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Please explain. Sara (or Ashley) said “that alt take of the Carrie/Quinn scene in gif 5 still fucks me up to this day”. This relates to the gif set just re-posted of behind the scenes of The Star. Which scene is this exactly, and why does it fuck you up? Thanks!

Anonymous #2: What do you mean “that alt take of the carrie/quinn scene in gif 5 still fucks me up to!!!! this!!!! day!!!!!”

I don’t know how else to describe it, it just fucks me up! For one, it’s a better take. Carrie seems more vulnerable, the emotion seems more spontaneous, like Claire didn’t intend for her voice to break or to make those facial expressions. By contrast, the aired take seems more controlled and measured, which is not a bad thing, just way less likely to still have an impact on me 5+ years later. 

(The scene in question is the scene in the parking lot where Carrie and Quinn talk about her offer to be the Istanbul station chief. The moment in question is when Carrie says she can’t be a mother for reasons X, Y, and Z.) 

Ashey, are you still behind the quinnspiracy; or is that a distant memory? i am 2 yrs behind you in finishing season 6, so it has not faded so much for me. i quit the series after the S6 finale, but still really enjoy reading this blog. thanks,sara, for your years of dedication to it. full time job, seems to me

So, I stand by everything I can remember saying about the quinnspiracy, but I don’t really think about it anymore. I haven’t watched Homeland since the season 7 finale, and at this point I do not plan to watch season 8. 

But I still like talking about it sometimes. Just because I don’t know what’s going on doesn’t mean I can’t speak authoritatively about it.

Just watched One Red Nose & a Wedding which is the reunion to Four Weddings & a Funeral, one of my favorite movies. This reunion was done for charity and is only about 11 minutes long. My review: meh. However, guess who plays Matthew’s new beau: Raza Jaffrey aka Aasar Khan from HL season 4. What a lovely couple!! 😍

I khan’t say that I’ve ever actually seen Four Weddings and a Funeral.

That said, I find Hugh Grant’s floppy 90s hairdo SO attractive. 


Reason #459 that season 8 isn’t real: Season 7 Carrie was “reputation.” but there is no way that any version of Season 8 Carrie could keep up with the bubbly, playful, cotton-candy-ness of “Lover”.

While I still maintain that season 8 does not exist, I have to say Lover has more Carrie Mathison songs on it than you might think. For example:

  • “I Forgot that You Existed”: literally Carrie @ Saul at the end of season 7
  • “It’s Nice to Have a Friend”: friend, as in, singular. This is Carrie’s ode to her one friend on earth, Max. 
  • “The Archer”: this song is Carrie Mathison af. “I wake in the night, I pace like a ghost / The room is on fire, invisible smoke / And all of my heroes die all alone” ???? Come on. 
  • “Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince”: this is the most Reputation-sounding track on the album, it’s got a real Carrie vibe to it 
  • “Soon You’ll Get Better”: “I know delusion when I see it in the mirror / You like the nicer nurses, you make the best of a bad deal / I just pretend it isn’t real”
  • “ME!”: it sounds like it should be the credits song on a non-Pixar animated movie so the sound is obviously not really Carrie BUT Taylor’s high maintenance handful-ness is very similar to Carrie’s and that’s what this entire song is about.  

Too funny! I too clicked on the recent video of Carrie Mathison Wordsmith looking for a quick 2 minutes of entertainment. When I saw that it was 17+ minutes, I thought oh Jesus F Christ. But then I got sucked in and didn’t want it to end! My question: Sara, did you create this gem?

If there’s one thing I’m good at it’s sifting through 84 episodes of this television show for every Carrie Mathison swear word, funny mannerism, and glimpse of HAIR IN A BUN. 

Me: I’m going to watch this wordsmith vid real quick before I go to sleep. Me: *presses play* Me: Sara, this is 18 minutes long?!


I am 100% down for Ashley answering asks without watching at all. But…what will become of the podcast?!

Are you sure a Carrie and Yevgeny romance is off the table? Costa Ronin is SEXY.

Sara: Carrie having a “romance” with the man who imprisoned her for 7 months is never “off the table” (because Homeland) but y’all:


Julie: Thinking of parallels to season 1 it’s pretty possible they will be sexually involved…  I mean there can be big dependencies of victim and kidnapper, but wasn’t there some kind of sexual tension right from the start?


Ashley: I at this point do not plan to watch season 8, but Y’ALL NO.

Gail: It’s Homeland, so the answer is always whatever will make Carrie’s life more complicated. So romance, no. Hot and sweaty spy sex, blurring boundaries and exploiting her medical condition? Highly likely.

I’m confused. Has Sara officially retired from this blog? When the final season of Homeland airs, will she not be answering any questions. Or maybe she’ll be at “special guest star” status? After all these years, is Ashley the only one left? Dear Ashley, thank you for your commitment & loyalty & passion 4 staying on! I’ll miss Sara (if she’s really retired, and I can’t blame her), but Ashley is like “Number 1” to Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek the Next Generation. Make it so, Ashley. 🖖🏽

No! No no no no no no no no. 

I am, as of right now, committed to not watching season eight at all. I don’t want to be watching this show in 2020. So I’m actually the one who will be dropping off of the blog unless Sara agrees that it would be really funny for me to answer asks without having watched the show. 

Sara’s been a little busy, what with her move across the ocean and all, but this is still her rodeo.

I didn’t understand your Star Trek reference, so I had to go annoy Julie. 

Julie: Number 1 was Riker, the first commander after the captain
Julie: And Riker was younger and a the girls liked him very much while Picard was more a father figure

Apart from the fact that I’m 6.97 years older than Sara, I feel like this is accurate. 

Having lost confidence in all things CIA, I fear Sara has gone and joined forces with MI6.