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Peter Quinn + Sexiest Poses Part 2

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Peter Quinn + #QUINNING ︱ Part 1

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Quinn XL “A Gettysburg Address” 

findmyrupertfriend:Quinn XL  ︱ “A Gettysburg A…


Quinn XL   “A Gettysburg Address”

I wish I could make him XXXL! 

#PQRemembranceDay | HYH + FMRF honor PQ, one year later↳ A Case…

#PQRemembranceDay | HYH + FMRF honor PQ, one year later
A Case for the White Shirt of Hotness: I know what you guys are thinking. First, “Sara, this is what you want to remember about Peter Quinn?!” To that I’ll say, there are so many things to love about Quinn, and it was hard to choose. On a day meant to celebrate his character, and after a year that was so dark in many respects, I wanted to talk about something that made me happy–that made me smile. This is when he first started to become Carrie’s partner. And that’s how I’ll always remember him. 

Second, “the navy shirt is where it’s at.” Let me tell you why the white shirt should take over. First, look at that pose! He is bringing sassy, “one hand on the hip” realness. Second, it shows all the wrinkles better. Quinn wouldn’t be Quinn without those endearing shirt wrinkles. Third, he left the top few buttons undone. Just enough skin. Y’all get what I’m saying? –Sara (@carriemathison)

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FAVORITE SHIPS ∞ Nicholas Brody & Carrie Mathison (Homeland)

↳ “Carrie knows, right? She knows everything about you. She accepts it. You must love her a lot.”

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My Poor Baby – Hot and Wounded (part 1)︱Requested by anonymous