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in season 6, i heard they cut the scene when quinn meets grannie (cookies at snack time). is there any way to access deleted scenes?

In past seasons they’ve released deleted scenes in the DVD box set, but I don’t think they did that for season six (and it happens to be the one DVD box set of this show I don’t own). 

Watched Damian Lewis on Colbert this week. What’s up with the accent? It’s like 98% American. He also seemed pretty tipsy. I can totally see now how he and Claire are good friends. I bet they’re both party animals.

Wow, you really weren’t kidding about the accent. He was going in and out of American/British. It was like watching Dorit on Real Housewives.

I doubt that he’s losing his accent, but I remember that he would say when he was filming Homeland (and, I’m assuming now, Billions) he’d stay with his American accent the entire time of filming because it was just easier. There are some older behind the scenes videos from season two where he’s talking in an American accent as Damian, and it’s clear it’s between scenes or something. 

Also, he doesn’t seem tipsy to me at all (please watch this video of Jennifer Lawrence getting progressively drunker on Colbert for comparison). He has the same kind of hyper persona as Claire on talk shows where he’s just extremely outgoing and goofy. 

Too early to ask perhaps, but are any of you (FMRF gals too) planning on getting together to watch the final episode of HL this fall? Wil probably air just after Thanksgiving. I’m predicting Sara, as is her custom, will watch alone, yes?

Actually I’ve watched the last two Homeland finales with Ashley, so it’s not as much of a custom as you’d think. But I’m planning to watch this one alone. I need it to be that way. It’s honestly more stressful for me to watch with another person and I think you all know I’m going to be a ball of nerves for this one.

Group ask. Is there anything you want resolved in the final season? What do you wish for in order to walk away from this series fulfilled? What could make you very angry after the finale?

Sara: I mean, I literally only care about Carrie. I hope they have some sort of resolution in the ups and downs of her relationship with Saul. Carrie getting a star on the wall would make me really angry – not because it would make me angry if she died (though if she died in particular ways I’d probably be angry), but I just really dislike that potential ending. 

Ashley: I don’t think this series is going to leave me feeling satisfied in any way, shape, or form. I can’t imagine it otherwise. I anticipate turning off the television and sitting in a dark room for a while, contemplating the end of it. I likewise can’t think of anything that will make me angry. I feel like I have reached a healthy place with this show.

…but ask me again after season 8 starts.

Julie: Somehow I’m fine with the ending of the series and I can’t imagine anything right now that would get me really angry. However, I’m expecting an unsolved end, with no winner, and with one or more deaths of major or beloved characters. Homeland is not known to resolve ambiguous allusions they’ve made in the past, but I’d love to keep trust in Carrie until the end and not question her.

Gail: I’m one of the rare people that actually understood the ending of LOST, so I’m hoping I will have that same clarity with the ending of Homeland. I am not approaching season 8 with a list of things I’d like resolved – I don’t think Homeland has ever worked like that. I think the questions that will need to be answered are very similar to those posed in Season 1. How could a patriot see the atrocities of war first hand, lose everything, watch the government they fight for do unspeakable things and have that not break them? Was it all worth it in the end? Homeland is never a zero sum game – so my hope is that whatever the final answers are – Carrie ends the series on her own terms. I also wouldn’t mind a Khan cameo…and that Tasneem gets whats coming to her. 

Angela: Well, I don’t expect jack-shit to get resolved, and honestly, I know I will feel deep relief at the end, regardless of what happens during the season. I’ll just be hanging on for the ride, so at this point, nothing will make me angry. I just hope it makes for good television.

Do you think that there was any kind of sexual tension, at any time, between Carrie and Saul?

Hey Sara. Could you elaborate on your hashtag comments about the casting of Sam Trammel please? I’m confused. Are you frustrated with the casting, or with the storyline? Why the “ugh”? Why the “that’s not the point”? I have never even heard of this actor. Thank you!

I’m frustrated with the storyline and the casting. 

Why are we still dealing with president stuff in season 8? I thought they wrapped it all up (fairly nicely actually!) last season. 

I thought season 8 was going to be a “contained,” “intelligence-based” season (Gansa’s own words)? So why are we casting another VP who’s going to plot and scheme?? Like??????? I don’t care if you have Beau Bridges as your POTUS. LET IT GO!! What more of that story is there to tell? I could not give less of a shit about some scheming white dude in the White House. Which brings me to my next cause of my frustration…

We have YET ANOTHER middle-aged white dude. This show has too many of those as it is. Writers and casting people, please be more creative! We gave them plenty of suggestions of awesome women who could have played that role. 

Sam Trammell is hot but, as I said the other day, that’s not the point!! 

So off topic. 90210 related. First of all, I’m very saddened by Luke Perry’s death. I was a big fan of 90210 and Brenda & Dylan. More off topic… I was watching a couple episodes of 90210 yesterday just to remember LP. I watched the spring dance episode from season 1 where Brenda & Kelly wear the same dress. Tonight, as I sift through paper work, my background movie is Mystic Pizza. Julia Roberts is wearing the same dress as Brenda & Kelly! It’s at the 22-minute mark. FYI, the movie is on Hulu.

Just wanted to add that I know it’s kind of a silly “ask”, but since we have talked about 90210 and Julia Roberts recently, thought it might be fun to talk about. HOWEVER, I am devastated from the news of Luke Perry. I think he had a very kind soul. Sorry for not connecting these two stories more articulately. Dylan wouldn’t mind.

Is it weird that whenever I’m outside walking I dramatically turn my head to look behind me and immediately envision myself as Carrie from the iconic season 1 premiere scene ? #RealLifeCarrieMoments

Absolutely not!

Off topic. “Fox orders reboot of 90210 featuring most of original cast.” Happy? Couldn’t care less? Big mistake? 🤔



This blog is incredible! My question is wheth…

This blog is incredible! My question is whether there is a support group for spouses/partners of your followers. Keep up the great work!

Excellent Ask, Anon! And, yes, we just happen to know of a wonderful support group/site that would be perfect for your spouse/partner with loads of helpful advice. It’s called Partners of Rupert Friend Addicts Anonymous. 

You can find them here

PORFAA offers tips like:

  • Incorporate “fuck me” into your dialogue on a daily basis. ⬇︎
  • Wear navy shirts, slightly unbuttoned. ⬇︎
  • Meet your significant other at a restaurant and ask if they “want to get out of here?” ⬇︎
  • Keep your lips moist and your jaw clenched. ⬇︎
  • Always stand up straight! ⬇︎

Bring your Rupert obsessed loved one coffee. ⬇︎

And always, always, protect your loved ones and aim for the safe place. ⬇︎