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Is it just me or is Anson getting more attractive every episode?

Ashley: It is just you.

Gail: It might be just you. I thought he was hot from the get-go. 🤷🏼‍♀️🔥

Julie: Was he never not hot? I need to do an Anson gifset.

Gail: Julie – I am HERE FOR THIS. Please do!

Julie: Work in progress…

Frangi: No, it just feels like “poor man‘s Quinn.” They couldn‘t deal with the baggage of that story but want the cool black ops bad ass stuff. So I am not really willing to give him a fair chance.

Sara: I was way into his bulletproof vest and wind-swept hair. #lowkeyshipping

Where are the Moscow scenes filmed, and where is that lakeside dascha where Simone is hiding out?

I was in Budapest 🕵️‍♀️ while they were filming and started to share the filming locations on my @homeland-spy blog. This is the first part of the locations I could figure out. More to follow. Filming was done in and around Budapest in March. 

Yevgeny’s dacha is set at the Palace of Zebegény (Dőry-kastély), next to the river Danube.

My only complaint of the last episode is how much I hate Sandrine Holt’s weird, quasi-French accent…even more distracting the O’Keefe’s.

EDIT to that last ask about Sandrine’s accent: turns out her mother is from France and fluent in French…why does her accent sound so weird then??

We sure do spend a lot of time talking about people’s accents on this blog! Anyway, I don’t notice any typical weirdness, then again I am an American so I’m not the best judge. 

I’m more annoyed that they had SANDRINE FUCKING HOLT for an entire season and she only just had her first scene with Claire in the penultimate episode.

Group ask: If you could write a scene in the seasons that we had so far that you would have wanted to see although it wouldn’t have changed the story, what kind of scene would it be?

Frangi: Great question. Only one? But how do I know if “my” scene would change the story or not without seeing how the story unfolds after my scene? I always wanted a scene in which Carrie Comes home from Tehran after Brody’s death and a) Quinn picks her up from the airport and b) Carrie goes to Jessica and tells her Brody died while Quinn waits for her in the car. And in season 6, I wanted a scene in which Carrie tells Quinn how much it means to her that he survived. Not even as a potential love interest or to spark of a romance, just his person telling him that he is needed and loved. Oh, and I was always hoping for Julia to come back for a Brief appearance after she saw the Berlin video. And: Carrie touching Quinn in the car in 6.12. (and now you know why I still write fanfic, because my mind starts Spinning right away when I think about those scenes). Oh, and Mira kicking Saul’s sorry ass out of the house. Lockhart’s wife making lasagna and telling her husband to behave and not use any f* words during the wake.

Gail: I have a thousand scenes I wish would have happened – but pretty much the entire list would’ve changed the story in some way. Lockhart is one of my favorite characters – and looking back I wish we would’ve had a scene at Frank’s funeral where he and Saul were in line to use the bathroom and had a convo commiserating about what life is like when working with Carrie. A funny quip from Lockhart and a knowing smirk from Saul would’ve made my day. 

Ashley: I’ve always wanted to see Mira kicking Saul to the curb. I know it sounds like I’m ripping Frangi off, but, like, I have been a vocal advocate of MIRA IS TOO GOOD FOR SAUL BERENSON for my entire life. The End.

Sara: I would have written a flashback that showed the affair between Estes and Carrie. That relationship fascinates me. And I miss David Harewood a lot.

Group question: do you see (plotwise) any possibilities of tieing all the seasons together in season 8 (javadi, mole agency (sorry still believ that),Haqqani, season 6 clusterfuck, Franni, the Russians etc..) and if Yes can you all share your insight?

Ashley: Nope.

Gail: Ha ha ha – Ashley! I agree – there is no way they are going to tie everything up in Season 8 – at least not to everyone’s satisfaction. It wouldn’t really be Homeland if they did, right? I definitely think we’ll get some closure – just not sure how much or how satisfactory it will be…

Julie: Uhm, no. I think S8 will be some kind of restart as there will be a time jump after S7. A whole new life in a different country! 😉

Sara: In terms of the plot? No. In terms of Carrie’s overall journey? They better. 

