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Jake Weber couldn’t go for suppporting since he wasn’t in more than 50% of the season’s episodes.

You are referring to the rule that an actor who appears in 50% or more of a season’s episodes cannot submit in the “guest” categories. 

Here is the relevant verbiage in the 2016-17 Emmy Rules and Procedures:

It is the decision of the entrant whether to enter as a lead,
supporting or guest performer, however, only performers appearing in less than 50% of the
eligible episodes are able to submit in the Guest Performer categories and only performers
appearing in 50% or more of the eligible episodes for short form programs are able to submit
in the Short Form Performer categories.

The way I read that is you can only submit in guest if you’ve appeared in less than 50% of the season’s episodes. That is, there is a limit on who of the performers is permitted to submit in the guest category. But those same limits do not exist for lead or supporting. 

Strategically, I’m not sure it makes much of a difference. The guest categories always seem to be crowded but Weber was in four episodes so maybe has a better body of work to look at than someone who just did one episode. I don’t think he’s getting nominated so it’s a moot point, no?

Ellen Adair is so funny! What a great interview! Did you end up figuring out what tv show she is doing next? Do you think there is any scenario where Janet is back in season 8?

Gail and I had a few guesses – Gail thought The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I guessed The Deuce. 

While I certainly hope Janet would make an appearance in season eight, it seems very unlikely to me. I think they put the entire American politics storyline to bed in that finale.

If AFG is the show runner for another show after HL, will you consider watching or run for your life?

Gold Derby has a list of Showtime’s Emmy submissions. The list is long for Homeland. The usual suspects, as well as some new additions.

For those interested, the submissions are:

Drama Series
Drama Actress – Claire Danes
Drama Supporting Actress – Amy Hargreaves, Sandrine Holt, Elizabeth Marvel
Drama Supporting Actor – Dylan Baker, James D’Arcy, Mandy Patinkin, Linus Roache, Costa Ronin, Morgan Spector, Maury Sterling
Drama Guest Actor – F. Murray Abraham, Beau Bridges, Jake Weber

The only real surprise there for me was Jake Weber as guest actor. I would have guessed he’d be submitted for supporting since he was billed as a main cast member. 

Anyway, I’m fairly bored of Emmy talk seven seasons into this thing, so the only nomination I care about this year is Claire for lead actress. She fucking killed it. (Elizabeth Marvel was also wonderful but I’d be shocked if she was nominated.) 

I have to admit I don’t think I’d feel too comfortable filming in Israel next year considering the current political climate. Coupled with all the negative criticism HL has received over the years regarding its portrayal of the Islamic world, seems like Plan B might be a good idea. Or perhaps they could find a stand-in for Israel. Wasn’t Morocco used in S6? Just sayin’. Maybe I’m just a worry wart.

1) Yes, they did have Morocco stand in for Israel season six when Saul goes to the West Bank. The last time they filmed in Israel was early summer 2012 when they filmed Tel Aviv for Beirut for 2.01 and 2.02. 

2) I don’t think you’re a worry wart. That kind of thing just has to be taken into account. On Monday I was looking at a map of Israel as I was reading the news about the protests, and I saw Abu Ghosh on the map. I recognized the name because it was where they filmed some of the opening scenes from the pilot. It’s just 10 kilometers from Jerusalem. It seemed really hard to imagine them filming there today, in 2018. 

Ashley and Sara, can we ever hope to have more fic installments from you?

Ashley: Yeah, totally. At some point. I won’t pretend I’m actively working on it, but I have every intention of completing it. 

Sara: Oishk. I had a momentary burst of inspiration the other day and it quickly faded when I realized “ugh… writing is so hard.” I want to but I don’t, ya feel?

If they extend beyond S8 (let’s pray they won’t), my fear is that they will kill off Carrie. At least if they end the series next season, it feel it is much, much more likely they will give Carrie a decently happy ending (in HL-adjusted terms). Are my instincts wrong?

