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2.01 || 7.12 ↳ “There’s a long gap between writing, ‘Carrie…

2.01 || 7.12 
↳ “There’s a long gap between writing, ‘Carrie smiles’ on the page and whatever it is that [Claire] Danes does, which suggests both the many ways in which Carrie’s brain is prone to breaking, as well as why she had never been able to avoid this life for too long. She likes it too much, and on some level, deep down, that’s destroying her. She’s conscious of that fact now, but she’s also unable to resist the pull of her old life as a spy. No matter how long she’s been away from it, it’s always with her. No matter how much she struggles to become “Kate Morrissey,” she’ll always know exactly what she’s doing when she’s out in the field. Having something become second nature can be a curse as well as a blessing.” –Todd VanDerWerff