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Sara, getting back to Gilmore Girls for just a second, I take it you’re not team Dean. So are you team Jess or team Logan? Personally, I’m still undecided! Finally, I too love the familial dynamics to the show. When I re-watch the shows, I usually just fast forward to all the scenes with Emily & Richard. I adore Kelly Bishop. She must still dance because she has a great figure. Think I’ll sign up for dancing class, since I hate the gym. Yes, my new year’s resolution!

I’m proudly Team Nobody. If ever there was a female character who needed to Kelly Taylor herself, it’s Rory Gilmore. The fact that any of those dudes were ever remotely seen as good boyfriends just goes to show that a lot changes in the public consciousness in 15 years. They were all terrible people. But Rory is a terrible person. She probably deserved Logan the most out of any of them but I never ever rooted for her to be with any of them. Ever. 

ANYWAY, you should watch Bunheads. Kelly Bishop is a delightful hippie-ish version of Emily Gilmore (I know, it’s kind of an oxymoron, but you get my drift) and Sutton Foster is so great.

Has anyone watched the new Sabrina series? Is it good?

Short answer: YES AND YES.

Long answer:


So, like, I’m a big fan of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. The 90′s show, anyway — it is iconic, I love it, and I have spent way more time than I care to admit obsessing over plot inconsistencies. 

When The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was announced, I was kind of skeptical. When I saw who they cast as Harvey, I was like… nah. When I found out that Salem (Sabrina’s cat) would not have a speaking role, I was like… well, I mean, probably for the best? Nick Bakay’s performance is legit inimitable and incomparable. The fact that Kiernan Shipka is evidently allergic to the cat who portrays Salem was FAR more worrisome. 

In spite of all my skepticism, I was also really excited because SABRINA! THE TEENAGE WITCH! 

Not to mention MIRANDA OTTO as Aunt Zelda. (Plus Lucy Davis!? as Aunt Hilda.)


The show is, obviously, a LOT darker than its predecessor. It kicks off the day before Sabrina’s 16th birthday. Sabrina’s preparing for her “dark baptism,” which essentially means that she signs her name in The Book of the Beast. She’s… not totally sold. Essentially, once she participates in that rite, she has to leave her mortal life behind and go to The Academy of Unseen Arts. Basically Witch School.


But of course nothing is that simple and Sabrina ends up getting sued by Satan. I mean, what did we expect.


Sabrina’s trial goes better than I expected it to, honestly, and ultimately she’s allowed to go splitsies between mortal/witch life. She has to attend the academy, but only sometimes, and she’s allowed to keep going to her regular high school. She maintains her relationship with Harvey Kinkle (who is so fucking MEH to me I can’t even) and she continues to hang with her besties, Roz and Susie. 


And, clearly, as you can see from the gif above… her mortal + supernatural lives mesh SEAMLESSLY. (If you believe that, I have an oceanfront resort in Chicago to sell you — for more information please e-mail ashley at hellyeahomeland dot com.)

Things at the academy are much crazier, as Sabrina is hazed by a trio of mean girls who go by the name “The Weird Sisters.”


She also meets a superfine gentleman named Nicholas Scratch who is SO into her and I totally ship it. 


The real MVP is Sabrina’s cousin Ambrose, who is witty and awesome and hot as hellllllllllllllllllllo Chance Perdomo. Welcome to my heart.


On the whole, the show does a REALLY good job of distancing itself from Sabrina the Teenage Witch without devaluing it at all. Miranda Otto is obviously my queen. 

I don’t want to give away any of the plots, except to say that things are INSANE. There are some really heartwrenching moments and some really fun ones, but all in all the show is just the bomb dot com.

Ooh, and don’t let me forget motherfuckin’ MADAME SATAN.


If you enjoy exciting supernatural drama that doesn’t take itself TOO seriously but also is wicked fucked up… check it out.

(One big disclosure. They use this weird blur effect a LOT in the show, and I while I understand it, I don’t like it… actually, NOBODY likes it, but it’s definitely ~art~; anyway, if you get through the first episode, you kinda stop noticing it? Or at least I did.)

But, since this is a Homeland blog, please allow me to reiterate:


C’est tout!