Can we start a petition to beg the writers for more seasons ?

Ashley: Not unless season nine goes full-tilt relaxation/recovery-mode for Carrie Mathison. Episode 9.01 — Carrie gets a massage. Episode 9.02 — Carrie goes to yoga. Episode 9.03 — Carrie goes hiking. Episode 9.04 — Carrie goes to the beach. Episode 9.05 — Carrie and Franny have a picnic. Episode 9.06 — Carrie meditates. Episode 9.07 — Carrie goes to group therapy. Episode 9:08 — Carrie runs a 10k. Episode 9.09 — Carrie and Maggie have a spa day. Episode 9.10 — Carrie sleeps in. Episode 9.11 — Carrie stays up all night so that she can watch the sun rise. Episode 9.12 — Carrie takes a candlelit bath and goes to bed early.

I have nothing to add to Ashley’s 👌 suggestions. This sounds like having a real life.

Gail: I love a good spy show – so if they felt like they had story to tell and could cultivate interesting plot lines and give us a strong cast, I’d definitely be open to checking it out. I don’t know if I have the enthusiasm to beg them to do it though…ask me again during Season 8. 

Sara: My friend, I need a petition to make sure there are NOT more seasons of this hellscape TV series. I’m almost free. So close!! So. Close.

Frangi: Only if they bring Quinn back and he joins all the fun stuff Ashley suggested. And maybe some more fun stuff.

Do you think Carrie will make it out of Moscow this season? The teaser for next episode really killed me inside

No. “That’s not the mission,” as Carrie says.

It’s interesting. The logline for the episode is literally, “Carrie and Saul’s mission doesn’t go as planned. Elizabeth Keane fights for her presidency.” 

Like, this is Homeland, right? You don’t need to tell us that in the finale of the penultimate season of the television show, Carrie and Saul’s mission doesn’t go as planned. This, to me, implies that it is going to go EPICALLY not as planned. Off the rails bananas, possibly. 

I don’t know how or why Carrie will be left behind, though I suspect she’ll be captured by the Russians. That’s kinda how Howard Gordon rolls (and I am completely and utterly okay with that, please keep doing what you’re doing, man). 


No, not in my eyes. 

The tweet in question is here and his “!!!” reaction is, to me, because James Comey said he misses “Pete.” I guess that’s pretty cool? The tweet reads as excitement and disbelief more than anything else. (Sorry, but after the 2016 election Comey is definitely not on my “Cool People” list.)

Do you really think if Quinn was coming back–or if Rupert was making an appearance–he’d tweet about it? 

(Maury’s subsequent tweet, which basically amounts to “holy shit,” further confirms the disbelief/excitement theory.) 

Where did it say C was going to say poignant goodbyes to D?

We got an ask tipping us off to this review by David Crow at Den of Geek, which included the following: 

After Carrie says her surprisingly poignant goodbyes to Dante via his parents—yes, she ruined his life, but he still betrayed his country—she and Saul are off to Europe to see if they can dig out Simone Martin and prove the Russian conspiracy.

It didn’t appear onscreen, so it looks like reviewers may have gotten advance copies with new info. 

This is for Ashley! Ok so I know CD is pregnant and that’s why we have to wait until summer (?) 2019 for season 8 BUT what if there’s another reason? Like say PQ returns season 7 finale and we’re all 😲😲😲😲😲 and because AG loves us all and knows we’ve all been waiting, therefore he’s going to make us wait almost 18 MONTHS to find out how what why how why what how is PQ back?!!! It’s the kind of thing he’d pull. What a meanie.

Okay, I’m pretty sold on Claire’s pregnancy being the #1 reason why Homeland will not resume filming until January 2019. That is A Fact as far as I am concerned. 

However, the epic fuckassery of such a move is also right up Alex Gansa’s alley, so I can’t help but think that forcing us to weight 18 months is a real bonus for him, particularly if Quinn is back (as I remain convinced that he is). 

That said, you know what will be great?? All the fic that will be written in that approximately 788,401 minute hiatus, if Quinn in fact is revealed to be alive next Sunday night.