I’m waiting for the DVD to watch season 7. Full disclosure, I read all your commentary here throughout the season, so I pretty much know what happened. That being said, what are your thoughts on AFG (do we still call him that?) being nominated by the WGA for the final episode? Well-deserved? I wasn’t sure how to interpret your post. (Don’t feel like you have to reply with an essay; any thoughts are appreciated no matter the length. Cheers!)

I was surprised he was nominated for a WGA award. The finale was not my favorite episode of the season but it was the most… like… ~*~WRITING~*~ of all of them, if that makes sense. That said, it was a well-written episode and the best finale they’ve put together since season three. 

I was a bit confused by the randomness of those nominations and was wondering why there wasn’t greater overlap between the episodic nominations and the series nominations (or with the Emmys). 

My post/commentary was in reference to just how fucking depressing and bleak that finale was. It wasn’t bad (although initially my response to it was strongly negative) at all. I truly think you need to watch the season in order to understand why. Even just reading commentary, looking at gifsets, etc. doesn’t really tell the totality of the story IMO.

Speaking of John Corbett, there is a revival of “Northern Exposure” in the works. One of my favorite series ever! No news of JC appearing in it, though he is one of the producers.

I can dig this

I was just looking at the most recent pictures of Claire at the Mary Queen of Scots premiere. Just me, or does she look a little different since other recent pics? Maybe it’s the lighting? The color of her eyebrows? Just the makeup? There’s just something a little plastic about her. Like we’re looking at the Madame Tussaud version.


Do we know how long Dar’s jail sentence is? Was it life? Was there ever a mention that he could have a chance for parole or be pardoned? Sorry, I have yet to see season 7. Thanks.

 I don’t think it was mentioned. That said, it’s kind of an open question whether he’ll be released considering that–I know you haven’t seen season 7, but you asked–Keane is no longer president. 

Ok, Sara. The ball is in your court. Now you must do Carrie Bitmoji. (And Saul, and Dar, and Brody, and Franny…) Hey, Sydney started it.

Have you read the prequel series homeland carries run ?

Yes! I read it shortly after it came out… now almost 5 years ago. I wrote about my thoughts on it here.

Ashley’s hashtags said “men are the worst” then listed some exceptions. My reaction when Rupert wasn’t listed as an exception: 😩😩😩


Sorry, Mandy. Time magazine put “Life Itself”, on their worst of the year list. Ouch! I still want to see it. However… Mandy just wrapped “Before You Know It” which has a funny plot summary on IMDb. And bonus: Tim Daly is in it. Isn’t he your guy, Ashley?!

Bonus #2: SAM Daly is in it.

He is Tim Daly’s son and, no lie, I one time had a dream about Sam Daly and he totally wanted to make out with me but I couldn’t because I loved his dad too much.

The summary does sound fun, and I’m always here for Tim Daly. And Mandy, honestly.

If anybody’s interested, Tim Daly’s currently onstage with his sister, Tyne Daly, in a play called “Downstairs.” We (Sara, Angela, and I) attempted to go see it when it was playing at the Dorset Theatre Festival in 2017. Unfortunately, rain and other circumstances beyond our control prevented us from getting to see it.

I have a VERY busy December coming up, but I just bought tickets to go see it before it closes in New York. The sacrifices I make, honestly.

Thank you Nazanin Boniadi (Fara!) for retweeting this: “No one ever asked me if I’m comfortable with a male president.” Apparently, only 45% of men would be comfortable with a female president. (FYI, Trump commented recently just to ingratiate himself that he “always believed women were smarter than men”.) And I just read the Nancy Pelosi NYTmagazine story. Said a male colleague to her 19 years ago: “Why don’t women just make a list of things they want done, and we’ll do them?” 😡 A great read!

A conversation (kinda) that I had with Sara on Wednesday evening:


I’m usually a better conversationalist, but… anyway, relevant.

So sorry to have bothered you about recent asks, Sara. Clearly, you’re getting annoyed by them. And sorry if New York isn’t agreeing with you, because you’re starting to sound like a New Yorker. I won’t bother you again. Hope you get some time to enjoy the holidays and are reminded what they’re about.