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Things Carrie Wore This Week*

*365 weeks ago

PREVIOUSLY ON THINGS CARRIE WORE THIS WEEK: Carrie’s iconic pink blouse makes a return appearance

So, to be honest, I’ve really struggled with how to write this post. I love this series because it allows me to really have fun with Carrie’s wardrobe, which is frequently awful, and also just poke fun at other aspects of this show in a generally lighthearted way. 

But here’s the thing about “The Vest”… I think it is an actual masterpiece of a television episode. Claire’s performance is… unreal. It’s astounding. It’s at-once jarring, harrowing, funny, uncomfortable, and painful. So I just have this natural uneasiness at the usual tone of these posts and the way this episode makes me feel, which is 800 kinds of “what the fuck” and also “why.” 

We open with Carrie having been in the hospital for a week, unsupervised and off her meds. Thank God the Director’s Chair series wasn’t around (or, come to think of it, this blog) when this episode aired because I would have had a FIELD DAY with the green border along the wall while Carrie–rightfully might I add–begs for a green pen. 

Here, folks, is the costume department easing us into the “Carrie is wearing two shirts as loungewear” reality. It’s not entirely “two t-shirts to bed,” but it’s pretty close. I suppose a camisole and deep v-neck is pretty normal while “two t-shirts to bed” is something I will never understand! 

My favorite part of this ensemble, however, is Carrie’s bright purple socks. 

I also love this outfit. I love the grey hoodie, the chinos, and grey Chuck Taylor’s. I just love everything about this. I love that Carrie owns Chuck Taylor’s. I think this outfit is extremely close (or identical) to what she wears in “Marine One” (minus hat, obv) and in “The Yoga Play.” 

This is getting sliiiiiightly closer to “two t-shirts to bed” territory, because that scoop neck really does not require a camisole underneath. I love the earth tones here though. 

Also can we talk about how much art Carrie has hanging on her walls? I love that about her. 

She even has art in her kitchen!! Anyway, here she’s thrown the same long cardigan from last week over the ensemble. I really respect that throughout this entire episode Carrie is just wearing pajamas. It makes me feel some small comfort amidst the total clusterfuck that’s about to unfurl. 

This isn’t a Director’s Chair post but the symbolism of Carrie tying a bright red (beautiful, by the way) scarf around her neck like a noose is just too strong to not mention. And since her henley is black, it just adds this extra layer of contrast when she’s in front of the wall later. I love this scarf and I love the black henley and I love symbolism!!!!! I love it. I mean I hate it, but I love it. It’s like poetry.

I don’t have anything else to add here. Just that I think this scene is one of the more powerful scenes of the entire series. Maybe the most powerful. Whether it’s the fact that Claire improvised everything after “I’m about to solve this fucking thing.” Or the way that Frank is fighting for Carrie. Or how Maggie forms a kind of fortress around Carrie and tries to calm her, to no avail. Or how Estes straddles this weird, perfect line between hard-ass and, later, coddling boss. Or the way Carrie taps her fingers together frenetically, thumb to ring finger. Or how the music gradually builds, drowning out Carrie’s screaming until we just hear the dull horn and piano. And yet we can still make out Carrie yelling at, pleading with David, “I’m not crazy!”, before the cut to black.

“This is how everything works. You wait, you lay low, and…

“This is how everything works. You wait, you lay low, and then… then you come to life.”
Carrie Mathison in every episode | “The Vest”

Things Carrie Wore This Week*

*365 weeks ago

PREVIOUSLY ON THINGS CARRIE WORE THIS WEEK: some David Estes thoughts to make up for a truly bad episode. 

After getting those “Crossfire” posts out of the way, I felt a new sense of energy about this rewatch. It helps that the last three episodes of season one are amazing. “Representative Brody” is such an underrated episode. It so perfectly sets up the last two episodes of the season. I have a newfound respect for it that may be colored somewhat by having to re-remember just how horrific “Crossfire” is. Also, Carrie wears multiple things that aren’t terrible! 

This is a complete outfit repeat, from head to toe, of her ensemble in “The Good Soldier,” which I talked about here. I love when shows repeat distinctive outfits. My So-Called Life was a show that did that a lot and the costume designer talked about how it was an intentional choice a few years ago. Thank you for letting me talk about my other favorite Claire Danes TV series. 

And here we have Carrie bringing the look right into nighttime via an oversized cardigan that is, actually, shockingly… cute? This is a different oversized grey cardigan than the one she wore at the end of “Grace” over the purple shirt. 

On another note, I cannot believe how ugly Carrie’s living room carpet is. 

Also I’m about 98% sure I used to have that couch! 

