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in season 6, i heard they cut the scene when quinn meets grannie (cookies at snack time). is there any way to access deleted scenes?

In past seasons they’ve released deleted scenes in the DVD box set, but I don’t think they did that for season six (and it happens to be the one DVD box set of this show I don’t own). 

Watched Damian Lewis on Colbert this week. What’s up with the accent? It’s like 98% American. He also seemed pretty tipsy. I can totally see now how he and Claire are good friends. I bet they’re both party animals.

Wow, you really weren’t kidding about the accent. He was going in and out of American/British. It was like watching Dorit on Real Housewives.

I doubt that he’s losing his accent, but I remember that he would say when he was filming Homeland (and, I’m assuming now, Billions) he’d stay with his American accent the entire time of filming because it was just easier. There are some older behind the scenes videos from season two where he’s talking in an American accent as Damian, and it’s clear it’s between scenes or something. 

Also, he doesn’t seem tipsy to me at all (please watch this video of Jennifer Lawrence getting progressively drunker on Colbert for comparison). He has the same kind of hyper persona as Claire on talk shows where he’s just extremely outgoing and goofy. 

Too early to ask perhaps, but are any of you (FMRF gals too) planning on getting together to watch the final episode of HL this fall? Wil probably air just after Thanksgiving. I’m predicting Sara, as is her custom, will watch alone, yes?

Actually I’ve watched the last two Homeland finales with Ashley, so it’s not as much of a custom as you’d think. But I’m planning to watch this one alone. I need it to be that way. It’s honestly more stressful for me to watch with another person and I think you all know I’m going to be a ball of nerves for this one.

Group ask. Is there anything you want resolved in the final season? What do you wish for in order to walk away from this series fulfilled? What could make you very angry after the finale?

Sara: I mean, I literally only care about Carrie. I hope they have some sort of resolution in the ups and downs of her relationship with Saul. Carrie getting a star on the wall would make me really angry – not because it would make me angry if she died (though if she died in particular ways I’d probably be angry), but I just really dislike that potential ending. 

Ashley: I don’t think this series is going to leave me feeling satisfied in any way, shape, or form. I can’t imagine it otherwise. I anticipate turning off the television and sitting in a dark room for a while, contemplating the end of it. I likewise can’t think of anything that will make me angry. I feel like I have reached a healthy place with this show.

…but ask me again after season 8 starts.

Julie: Somehow I’m fine with the ending of the series and I can’t imagine anything right now that would get me really angry. However, I’m expecting an unsolved end, with no winner, and with one or more deaths of major or beloved characters. Homeland is not known to resolve ambiguous allusions they’ve made in the past, but I’d love to keep trust in Carrie until the end and not question her.

Gail: I’m one of the rare people that actually understood the ending of LOST, so I’m hoping I will have that same clarity with the ending of Homeland. I am not approaching season 8 with a list of things I’d like resolved – I don’t think Homeland has ever worked like that. I think the questions that will need to be answered are very similar to those posed in Season 1. How could a patriot see the atrocities of war first hand, lose everything, watch the government they fight for do unspeakable things and have that not break them? Was it all worth it in the end? Homeland is never a zero sum game – so my hope is that whatever the final answers are – Carrie ends the series on her own terms. I also wouldn’t mind a Khan cameo…and that Tasneem gets whats coming to her. 

Angela: Well, I don’t expect jack-shit to get resolved, and honestly, I know I will feel deep relief at the end, regardless of what happens during the season. I’ll just be hanging on for the ride, so at this point, nothing will make me angry. I just hope it makes for good television.

Do you think that there was any kind of sexual tension, at any time, between Carrie and Saul?

Hey Sara. Could you elaborate on your hashtag comments about the casting of Sam Trammel please? I’m confused. Are you frustrated with the casting, or with the storyline? Why the “ugh”? Why the “that’s not the point”? I have never even heard of this actor. Thank you!

I’m frustrated with the storyline and the casting. 

Why are we still dealing with president stuff in season 8? I thought they wrapped it all up (fairly nicely actually!) last season. 

I thought season 8 was going to be a “contained,” “intelligence-based” season (Gansa’s own words)? So why are we casting another VP who’s going to plot and scheme?? Like??????? I don’t care if you have Beau Bridges as your POTUS. LET IT GO!! What more of that story is there to tell? I could not give less of a shit about some scheming white dude in the White House. Which brings me to my next cause of my frustration…

We have YET ANOTHER middle-aged white dude. This show has too many of those as it is. Writers and casting people, please be more creative! We gave them plenty of suggestions of awesome women who could have played that role. 

Sam Trammell is hot but, as I said the other day, that’s not the point!! 

So off topic. 90210 related. First of all, I’m very saddened by Luke Perry’s death. I was a big fan of 90210 and Brenda & Dylan. More off topic… I was watching a couple episodes of 90210 yesterday just to remember LP. I watched the spring dance episode from season 1 where Brenda & Kelly wear the same dress. Tonight, as I sift through paper work, my background movie is Mystic Pizza. Julia Roberts is wearing the same dress as Brenda & Kelly! It’s at the 22-minute mark. FYI, the movie is on Hulu.

