Ashley: Fielding this because Sara doesn’t believe season eight exists and will tell them so.
Ashley (one week later): Oh shit.

Hi! Yes, we knew about this. I live under the world’s heaviest rock when it comes to matters of Homeland, but even I was somehow aware of it… mostly because Maury and Alexis post JUST enough photos of their pets on Instagram to make following them worth my time.

I thought that maybe Dante had taken the fall for Carrie dropping the bomb but that doesn’t seem to be the case, also if he had taken the fall wouldn’t Carrie have known about it?

I’ll try my best to answer your first question without spoiling you for what’s to come. 

The whole conceit of season seven is that Carrie was unknowingly helping the Russians. She did this through her contact with Dylan Baker (I literally cannot remember the name of his character + I’m too lazy to google but he played the senator). It was the info that Dante was feeding her that she was in turn feeding Dylan Baker (the whole dealio with Simone and the prison and the general who was poisoned) that led to the increased pressure on Keane’s administration, which was all in the best interests of the Russians. In other words, she helped create chaos, and that was valuable and beneficial to the Russians, who see value in a chaotic, turmoil-filled USA. 

Re: Dante/Kabul, Audrey’s point was that at the same time that Dante was being (in his mind) unfairly blamed for some clusterfuck in Kabul (we don’t know what happened, but it’s implied in 7.01 that he was blamed for something that wasn’t his fault and then got demoted back in DC), Carrie LITERALLY dropped a bomb on a wedding party (this happens in 4.01 and is how Aayan’s entire family is killed) and one episode later she actually gets a promotion to station chief in Islamabad. He’s just salty about the double standard and apparently that led to a 5-year-long quest to destroy her life/hate fuck her! 

Men, amirite!?!

Anon here who wrote in 2 days ago about finishing the first 2 seasons of US of Tara. Finished the 3rd and final season last night at 3 a.m. So so good! Loved the arc of Brie Larson. She got better and better throughout the series; S3 being her best. Best line: “Be my problem.” Nothing better than watching a bunch of quirky characters get through life together. Thanks again, Sara! What to watch next. 🤔

This makes me so happy!

Re: Kate (Brie Larson’s arc) I was actually a tad frustrated that so many of her stories seemed to revolve around what guy she happened to be dating but I really did love her growth from beginning to end. And her relationship with Marshall was perfect. 

As for what to watch next, I just finished season 1 of The Sopranos on Monday. Highly recommend and so far, not at all life-ruining! (You may also like the other three of Showtime’s quartet of “complicated middle-aged white lady” half-hours from the last 10 years: Weeds, Nurse Jackie, and The Big C.) 

I offered my explanations for the meanings of all episode titles back in February. See here.

Another possible explanation, from this post, is that it’s a reference to Aayan and Brody, which especially makes sense considering how Aayan died and Carrie’s hallucination of Brody just one episode later. 


I’m entirely unconvinced that it will air this calendar year. 

Of course I recognize that they have been filming in Morocco but like……….. I have so many weird feelings about the complete lack of any information coming from Showtime about what has been their flagship show for almost the past ten years and it all just feels super fishy to me. It feels entirely unlike any past season’s production, I’ll say that. And they have never been spoiler-conscious over there so I don’t think that has anything to do with it.  

ONLY because you asked. In chronological order:


#NeverForget the time the producers attempted to de-age Claire 10 years by just putting her hair in a half ponytail. We do not know why Carrie’s only hairstyle in the year 2005 is this half pony. I have NOTHING against a half ponytail. I love to rock one. It’s just… funny. Carrie, what happened to you? 


Carrie’s pilot hair is obviously much different than the rest of her season one hair. It’s a bit darker, a bit wavier, a bit more layered. 


If you thought I wasn’t gonna show some hair-in-hat…


Carrie’s early season two hair is basically just her season one hair, only a tad darker. 

This is another hair moment that cannot be matched. 

I can’t put my finger on why I’m not a huge fan of Carrie’s late season two hair. But here it is and I’m not a huge fan. 


Imagine being stuck in a psych ward for three weeks, wearing two t-shirts (as you do), and your hair still looks this good. This photo series is also a #journey for her eyebrows. 

Carrie’s mid-season three hair is my absolute least favorite. It’s just very… whatever. Carrie and Quinn sitting identically here is a trip, though. 

And yet Carrie’s late season three hair is next level. GO BRUNETTE, CARRIE. THIS IS YOUR LOOK. 


We love a layer! 

And then she just lets it grow out and it’s only marginally better than mid-season three. 


Her early season five hair is actually great. A little more golden, with some nice layering and a slight wave. 


I really don’t know how Carrie’s hair always seems to look great even when she’s in the worst of situations but it does!!! 

A look!  

This is also a good look for when the dude who bankrolled your NYC lifestyle and career comes around to propose to you again and you have to tell him no thanks and also to fuck off for calling your life small potatoes when HE IS THE POTATO. 

Another in the “look how neatly my hair is parted” series. 


I really do love Carrie’s entire season six aesthetic. Short hair, jeweled-tone sweaters. It is legitimately the one good thing about that trash bag of a collection of twelve episodes. 

Carrie lets her hair grow a bit in season seven and we’re back to season five length/look/color. She looks good! 

Carrie’s post-Russia hairstyle is purposefully excluded from this series because I Don’t Need That In My Life.