Here is Carrie looking actually pretty great for the interrogation. PINK COWL NECK BLOUSE!!!! ICONIC!!!!! And the weird knot-like studs from “Blind Spot.” Ok I didn’t realize how many repeated looks there are in this episode. 

Anyway her head looks AMAZING. I love Carrie in this scene and I especially love how she grabbed the interrogation back from Saul when he tried to take it over. DO YA THING, CARRIE!

This…. God, why is every scene of Carrie standing in front of a mirror so fucking sad? This show has a complex. That blouse is actually super cute and I just… man, this part of the episode is depressing. I’ve always known that Brody’s whole deal with Carrie in this episode was gross and mean but rewatching the scene, and seeing how Carrie thinks it’s about Jessica not finding out when we learn earlier in the episode that she already knows… it just adds a whole new layer of disgusting on top of it. Fuck Brody, man. Dude is a snake. 

LOOK AT THIS PATHETIC ANGEL CHILD. Also, can we talk about how Carrie has a collection of succulents on her entry table? What a weird, interesting detail. At this point in the show, Carrie having things in her home she was responsible for keeping alive seems totally implausible. 

Oh, the clothes. Well, the jeans are horrible, as we all know, but it was 2011 and Carrie would not know that boot cuts are not her look for another four or so years. 

THE ICONIC FINKELSTEIN SUIT. It’s kind of interesting from a costuming standpoint how Carrie’s look at the interrogation was extremely feminine and here the suit is much more masculine and business-like. Anyway, her head looks amazing here too. The middle episodes of season one are peak “her head looks amazing” times. 


“Believe it or not, I value my privacy.”↳ Carrie Mathison in…

“Believe it or not, I value my privacy.”
Carrie Mathison in every episode | “Representative Brody”

Things Carrie Wore This Week*

*366 weeks ago

PREVIOUSLY ON THINGS CARRIE WORE THIS WEEK: Carrie wore a double-breasted jacket, if you can believe it. 

This series was put on a longer-than-planned hold partly due to the holidays and partly due to me absolutely, positively hating this episode. Guys, this episode fuckin’ sucks. I hate it. It’s not even like a so-bad-it-might-be-good kinda bad in the vein of “Broken Hearts” or maybe even “Casus Belli” (which is actually terrible, never mind). It just plain sucks. It is boring. Brody’s flashback hair is horrendous (why are the wigs on this show so bad????). Carrie just goes back and forth in circles between the mosque and Saul’s office. The only good thing about this episode is the sharp cut to “Everybody Knows” in the end credits. 


Ok, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way….

One of the very few bright spots of this episode is that Carrie looks freaking amazing. Here she is all determined and such. She looks pretty awesome here, even if her outfit is as boring as the entire 50-minute slog that is this episode. Later on in the series she wears more colorful headscarves (ish), but I actually kinda like the two-tone simplicity of this one. 

This is possibly the most beautiful Carrie looks in all of season one. And possibly up until she dyes her hair in late season three? She looks so great here and I love her smug smile. I am cacklin’.

I chose this photo for three reasons:

  1. You can see almost her entire ensemble. It’s boring, but I’m trying to stick to the theme of this series (~clothes, i guess~)!
  2. You can see the photos on Estes’ wall, including one where he is with Oprah (!!! and also ???) and another with Condoleeza Rice. 
  3. The Carrie/Estes relationship is approximately 15% of the reason this series has remained fascinating to me even after spending 7 years talking about it exhaustively. SO LET’S TALK ABOUT THIS SOME MORE. I need a Carrie/Estes prequel series. Just put Carrie’s hair in a half ponytail to de-age Claire 15 years and do it, writers!!!! It will allow me to die happy. Where are the Carrie/Estes fics? Why did Estes have to die? His relationship with Carrie and the below-the-surface rage evident in all of their interactions gave me fuel. I LOVE below-the-surface rage. How did their affair start? Why did he jeopardize his marriage for Carrie? Did she call him David or Estes while they were hooking up? Was it something casual that he made into something bigger? What did exactly happen when he “chased [her] up to New York like that”? How long did their affair last? How did Carrie, Queen of Non-Discreet-ness When It Comes to Sexual Relationships, keep this so much of a secret that there was an office bet speculating whether the affair actually took place? I just have so many questions and these un-tied loose ends will bug me more than every single plot hole on this show COMBINED. 

IN CONCLUSION: I ship Carrie/Estes.