Just wanted to add that I know it’s kind of a silly “ask”, but since we have talked about 90210 and Julia Roberts recently, thought it might be fun to talk about. HOWEVER, I am devastated from the news of Luke Perry. I think he had a very kind soul. Sorry for not connecting these two stories more articulately. Dylan wouldn’t mind.

Is it weird that whenever I’m outside walking I dramatically turn my head to look behind me and immediately envision myself as Carrie from the iconic season 1 premiere scene ? #RealLifeCarrieMoments

Absolutely not!

Off topic. “Fox orders reboot of 90210 featuring most of original cast.” Happy? Couldn’t care less? Big mistake? 🤔



How about explaining all of the episode’s titles? Would you? Maybe one a day/week.

“Ok, here we go. This is only from memory and if any of this is wrong or contains typos please don’t @ me I didn’t edit! 

Season one:

  • “Pilot: twas the pilot! 
  • “Grace”: Brody prays at the end 
  • “Clean Skin”: I think this is because Nazir lets Brody take a bath
  • “Semper I”: it’s a play on “Semper Fi” which is short for “Semper Fidelis” which is a Marine motto which means “always faithful”
  • “Blind Spot”: Carrie thinks Brody uses the blind spot in the safe house to slip Hamid the razor blade plus her growing attraction for him is kind of her blind spot!! 
  • “The Good Soldier”: almost undoubtedly a reference to a novel about a love triangle between a woman and two soldiers
  • “The Weekend”: because it’s THE weekend, duh
  • “Achilles Heel”: Saul’s Achilles heel is that he always answers when work calls, Tom Walker’s is that he loves his wife and kids… Carrie’s is literally every aspect of her existence
  • “Crossfire”: Issa gets stuck in the crossfire
  • “Representative Brody”: it’s the episode where Brody decides to run for Congress lol
  • “The Vest”: Brody tries on a vest! 

Season two: 

  • “Beirut Is Back”: I could have sworn that there was a tourism campaign for the city of Beirut and this was the slogan but now I can find no evidence of that online
  • “State of Independence”: idk if this is a reference to the Donna Summers song or just a reference to Carrie being on her own again
  • “New Car Smell”: Brody gets a car wash to get rid of the odor of tobacco and murder
  • “Q&A”: Carrie asks some questions
  • “A Gettysburg Address”: play on words with Abraham Lincoln’s speech and the fact that Quinn & Co. literally go to a physical address in Gettysburg
  • “The Clearing”: I think this has multiple meanings: Carrie meets Brody in the clearing in the woods, Dana clears her conscience, Brody attempts to clear his
  • “I’ll Fly Away”: a reference to the 90s TV show that Henry Bromell (and, hi! Barbara Hall!) both wrote on but a more literal reference to Brody being whisked away on a helicopter at the end (lmao s2 is wild)
  • “Two Hats”: so many people wearing hats in this episode!! 
  • “Broken Hearts”: lulz Walden’s breaks at the end 
  • “In Memoriam”: because Nazir dies (fact: this episode was originally titled “The Motherfucker in the Turban” but was changed last minute, thank god)
  • “The Choice”: Carrie must choose between red and white wine JUST KIDDING IS ANYONE STILL READING THIS???

Season three: 

  • “Tin Man Is Down”: someone says this during the weird Wizard of Oz op
  • “Uh… Oh… Aw”: phonetically it sounds like “fuck… you… saul” if you were drugged out on thorazine
  • “Tower of David”: Brody’s residence 
  • “Game On”: because it’s when Carrie and Saul’s spy-came-in-from-the-cold operation is revealed 
  • “The Yoga Play”: it’s Carrie’s very unoriginal name for an espionage scheme in which a lady with blonde hair attends a yoga class in her place
  • “Still Positive”: Carrie takes a 47th pregnancy test and is still positive #scarredforlife
  • “Gerontion”: ugh this is a poem I don’t know more go find Jacob Clifton’s TWoP recap
  • “A Red Wheelbarrow”: Carrie texts this to the Franklin man, it’s like spy code for “i’m the one answering this not some other dude” 
  • “One Last Thing”: Saul to Brody: “you will do this one last thing” (literally though!) 
  • “Good Night”: more spy code. I think it means “we’re fucked!”?
  • “Big Man in Tehran”: Brody becomes one of these when he denounces America for terrorism! (but only for show!)
  • “The Star”: probs dual meaning and allusion to the literal star Carrie draws and Damian Lewis’ stature on the show

Season four:

