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Finally saw Crazy Rich Asians. Meh. I think the only time I’m likely to watch it again is if I’m home in bed with the flu, when I’ll need something brainless and colorful, as well as the face of sweet Henry Golding. Did anyone read the book?

Part of my post-Homeland season 7 sabbatical has included quite a bit of reading (it’s been glorious, y’all!). I’ve read the first two books in the Crazy Rich Asians series (Crazy Rich Asians and China Rich Girlfriend) by Kevin Kwan so far and really loved the books. I haven’t started the third book (Rich People Problems) yet, but I’ve been saving it for my in-flight reading on a work trip coming up. The books are rich in detail (see what I did there?) and have well developed characters. They are funny, heartfelt, and do a great job illustrating the highs and lows of family dynamics, especially in traditional Chinese culture.

Now… all that being said, I have not seen the movie yet. I agree with you – Henry Golding is adorable! Can’t wait to see him it! I don’t like to see movies made from a book or book series until I’ve read it, so I’ll have to get back to you on my movie review in a month or so. But I’m very excited to see it. Based on the books it looks extremely well-cast and the cinematography looks just as vivid as the book describes.

Gail, how do you feel and why do you think there is a bizarre lack of Quinn (and RF) mentions from CD on her post S7 media tour? 🤔 Maybe the character’s death had zero influence on Carrie’s state of mind after all? Maybe there was a true falling out between the actors? Truly weird!

Hey y’all. First of all, I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus post-S7, so sorry for the delay in responding to this ask.

Anonymous, real talk? Between you and me, I don’t find the lack of Quinn mentions bizarre. The purpose of this media tour post-finale has been all about the Emmy race and the most recent season of Homeland and, in Claire’s case, her performance throughout this season. I understand your insinuation and I pick up the bitterness you are throwing down. I just think it’s misplaced in this specific regard.

Whether or not there was a falling out of any kind behind the scenes, we may never know. But I cannot give any credibility to whether there was or wasn’t based on the lack of mentions about a character who is no longer on the show during an Emmy push for specific performances in a season he wasn’t in.

And I’ll say this in regards to your statement about whether or not Quinn’s death had zero influence on Carrie’s state of mind throughout this season. I think it totally did, especially early on in the season. I have talked about it extensively on the @hyhpodcast. I think it will weigh heavily on Carrie moving forward as well. She is coming home from that Russian prison in terrible shape. It is not hard to imagine that she is going to have PTSD to deal with, among her many other health issues. Carrie’s success in intelligence has a lot to do with her being so willing to sacrifice herself for the greater good. Will she still feel that way after S7′s finale? Will she feel more like Quinn in S6? These are interesting questions I’m excited to see answered in S8. 

Laughing in front of Yevgeny was probably not a good idea of Carrie as was Sam Paley’s idea keeping his nose up in front of Elizabeth Keane.

I truly don’t think it would’ve mattered if Carrie hadn’t laughed. She had already won – she got Simone back to the US and for that Yevgeny was going to make her pay one way or another. But for me – I totally get why Carrie smiled. She WON. She accomplished her mission. HER mission. She was back in the game and feeling it. After years of pushing that part of herself aside – she went all in and was successful. That must have felt fucking great.

As for Paley – it’s hard to feel sorry for him after all of the treason and whatnot. But I do feel for Keane in that moment – she has had people out to get her from day 1 – and he was a primary ring leader in that. It is a little too late now to say sorry, imo.

Jeeeez, AFG loves torturing his characters, doesn’t he?! Who will it be in S8?


But really,



I know it looks like Saul “left” her there but c’mon she knew exactly what she was heading into, was all in, nothing left to lose, knowing she was going to go batshit crazy without meds… gotta be grateful we didn’t see the 7 months and also that this is not the S8 wrap-up 😱😱😱

I don’t think Saul “left” her there. I think the price to get her out was very high and took time to make it happen. Yevgeny knows that when he tries to leverage that against her in conjunction with her medication. Carrie is a patriot to her very core. She committed to this mission and was “all in.” She is a true hero.   

I’m very FUCKING grateful we didn’t see the seven months. Don’t even tease about season 8 wrapping up like this – FUCK THAT SHIT!

If the secret to great hair is scaling walls in high winds,…

If the secret to great hair is scaling walls in high winds, count me in. 💁🏼‍♀️

I’m confused as to why and how the actor playing O’Keefe was promoted to series regular when he was only in a few episodes this season. It felt like Quinn had more screen time than O’Keefe in the seasons when he was just a special guest or recurring character. Do you by chance know how much screen time one has to have in order to be considered a series regular, or does it vary?

We have no way of knowing for sure, but my industry sources say that it is less about screen time and more about a few different factors that most likely includes the following–at least in the case of Jake Weber, who plays Brett O’Keefe:

  • The show most likely wanted to lock up Jake Weber for season 7 before they knew the full extent of how they would use him. Or maybe they did know but wanted to leave the door open. Contracting him as a series regular would offer the show the most flexibility in utilizing him.
  • The difference between a guest star, a recurring role, and a series regular has implications for pay scale and access to health insurance benefits. This might have factored into the negotiations and agreement to appear. 

The different types of roles also affect award show entries. Not sure if that played a part here, but important to acknowledge. 

I just wanna say that thanks to Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue I got over the C/Q titanic and have been happily enjoying S7 sans angst or pain 🇨🇦❤️🇨🇦❤️

Friend of the blog and FMRF member, @lalalarrr is our resident Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue shipper and the one who is giving us all those hot AF gifs of them! If you haven’t yet – take a peek at her blog – it’s fire!!

Here is a special gif that @snqa303 made for Laura for this post – you’re welcome, people!!


Can we start a petition to beg the writers for more seasons ?

Ashley: Not unless season nine goes full-tilt relaxation/recovery-mode for Carrie Mathison. Episode 9.01 — Carrie gets a massage. Episode 9.02 — Carrie goes to yoga. Episode 9.03 — Carrie goes hiking. Episode 9.04 — Carrie goes to the beach. Episode 9.05 — Carrie and Franny have a picnic. Episode 9.06 — Carrie meditates. Episode 9.07 — Carrie goes to group therapy. Episode 9:08 — Carrie runs a 10k. Episode 9.09 — Carrie and Maggie have a spa day. Episode 9.10 — Carrie sleeps in. Episode 9.11 — Carrie stays up all night so that she can watch the sun rise. Episode 9.12 — Carrie takes a candlelit bath and goes to bed early.

I have nothing to add to Ashley’s 👌 suggestions. This sounds like having a real life.

Gail: I love a good spy show – so if they felt like they had story to tell and could cultivate interesting plot lines and give us a strong cast, I’d definitely be open to checking it out. I don’t know if I have the enthusiasm to beg them to do it though…ask me again during Season 8. 

Sara: My friend, I need a petition to make sure there are NOT more seasons of this hellscape TV series. I’m almost free. So close!! So. Close.

Frangi: Only if they bring Quinn back and he joins all the fun stuff Ashley suggested. And maybe some more fun stuff.