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Between sea change and vicissitude, hyh is really expanding my vocabulary.

I can’t decide whether following Claire’s career all these years makes me feels smarter… or dumber. 



SAT vocab with the stars of Homeland 

What a nice tribute from Mandy to his Aunt June on Twitter. A message for us all, Ladies!!

Indeed! The tweet is here

Thoughts on Claire’s dress at the Tony Awards? Let’s just say it wouldn’t have been my choice.

Frangi: There’s no good way to cover a 6-months-pregnant bump for a big night out and there’s nothing more uncomfortable than having to find a dress that allows you and the baby space but doesn’t look like a bin bag or candy box and doesn’t make you collapse from heat. So no pregnant Claire shaming here. 

Sara: If you’re six months pregnant and cool with rocking some silvery pink leopard Valentino, fuckin’ go for it, sister! (I try to read Go Fug Yourself and Tom & Lorenzo after awards like these and was surprised that they were both kinda into it? Go figure!) 

Sara (updated this morning): I’m way more interested in talking about what she wore to the Public Theater Gala last night…. I think this is a red jumpsuit under that black overcoat. She is typically a goob and Hugh and his wayward curl are looking at her like “you are such a goob.” 

Ashley: God I want just a series of Claire’s silly outfits.

Sara: Remind me in a week.  

Going to ask again, has CD or anyone else from HL uttered the name Quinn or RF during the media rounds post S7?

I have to admit that I took a break from following the media at some point toward the end of the season, so my overview might not be complete, but as far as I followed here’s what we got:

Alex Gansa in Dec 2017: “Quinn colors Carrie’s every thought

Morgan Spector in March 2018:

“I was really impressed with Rupert Friend’s performance. It was an extremely demanding season for him and I thought he was incredible. I think Quinn was a character that fans became attached to, myself included, over the course of the six seasons and there was a sense of, ‘I know this person and they are part of my imaginary life in some way.’ You can’t develop that over the course of a few episodes. He was a wonderful character and I think he afforded the show an opportunity to really portray the human cost of the war on terror and what it has done to some American soldiers and to many, many more people in the countries affected by it.” (x)

Lesli Linka Glatter in June 2018:

“I’m always the one who ends up directing the scenes where we kill the ones we love.” (This was last week’s Emmy FYC Event, we posted some clips here.)

Mandy Patinkin spoke very warmly about Rupert during his speech at the Walk of Fame ceremony back in February, calling him “a gift to Homeland” (quoting from my memory).

And maybe the most beautiful words were said in our HYH “On the Record With…” interview series. You can find all interviews here, and here are two great satements about Rupert:

Maury Sterling in April 2018:

“As for working with Rupert, he is a royal pain in the ass whom I miss. 😉 I loved working with Rupert. He is a talented son of a gun.” (x)

Claire and McKenna Keane in May 2018:

“Who’s Rupert? Oh, you mean Quinn… because that’s what we called him on and off set. We miss working with him so much. He would carry us from our dressing room to set when it was time to shoot our scenes. And sometimes it took us a long time to get back into character between takes because he had us laughing so hard.” (x)

The lack of a proper send off spoke volumes–as we have said so many times, over and over again. 

These interviews are not as many as we wished for–but could it ever be enough when a beloved character leaves? Is there anything that would have felt right and enough? I doubt that.

Honestly, I didn’t expect them to be more vocal about Quinn/Rupert during season 7. They made the choices they made for season 6 and were radio silent about it, to a maddening extent, so why would they change that attitude when approaching a new season? And even more so, why would they talk about him after a successful season 7, the first season without him?

That’s sad and frustrating but I stopped spending too much energy on it. Look at the BTS pics of Rupert and his colleges at the set of Strange Angel and you’ll see a team that looks much happier together than what we saw from Homeland in season 6. And keep Quinn in your heart as a once-in-a-lifetime character who affected you deeply and profoundly. That’s what I do (and that’s why I still write fan fic).

And one last thing: it’s okay to move on and leave Homeland behind if it is no longer giving you what you are looking for. Losing Quinn has been tough for many of us and it’s okay to move on if it’s not enjoyable for you without him.

Re this ask from the archives you just posted, “If C&Q have sex this season, how would you like it to happen?” From what season is this? And at about what point in the season? (These are fun, by the way.)

That was a today in hyh post so it was from June 10, 2015. So not actually “from” any season but actually between seasons four and five and right as season five was starting to film in Berlin and during my weird “let Carrie be happy with her new German beau but also Carrie and Quinn should have an affair” phase.

That didn’t last long.

I so appreciate your post. I also have been thinking of the arc of Carrie Matthison. I was stunned by Useful Idiot. Her walking that corridor, the familiar chanting, then flashes of each of her “failures”. She never said “I love you” to any of these men. Clarity – her acceptance of .. herself. She can’t have motherhood and THIS career. Your word calling is the better word. Her clarity is not only of her situation but of what she is capable of doing and what she is not.

Taking a long view of the series we get to see her try out & test her limitations; trying to discover herself. Isn’t that what we all do?

Thank you… you put it so well, in terms of Carrie testing out her limitations and understanding what she is capable of. I guess I don’t see anything wrong with that. I don’t see it as un-feminist that she can’t. 

From a more macro level, the overarching journey does seem to be Carrie’s discovery of where she belongs. Remember how she’d been back in Washington for about nine months in the pilot but her apartment was still filled with unpacked boxes? Or recall Franny asking her mother this season where they would go if they had to leave Maggie’s house. Where is Carrie’s home? And what is she protecting? My greatest hope for this last season is that those questions will be answered. 



Claire will be on Seth Meyers Wednesday, the 13th. (Same day she’ll be on Live with Kelly & Ryan.)

Ashley, not much has been said about Quinnspiracy of late. I miss all your fun replies and hashtags from last year about your strong beliefs that Q is alive. There’s a long list of why we all believe it to be true. My ask: do you think the fact that Q was barely mentioned in S7 should be added to the list? No real mourning; no grave visit; no re-reading of the letter. Are you still leading the Quinnspiracy?

Sorry, not much to say. All my thoughts re: Quinnspiracy can be found either at the Quinnspiracy2k17 tag or the Quinnspiracy2k18 tag. 

I don’t think I’ll ever concede that Quinn is dead, if only out of sheer stubbornness, but I haven’t given much (if any) consideration to Quinnspiracy since the season ended. If I’m the leader, I suck at it. 

Things Claire Wore in AKLJ brought me so much joy this morning. Love your dedication to pajama analysis.

Thanks! I hope you’re ready for a LOT more pajama analysis.