Ok, real talk. Carrie might be killed off either way. If season 8 is the last for the entire series, or even if it’s just the last season for Claire Danes. I know that anything can happen–it is Homeland after all–but after the season 7 finale, I’m feeling hopeful in regards to Carrie and where she will ultimately end up. Which, I admit, is a little odd, given the fact that the last we saw of Carrie, she had clearly lost her mind in a Russian asylum and didn’t seem to recognize Saul.

If Carrie lives, her absence in future seasons could easily be explained.  They could say something like she is living on a beach somewhere or currently living a quiet life in New Mexico with Franny, playing board games and writing her memoirs. I don’t think Showtime is going to dictate where Carrie ends up based on whether or not the show continues. It would continue in spite of it. So I wouldn’t be too worried… at least not yet.

Group ask! I love the tv show recommendations for things that won’t ruin your life. do you have any book recommendations? Looking for summer reading. Thank you in advance!

Ashley: Books are a little bit tougher than tv series for me, because they’re more personal. Here are some of my faves, though. A Trip to the Stars by Nicholas Christopher is the last book I stayed up until 4am reading — and you should know by now how big a deal that is for me. If you’re into mysteries, my current fave is Encore by Alexis Koetting; it’s so topsy turvy that I never had any idea what was going on. Scarlett Thomas’s book, The End of Mr. Y, is a hell of a thinker, but incredibly cool. Devil in the White City, by Erik Larson, is nonfiction and wicked fascinating.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t recommend Howard Gordon’s books, Hard Target and Gideon’s War. Like everything else HG does, they’re really fun and thrilling. 

Sara: I don’t read as much as I want to, but my fabulous mother does and she’s been bugging me for weeks to read The Power. I haven’t yet. I now have a long ass commute (2+ hours daily), so I think I’m going to listen to it. 

: I don’t have much time for reading because of so many hobbies. That’s why I started audio books–so I could multitask. The last books I read were the series of forensic anthropologist David Hunter by Simon Beckett. And currently I am listening to the thrillers of Andreas Gruber and Chris Carter.

Gail: I like to rotate between fun/lighter books and more serious stuff. Currently, I am reading the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy by Kevin Kwan. It’s funny, filled with lots of FASHUN and super interesting family dynamics. I’d definitely recommend it (I just finished book 2). The first book has been turned into a movie that is coming out in July–here is the link for the movie trailer.

Alex Gansa has previously talked about how Valerie Plame (a former covert CIA officer) was a source of inspiration for Carrie’s character. She has written two spy thrillers, Burned and Blowback, based on a (blonde) female covert ops CIA agent, Vanessa Pierson (who has a secret on again/off again relationship with a fellow agent who just happens to be tall, dark and handsome, tee hee), as she tries to track down the latest international threat. I’d highly recommend those for anyone who likes a good spy thriller.

But next up on my list after I finish the trilogy is Ronan Farrow’s new book, War on Peace… I cannot wait to dive into that!

really loved the podcast with fucking janet! it was a great interview and she was so interesting. i really like the new content this season with the cast interviews. keep up the good work friends!

Thank you! All credit goes to Gail for the Ellen Adair interview. In the words of Carrie Mathison, she “proposed it, she sanctioned it, she ran it!” 

And Julie has been on top of the cast interviews from day one. Longtime followers of this blog know that my previous MO was “shout into the void! don’t talk to anyone!” 

do you think they planned the finale ending from the very beginning? I’m just so haunted by the Carrie’s comment about being stuck in a dark hole from 7.03. It’s kinda fucking me up thinking about Carrie’s S7 arc in its entirety.

Hm… I’m having a really hard time answering this because I could see it both ways. I do think they had the intention all season of showing Carrie losing her grip on her sanity, only to gain it back… and now that I think about it, it is pretty Homelandian for her to go through all that and then sacrifice it for the good of the country. So maybe I just convinced myself that, roughly, the arc (Carrie loses her sanity, gains it back, then consciously gives it up again) was planned from the beginning? I don’t know? Go ask Alex?