Just read that the final episode of HL is being filmed in Richmond again. So maybe they all live and work happily ever after in DC? Or not.

I’m gonna go with “or not.” 

Have you seen the video for Radiohead’s ‘I Promise’? I swear it’s Quinn from ‘two hats’ – he’s even wearing the same beanie and on a similar bus at night…. spooky….


Hey, Sara. What are your plans for this blog after Homeland ends? Shut it down? Continue to answer questions for the newbie fans of the show in perpetuity? I.E., stardate February 2045… Sara, why did they kill Quinn? Or perhaps you’ll recommend your favorite movies and TV shows? Maybe your kids and grandkids will take over? Just askin’. 😂


Anon asked: “honestly, could they have found an uglier baby to play franny in the 4th season?” Was anyone else angered by this? First of all, I thought this baby was adorable. Secondly, to call an innocent and precious baby “ugly” is intolerable. What if her mother reads this? What if the little girl reads this as an adult? Wake up, Anon. Words hurt! How would you feel if someone called you ugly on the internet? Or worse, your baby?

I have decided to do my first ever complete homeland rewatch (only rewatched separate seasons before) and just finished season 4.. 2 questions: 1. why do we let this show be like this?? 2. honestly, could they have found an uglier baby to play franny in the 4th season?


What is it about Homeland that gets all of us in a tizzy? That brings all of us to this blog on a daily basis? That keeps us wanting more? No other show has ever affected me so much. If this excellent blog didn’t exist, perhaps I wouldn’t be asking these questions?

I’m pretty sure my answer–“Carrie Mathison and memes”–is not typical of the rest so you’ll have to ask them! 

i absolutely LOVE the bon appetit youtube channel. sara, claire is my fave as well, but i gotta say — i really love chris also. partly because he is so intelligent and intuitive when it comes to food (have you seen the video where he recreates gordon ramsay’s beef wellington?), but mostly because he is so sweet to his coworkers. his interactions with claire especially are just the sweetest. i mean, the starburst episode?? gosh!!


Can someone please explain to me this recent ask about the Dutch White Nationalist? How is this related to Homeland? I’ve read it a few times and keep thinking WTF?! Or is that exactly what the gif of Beyoncé is supposed to communicate as well?

Ashley almost certainly correctly guessed they mistook Homeland for Holland. Maybe there is a hellyeaholland? 

But yes re: the Beyonce gif because even still… wtf…

Dutch White Nationalist Abe van Zonneveld (tumblr username, sunandreign, monolithofdreams, date of birth: march 14, 1988, graduate of Utrecht University, electronic engineer, born and lives in Utrecht) probably has had sex with Amani BH, date of birth: december 4, 1991, a female Tunisian immigrant in Holland, because he was crashing on her, and she wants to be accepted by white people and stay in Holland.

Homeland final season will involve a twisted but passionate love story between Carrie and her Russian captor. In the end, Carrie will be torn between her loyalties to her Russian love and America. And it will end badly.