  • “The Drone Queen”: we stan one! 
  • “Trylon and Perisphere”: a reference to the two structures at the World’s Fair and I can’t remember where I read this but I think it’s a reference to Quinn and the Landlady which is 100% horrific and offensive 
  • “Shalwar Kameez”: this is the national dress of Pakistan but beyond that I got nothing
  • “Iron in the Fire”: Carrie says this about Aayan
  • “About a Boy”: think this is not a reference to the book/film but rather just to Carrie trying to figure out Aayan’s dealio
  • “From A to B and Back Again”: possibly a reference to the circular nature of the episode? They go from thinking they’ve got Haqqani to being back at square one by episode’s end 
  • “Redux”: Carrie hallucinates Brody
  • “Halfway to a Donut”: Duck says this about some pastry. Like 4.06, they think they’ve got Saul and end up back to zero (donut)
  • “There’s Something Else Going On”: well there was!! 
  • “13 Hours in Islamabad”: reference to the Benghazi attacks, which the episode basically lifts from directly and which also lasted ~13 hours
  • “Krieg Nicht Lieb”: Carrie meets a German spy woman! This means “war not love” (not perfectly translated), so an ironic take on “love not war”
  • “Long Time Coming”: Carrie and Quinn finally have sex!!!!!!! (just seeing if anyone is still reading this)

Season five: 

  • “Separation Anxiety”: I think this a meta reference to the time jump and also to Carrie’s anxieties about being out of the CIA but back in that world
  • “The Tradition of Hospitality”: I believe this is a reference to Carrie + Otto being guests at the UN refugee camp and how… un-hospitably that trip ends
  • “Super Powers”: Carrie believes she has super powers when she’s off her meds
  • “Why Is This Night Different”: these words at said at Passover seder, which starts out the episode 
  • “Better Call Saul”: horrifically embarrassing title that is a reference to Carrie calling Saul as well as the Breaking Bad spinoff starring Bob Odenkirk
  • “Parabiosis”: I honestly don’t know. It’s a scientific term and I haven’t rewatched those middle season five episodes since they aired and also don’t care to! 
  • “Oriole”: this was Carrie’s code name with one of her assets in Iraq
  • “All About Allison”: this episode centers on our Lord and Savior Allison Carr, Queen of Online Handbag Shopping! 
  • “The Litvinov Ruse”: I think this describes the trick they played on Allison thinking she was blown when she wasn’t 
  • “New Normal”: some military or CIA person says this about ISIS or Russia and Quinn being gassed 
  • “Our Man in Damascus”: this is the title of a book about a man who infiltrates a foreign government at the highest levels so I’m pretty sure it’s a reference to Allison 
  • “A False Glimmer”: lifted straight from Quinn’s letter! 

Season six: 

  • “Fair Game”: was surely sad by Keane or Dar or Saul or someone else about something (sorry, haven’t rewatched these episodes either)
  • “The Man in the Basement”: it’s where Quinn threw that mug at Carrie
  • “The Covenant”: believe this is a reference to the scene with Saul and his sister and Palestine/Israel
  • “A Flash of Light”: Etai says* this to Saul: “And the question I keep asking myself is this– should we [the Jewish people] pack up and leave before it’s too late? All eight million of us? Should we go back to the ghettos of Europe and Asia and wait for the next pogrom? Or just pray it doesn’t happen here first, in a flash of light?” *not recited from memory
  • “Casus Belli”: apparently this was the actual name of meat face?? The phrase actually means a justification for war, so…
  • “The Return”: isn’t the episode where Javadi comes back?
  • “Imminent Risk”: Carrie is this to Franny and Quinn is this to…. himself?
  • “alt.truth”: I think this was someone’s sock puppet handle or website name or something? Idk it was about online trolls I think
  • “Sock Puppets”: Max finds ‘em! 
  • “The Flag House”: the house where meat face lives has a flag out front
  • “R is for Romeo”: there was an R on the white board at the flag house which I think meant eastern time?? It was spy code I can’t remember!! 
  • “America First”: term that used to mean non-interventionist policy but has been today co-opted by the American right to mean that we gotta put America ahead of all other interests (moral, humane, rational, etc.) because… AMERICA!!! Typically used to justify fascist policies

Season seven: 

  • “Enemy of the State”: Carrie’s power of bun have put her in the crosshairs (is anyone still reading this?) 
  • “Rebel Rebel”: I remember this being a play on words and it’s a verb, not a noun. Said by those gun crazies with Brett O’Keefe.
  • “Standoff”: Saul and O’Keefe
  • “Like Bad at Things”: definition for “incompetent.” Said by Carl, who deserves a Best Supporting Actor Emmy
  • “Active Measures”: term for actions taken by Russia to undermine America
  • “Species Jump”: another science term to describe the jumping of a pathogen from one host to another… I’m thinking this might be Carrie understanding who Dante really was but it’s a Chip Johannessen title so anything is possible
  • “Andante”: it’s how Carrie ends the episode! (that is a joke and it is 100% another meaning for the title but it also refers to a moderately slow tempo which is basically this episode’s structure until, y’know, the ending!) 
  • “Lies, Amplifiers, Fucking Twitter”: it’s one half of a haiku Carrie is writing 
  • “Useful Idiot”: see: picture of Carrie in a PowerPoint presentation
  • “Clarity”: Carrie gets it (kinda)
  • “All In”: what Carrie must convince Saul she is for the 650th time because Saul remains trash
  • “Paean to the People”: a reference to Keane’s speech