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Sara! You live in England now? You said goodbye to NYC? Is it temporary? Can you share any details? So jealous.

Sara is in England permanently, which means that I need to get over my dislike of the British accent (I am from BOSTON, we threw TEA into the HARBOR because we were MAD at the entirety of England) if I am ever going to see her again.

So it looks like Max is making an appearance in S8. Did we know this already? He and his wife have been posting lots of photos from Morocco on their IG accounts. Maury is using #Homeland. And one photo is with Costa Ronin. Did we know he was back too? Anyway, it looks like an incredible place to visit! (Sorry Quinn and Brody fans. No sign of Rupert or Damian.)

Ashley: Fielding this because Sara doesn’t believe season eight exists and will tell them so.
Ashley (one week later): Oh shit.

Hi! Yes, we knew about this. I live under the world’s heaviest rock when it comes to matters of Homeland, but even I was somehow aware of it… mostly because Maury and Alexis post JUST enough photos of their pets on Instagram to make following them worth my time.

Director/EP Lesli Linka Glatter on working with the main cast of “Homeland”

Director/EP Lesli Linka Glatter on working with the main cast of “Homeland”:

New(ish) video. Lesli talks about her experiences working with Claire, Mandy, and Rupert. 

Lesli did a full interview (like, 90-minute interview) with the TV Academy, talking about different career highlights (including Homeland), which you can watch on YouTube here. The breakdown of the interview is here

hellyeahomeland:This day in Homeland – March 15, 2013


This day in Homeland – March 15, 2013

findmyrupertfriend:Every Peter Quinn Scene Ever ︱”Halfway to a…


Every Peter Quinn Scene Ever ︱”Halfway to a Donut”
↳ “Nothing good can happen in this fucked up world we’ve made for ourselves.”