“I think they call it a Hail Mary.”↳ Carrie Mathison in every…

“I think they call it a Hail Mary.”
Carrie Mathison in every episode | “Crossfire”


The bulk of the recommendations in this series are for comedies…

The bulk of the recommendations in this series are for comedies or decidedly lighter fare than Homeland. Which is fine… we all need comedy in our lives. Especially now. The world is a fucking trash heap. 

But sometimes you also want something a bit meatier, a bit darker, a bit mysterious. The Sinner checked all those boxes for me. 

The Sinner premiered last year with its first installment. It’s one of those “anthology” series that tells a new story every year, with all new characters, but with the same themes or tone or setting. Like Fargo or True Detective. The True Detective comparison here is actually super apt. I’ve recommended this show to a few people already and what I tell them is that it’s like if True Detective had women in it (season one, I never watched season two, although God bless Rachel McAdams). 

The Sinner follows the story of Cora Tanetti (played by Jessica Biel, who–surprise!–can actually act her ass off and act her ass she does – she is ridiculously good), a totally normal woman, living her totally normal life in upstate New York. Then, one day at the beach, while there with her husband (Chris Abbott, who is HORRIFYINGLY miscast but whatever) and toddler son, she up and MURDERS this dude, in the neck, with a paring knife, in broad daylight, for seemingly no reason. 

She is immediately arrested. She pleads guilty in court because why wouldn’t she? She did it and about a hundred other people are witness to the crime. 

But WHY did she do it? Enter Detective Harry Ambrose, played by Bill Pullman, who meshes the good cop/bad cop personas into one seriously messed up–but still good-intentioned–dude. Ambrose believes firmly that people like Cora just don’t do this. He becomes obsessed with figuring out how this could have happened. What happened to Cora Tanetti? 

As Ambrose pushes for the truth–and pushes Cora for it as well–the show tells the story of her past in flashbacks. In the words of Stefan, this story has everything: drugs. sex. country clubs. incest. terminal illnesses. kink. catholicism. EDM. 

It’s the True Detective we all deserved.  




BONUS: Meatface plays Cora’s dad and Janet (aka Ellan Adair, listen to our podcast with her here) is in S2. 

OH: You can watch it on Netflix.


“It was amazing when Damian came back. I didn’t realize how much…

“It was amazing when Damian came back. I didn’t realize how much I missed him, until there he was. And it was like no time had passed. I didn’t know how much of a partnership we had, and how much we had developed over time.” –Claire Danes

Things Carrie Wore This Week*

*362 weeks ago


“Achilles Heel” has always felt like a hangover episode to me. It’s actually very, very good, and rewatching it I picked up new complexities that I never had before. It’s forever suffered from being the episode that followed “The Weekend,” though. On its own, it’s actually quite excellent. But it has the extremely arduous task of returning the show to some semblance of foundation after “The Weekend” shook the earth beneath our feet. 

Anyway, on to the things she wore.

I may or may not have been referring to this DOUBLE BREASTED JACKET above when I talked about newfound complexities. Because what in the actual hell???? I can’t believe Carrie owns this. This skirt suit always struck me as one of the more bizarre things they ever made Carrie wear. And, if I were doing a whole analysis schtick, I’d say this is Carrie’s fully earnest attempt to get back to business after her weekend tryst with Brody. 

It’s still a highly ugly piece of clothing. 

I just…. I can’t believe she’s wearing a double-breasted jacket. 

Here she is wearing a complete look of indignation after Brody accuses her of basically whoring herself out to get a promotion. Which: LOL. Brody is so insufferable. Her head looks amazing here. 

The whole outfit to me is just all wrong. I don’t think Carrie wears this kind of look all that well to be honest. It’s so constricting! I much prefer that skirt from “Semper I.” 

I’m like… whatever on this look. The jacket is alright but looks sort of dated. The top is cute and looks good on her. Carrie should employ a pattern more often. Again, the head looks amazing. 

Carrie’s go-to casual look is one of these scoop neck tops. God, I really miss her black leather wristwatch. 

The full look. I think that’s a grey pant. I’m shocked she’s wearing heels. The whole thing is just kinda blah, y’know? I mean, yeah, I know they’re all standing inside of a mosque where a few innocent people had just been murdered by the FBI, but SARTORIALLY: also blah.

Carrie’s best look of the episode comes at the end. This dress is super cute and I don’t think we ever see it again. The double breast pocket calls back to the dress she wore in “The Good Soldier.” 

The more I watch this scene, where Carrie shares with Saul her epiphany that she’s going to be alone her whole life…. the way Claire’s voice ever so slightly breaks, the look of sheer terror in her eyes. This is the most important scene of the entire series. Never forget what’s driving this bus. 

Now we are at the end… sorry I didn’t liven it up a bit more. I told you guys this episode was like a hangover.