeland because of Claire Danes? Or did you get into Claire Danes after watching HL? Did you watch My So Called Life when it aired in 1994 or 95? Or did you watch it after you got into HL? Thanks!

I did not get into Homeland because of Claire Danes. I binge watched the entire first season in like three days (including skipping classes so I could finish the last two episodes of season one #oop) right as season two was starting because I was curious about it after it won all those Emmys in 2012. 

(Quick aside for more Sara/Homeland origin story: I remember this week well, because it was right after midterms so I had a TON of free time… I also had just moved into a new apartment and had three free months of Showtime via my cable provider so I was like, “hey why not!?” I remember watching the last scene of the pilot where Brody is running and stops in front of the US Capitol and being like “fuuuuuuuuck…. well there goes my day.” If only I’d known the rabbit hole I was about to go down…)

After I was caught up and started watching live, week-to-week (“State of Independence” was the first episode I ever watched live and as a result I have a major sweet spot for it purely for nostalgia reasons), I began to consume everything about the show and Claire Danes, who was (and still is, duh) my favorite part of it. 

I very quickly understood that I needed to watch MSCL and I finished my first run through of the series in December of 2012, during my winter break. I loved it (obviously). 

I added several not-so-subtle hints in this answer to let you know that this all was happening when I was in college, which meant I was not watching MSCL when it first aired in 1994 on account of being a tiny child. 

“Everyone wants you to forget but please always remember Elisabeth Moss is a Scientology cult member and is complicit in the indentured servitude of thousands of people.” – oh, sara, thank You for mentioning This. When I found out who she really is, I was like Wow, ppl, her talent is not excuse for being ppl lives cynical manipulator, stop giving her nimbus. PS. Although, I strongly dislike Emily in a show since ep2 of season 2

What??? Episode 2 of season 2 made me fall even more in love with Emily!! 

From the Marisa Tomei of it all to this truly heartbreaking goodbye at the airport…


I can’t believe the woman who could barely keep up with Lauren Graham on GG (I mean, it’s LG but still) is coming through on this show so hard. She found her genre, that’s for sure. 

Currently listening: “Walking on Broken Glass” by Annie Lennox

Watching S3 again. I give up, why is E2 titled Uh… Oh… Ah… .

“Uh… Oh… Ah…” = “Fuck…. you…. Saul….”

Sara! I’m in a bar right now and guess what’s playing. “Blister in the Sun” by the Violent Femmes. Your posting here of that famous scene from My So-Called Life of Angela Chase/Claire Danes singing this song got me into the show. Such a classic!! Thank you! That’s all.

Yay! That makes me happy! Now go watch LOVE on Netflix, where that song makes a very clutch appearance in the first season. You won’t be sorry. 

Don’t laugh, but I’ve been watching a bit of Beverly Hills 90210 in recent weeks. I’ve always enjoyed it in the summer months, especially the episodes at the Beverly Hills Beach Club. They just seem to transport me to the seaside. Anyhoo, I always knew Chip Johannessen had a big role in the show, but I did not know that Meredith Stiehm wrote for it, in particular, the one where David learns about his mom’s mental illness. Meredith has a sister who is bi-polar, right?

How can I laugh at you watching “a bit” of Beverly Hills 90210 when my first true TV love was The OC?

Meredith Stiehm does have a sister, Jamie, who is bipolar. She penned a viral op-ed in the New York Times in the weeks after season one aired describing how her experience influenced not only Carrie’s character but her manic episode in “The Vest.” Here is a choice passage:

And yet for all that, I feel the show’s creators, writers and producers, and Ms. Danes, have done us all a public service: perhaps, with the show’s glowing reception, Americans can finally talk openly about bipolar disorder.

Meredith’s interest in my condition is not, of course, limited to her work as a writer. After the manic episode landed me in the Johns Hopkins hospital years ago, Meredith stayed with me at home for a week to help me get back to the regular simplicity of sleeping and waking.

And suddenly it’s dawned on me (and, maybe it’s dawned on me previously and I’ve just forgotten) that Meredith Stiehm is the Maggie of this story. That has a lot of resonance so many years later, even as Meredith has not written for the show for two seasons. 

Your ask got me wondering what she’s been up to since she left the show after season five. IMDb and Google don’t show much, but she is on the board of directors for WGA West (with Chip) and had a seemingly important role in preventing a(nother) writers’ strike this past year

I miss Claire. We were so lucky this spring with all her movie promotion blitz and instagram posts. I want cute pregnancy pictures! Anyway, I filling the void left by Claire and the terrible doom of Handmaids’ Tale with Amy Adams in Sharp Objects.

I will always cherish the four months we had where Claire decided she want to be a 21st-century celebrity and post on Instagram. 

(And, while we’re on the topic, her Instagram remains wholly confusing to me. Whenever I’m like “where is Claire on IG?” Ashley says, “she’s busy growing a person.” Which: yes! But while the timing of her creating the account and posting did coincide with the filming of Homeland’s seventh season, the timing of her stopping posting did not coincide with the S7 finale. And, as we know, she starred in a movie that was released this summer and …. nada. So we can’t even say it’s a Homeland-driven or even PR-driven account.)

Anyhoozles, I hereby declare this the most boring HYH summer ever. 

Hiya. I’m the Anon who wrote in inquiring about LLG’s tweets. It is in her most recent tweet where she thanks Cindy Cowan for the praise. CC tweeted that LLG is the showrunner of HL and has won Emmys. Since LLG thanked her, and didn’t correct her, I thought I must have missed some major news. I guess CC had her facts wrong. Strange that LLG didn’t correct her though. Anyway, sorry for any confusion.

I don’t know who Cindy Cowan is but she’s mistaken on both accounts. 

Woulda been kind of awkward if LLG was like “actually I have a LESS important job on Homeland and also I have NEVER won an Emmy.” 

Just reading LLG’s tweets. She’s now the showrunner of HL?! And when did she win an Emmy? She’s thanking this person for the praise and recognition, so I obviously missed something.

I just looked at her tweets from the past month and I don’t see anything referencing her being the showrunner of Homeland.

Alex Gansa is the showrunner. 

She’s never won an Emmy but she’s been nominated seven times, including six nominations for Homeland (directing and producing). 

So maybe I’m missing something?