OMG, I’m binge watching Gilmore Girls (none of your business how many times I’ve watched it), and noticed that LLG has directed a few episodes. I think I knew it, but just forgot. She directed one of my favorite episodes: “Rory’s Dance” from S1. Lorelai talks Rory into going. Rory asks Dean to go with. Dean & Tristan get into a fight. Emily & Lorelai start to bond. Emily & Lorelai get into a fight. Rory & Dean get closer. Laurelai & Rory get into a fight. A classic!

LLG directed the pilot too!

“Rory’s Dance” is really a fantastic episode (even though, ew, Dean) and I also love “It Should Have Been Lorelai.” I am a total sucker for that messy familial Gilmore drama and all the weird fucked up resentment between Emily and Richard and Lorelai and Christopher. It’s like… at least 75% of the reason that I think season seven, which is UNFAIRLY MALIGNED, is actually perfectly fine. They nailed the familial drama and resentment–which to me was the most compelling aspect of the series by far. Just how they could never get out of each other’s way, that these decades-old wounds were still gaping and hurting so many years later. 

It helped that Lauren Graham (and Kelly Bishop) always nailed the shit out of those stories. When Lorelai cried to Christopher in season seven, “I need you to know, you’re the man I want to want,” I felt that pain, deeply (and cried, too). 

Two more semi-related asides:

  • What is it with Amy Sherman-Palladino pairing her heroines with these loser males? Joel on Marevelous Mrs. Maisel is totally Midge’s Christopher. (And, yes, Logan is Rory’s Christopher in theory… they kinda fucked it up with the reboot though… it doesn’t work if she’s 32.)
  • LLG has directed episodes in a ton of my favorite series, including the amazing season 2 episodes of The OC, “The Family Ties.” Also known as the episode where Marissa Cooper shows up to fancy Newport Beach party and calls her mother a slut!!!!!! (but it’s ok because she goes to the Cohen’s later for bagels + schmear) Can’t wait to see what fabulous acting Mischa pulls out on The Hills. 

I’m waiting for the DVD to watch season 7. Full disclosure, I read all your commentary here throughout the season, so I pretty much know what happened. That being said, what are your thoughts on AFG (do we still call him that?) being nominated by the WGA for the final episode? Well-deserved? I wasn’t sure how to interpret your post. (Don’t feel like you have to reply with an essay; any thoughts are appreciated no matter the length. Cheers!)

I was surprised he was nominated for a WGA award. The finale was not my favorite episode of the season but it was the most… like… ~*~WRITING~*~ of all of them, if that makes sense. That said, it was a well-written episode and the best finale they’ve put together since season three. 

I was a bit confused by the randomness of those nominations and was wondering why there wasn’t greater overlap between the episodic nominations and the series nominations (or with the Emmys). 

My post/commentary was in reference to just how fucking depressing and bleak that finale was. It wasn’t bad (although initially my response to it was strongly negative) at all. I truly think you need to watch the season in order to understand why. Even just reading commentary, looking at gifsets, etc. doesn’t really tell the totality of the story IMO.

Speaking of John Corbett, there is a revival of “Northern Exposure” in the works. One of my favorite series ever! No news of JC appearing in it, though he is one of the producers.

I can dig this

I was just looking at the most recent pictures of Claire at the Mary Queen of Scots premiere. Just me, or does she look a little different since other recent pics? Maybe it’s the lighting? The color of her eyebrows? Just the makeup? There’s just something a little plastic about her. Like we’re looking at the Madame Tussaud version.


Do we know how long Dar’s jail sentence is? Was it life? Was there ever a mention that he could have a chance for parole or be pardoned? Sorry, I have yet to see season 7. Thanks.

 I don’t think it was mentioned. That said, it’s kind of an open question whether he’ll be released considering that–I know you haven’t seen season 7, but you asked–Keane is no longer president. 

Ok, Sara. The ball is in your court. Now you must do Carrie Bitmoji. (And Saul, and Dar, and Brody, and Franny…) Hey, Sydney started it.

Have you read the prequel series homeland carries run ?

Yes! I read it shortly after it came out… now almost 5 years ago. I wrote about my thoughts on it here.

Ashley’s hashtags said “men are the worst” then listed some exceptions. My reaction when Rupert wasn’t listed as an exception: 😩😩😩