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Amy Hargreaves to appear in Homeland season 8

To our anonymous asker… you asked, she answered. Maggie Mathison will be back in Homeland season 8. 

Amy Hargreaves: “I’m thrilled to be able to play Maggie again before the show rides off in the sunset.”

She couldn’t say anymore about what Maggie will be up to. 

At the end of season 7, Maggie took custody of Carrie’s daughter Franny as Carrie left for a CIA mission in Russia. As we all know, that didn’t end well for Carrie… so we expect that Maggie’s storyline will have plenty of suffering, anger, and nagging (even though she is the most virtuous of all characters). 


Amy Hargreaves On Showtime’s ‘Homeland’:

Amy talks about having a good time on Homeland set and the Maggie/Carrie relationship which obviously makes her emotional. 😉 

“When I went back last season it’s like coming back home again to like a really great group of people. And ultimately the play with Claire, you know that we were able to share the scenes with her, is so special. She’s so fantastic and so talented and a lovely person. It’s just, I was thrilled. […]
I’m gonna cry, it makes me so upset. I don’t know. It’s hard for me to talk about it. It’s just, it’s a complex relationship. I have siblings. So I know a messy family, like a good messy family. But like a big family. I don’t know, I just don’t know how I’m able to put my finger on it but you know Maggie, the sister who is no fun, is the person who just always has to come in… Our mother, kind of bailed a long time ago, dad was kind of like a little bit manic… and then there is Claire’s character of Carrie who shares his kind of bipolar kind of stuff, so Maggie is the only kind of holding the back in the family. She always had to be the responsible one and it weighs on her. And it’s a lot.”

Homeland Season 8 Trailer:

We’re getting a bit impatient for the final season to start next February, so we decided to make up our own storyline! …

Nothing’s official, but LA is what we picked up from the Homeland crew on social media these days. 8 more weeks…

Yeah, everyone is talking about LA….